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I went and bought a new motherboard from MSY the other day and started putting everything together last night. I finished off the rest of it this morning and after being afraid to boot it up for a little while, I pressed the power button and was relieved to see that everything was working. Installed windows 10 and then had to head off for work.

Tonight when I got home I installed a few drivers and then copied Overwatch over. OMG IT'S SO MUCH BETTER! You notice all these tiny little details that just aren't there on low settings. Plus it's way easier for me to move around and aim at people now.

I still have a few non-essential parts to buy and add to it. Monitor, speakers, extra HDD, mechanical keyboard.
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So looks like I'm going to be moving my room back downstairs, or to 2 rooms more precisely. Probably going to stick my bed in the small purple room and put my computer / tv and figure collection into the larger room (which was orignally my room when we first moved here.) I'll have more storage space and it will be warmer for winter / cooler in summer in those rooms.

The main reason is that Mum / Dad wanted to use one of the bedrooms as another entertainment room for the pool table or a car/train track set and it makes more sense to use the uptairs bedroom which is right next to the big loungeroom and bar area. So yeah, Dad just needs to finish painting the room downstairs and I've gotta sort out all the old toys in the cupboards.

Today we had to make sure the ethernet port still worked, coz dad had changed the wall plate, so we had to thread the wire back in and stuff. Tested it with a laptop and crossover cable and it's all good (I initially tried a regular straight cable but that didn't work - I can't remember how me and Jon wired up that cable / wallplate originally). Might need to put some sort of switch down there though for my game consoles. I'm rusty on my networking ( I was originally thinking I needed a hub but after reading up, remembered that switch is the better one). Might get something that will also extend the wifi signal downstairs better. I will have to do some more research. But lately our wifi signal has been getting really shit but anything connected with ethernet is fine.

Mum was all antsy about whether to sell this house but now the prospect of setting up rooms differently has her settled here again. lol.

And yeah yeah as much as I'd like to move out, it's just so expensive. So I'll stay here for some time more.....
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Originally I never really wanted a tablet. But when I find myself travelling interstate for convention weekends with work, I kinda wish I had something bigger than my phone and lighter than my laptop (7kg carry-on limits suck!). So now I'm really starting to think about buying one.

I don't want a huge phone, I want that to stay pocket size so I'm not buying some horrid phablet like the iPhone 6 Plus anytime. And if I buy a new laptop, I want something with better specs and a bigger screen. Doing my design work on a 14" is kinda bleh, I've actually hooked up my old 17" 4:3 monitor so I have more workspace for layouts.

So yeah, a tablet is the best in-between device for short trips away from home so I have something to dump anime onto and web browse / check email. I'm leaning heavily towards an Android device because I want more flexibility with what sort of stuff I can install. Like for example, PSO2es which is the mobile version of Phantasy Star Online 2. I've been told that you can easily purchase Arks Cash with Google Wallet this way too.

Something like the Samsung Galaxy S2 tab should probably be alright. The bigger one would be good but $_$ but I could cope with the 8" one just fine for a cheaper price. There's a few other Galaxy models I should probably research but it's kinda confusing the way tablets are named. I think the S2 is more decent specs though.

I'm not in any huge rush but I might grab one from the current Dick Smith sales...if not I might wait for the financial year sales.

I'm so terrible at saving money.

But eh, I have a bunch of back to back conventions this year and need someway to catch up on my anime in my downtime.

I think I'd also find it useful around the house just for looking up recipes or game walkthrough's when I'm not at my computer. I do have a laptop, but it's not always ideal to drag it to the couch or the kitchen.
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  • Thu, 11:29: I've been opposed to buying a tablet but I'm starting to want one. If I get an Android one I could easily buy AC credit for PSO2 as well :P

  • Thu, 11:36: RT @SunyshoreStore: ★★GIVEAWAY!★★ Follow & RT for a chance to win your choice of a MIB Champion Cynthia or Trainer N Nendo! Ends 3/31! http…

  • Thu, 16:43: PSO2 anime got wayyyy better.

  • Thu, 17:20: I'm a bit behind on Prince of Stride. #anime #runningbishis

  • Thu, 17:24: Taking a break from work and watching anime. I feel so sleepy, I think I need caffeine. Got a lot of designs to work through tonight.

  • Fri, 00:09: Been sitting at my laptop doing design mock ups for the last few hours, eating mango gelati earlier gave me the boost of energy I needed.

  • Fri, 00:12: ....And this is why people get fat. We consume sugar late at night so we can get shit done. Z_Z So much for my "diet" :d

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My boss gave me an old iPhone 5 screen protector he had lying around. My phone doesn't look like a dust pile anymore, yay!

The Sailor Moon one I bought early this year turned out to be really crap. It was really thick and made the screen look blurry plus it didn't stick down well and all the fluff from my pockets found its way underneath.

Lesson learned. Anime screen protectors are poo, no matter how pretty they look, they won't look good for long!
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Although I don't think this screen protector will last long. It doesn't seem to stick really tight so the edge catches on things and peels off easily. Also its a matte finish and makes a sound when you swipe your fingers on it. Ohwell, it was fairly cheap including shipping, so it will be fun for now.

My back case is awesome but I already got a crack in it. I tend to drop my phone when my clothes have shitty pockets.

Getting stickers for the front is easy because they are the same as the other iphone 5's... although getting a 5C backing case is a little trickier.
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  • Thu, 10:01: Power might go out today due to maintenance. Is that going to stuff up my PS4 if I'm playing at the time?

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  • Tue, 20:35: I was wondering where the day went. Then I remember I spent about 2 hours on the phone to Ethan today.

  • Tue, 20:57: I want a new phone, mines a bit slow now. Thinking about iphone 5C or Sony Xperia Z1/Z2.

  • Wed, 09:18: RT @diilluminat: Expect to be treated as you treat others.

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  • Sun, 13:44: My boyfriend trusts me enough to lend me his car while he's away. Now I can play music from my phone in the car...and have heating XD

  • Sun, 14:02: Blog Update: The Yaoi amongst all the Yuri in Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya: Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya w... http://t.co/p3skX8p5Cj

  • Mon, 11:57: Episode 19 of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders is super gross. O_O

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  • 21:39:43: Woah looking super cool Yamamoto! *nosebleeds over all the boys in this manga* #Reborn
  • 21:54:46: I washed my face earlier but I still have green eyebrows. I need a shower to get this off properly, hehe. #cosplay
  • 22:40:03: Went to a cosplay meet & plushie picnic manimeet today. Here's a photo of a lovely girl named Lilly. http://twitpic.com/41f8mi
  • 22:47:10: @nakey lol computer engineer Barbie? That would be funny! Maybe she could double as a USB drive?
  • 22:51:29: And here's a pic of me as Miku. Photo was taken by Patryn on my camera =) http://twitpic.com/41fcsn
  • 22:55:56: RT @nakey: @princessunikorn also, great idea.. a Barbie that doubles as a USB stick. but where would you plug the cable in? >.>;;
  • 22:57:01: @nakey Stick it in her pooper! *runs away laughing*

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I will never do or say anything that will be remembered by humans beyond the people that know me. But how long will the internet remember me?

My Livejournal, my DeviantArt and hundreds of other profiles I've made across the internet... how long will they last before being purged?

Today there is value in old written diaries from the wars or by artists, politicians and other prolific people.

In a hundred years or more, will they dig up old backup harddrives and unearth the lost blogs of millions of people from this era? What will they think of us?

Our paperless files have the potential to live forever, but they too must be preserved in their own way to last. Technology changes, languages change. In a thousand years will our words just be like Egyptian Hieroglyphs to the people of that time? Will they puzzle over our slang words and emoticons that are not listed or recognized in common dictionaries?

After watching sci fi, anime, documentaries and so on.. I started thinking about things like this and I've pondered it a lot over the last few months. What are your thoughts?

Slightly related.. do you really think that computers/androids will develop their own free thinking A.I? If you think about what technology will be like in hundreds of years, it's not impossible in my opinion. Do humans become god when we create something in our own likeness?

And really... why do all people around the world have some concept of god/gods but they are all different? Why does nearly every religion believe in the soul and an afterlife when they had no contact with each other for a long time.  All these people lived separately in their own ways before globalization, but had similar feelings, just different stories to go with them.

I feel like questioning everything about the world
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Idiotic Appletards. Do you really need to queue up all night because you are that desperate for a device to check the weather and read e-books? USE YOUR COMPUTER DUMBASS! For the price of the thing, you could buy a small laptop with more processing power to boot.

I can understand that people would queue hours for a new movie, concert tickets, games, consoles or books. But this ipad thing just does my head in.

It looks really awkward and uncomfortable to hold and read anything. Would you read that thing in the bath or on the dunny and risk dropping it in the water? The only amusing use I've seen for it, is as a cat toy!

So while douchebags are touching themselves up and touching their ipad, I'm going to be using my PC and Xbox 360 to play REAL GAMES (in a week and a half when university is done for the semester). :P

Workers in China are killing themselves over the pressure to produce iPads for consumer demand. http://www.thepunch.com.au/articles/im-dying-to-get-one-of-those-ipads-theyre-dying-to-make/
quoted article )


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