Feb. 17th, 2017

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  • Thu, 15:21: Should do a massive cleanup of what I'm following on tumblr too, got way too much there

  • Fri, 01:59: Guessing the next Overwatch special event won't be until Easter... gotta save up my gold! #videogames

  • Fri, 10:10: Loving all these Sega soundtracks on Spotify! They have Nights Into Dreams! Now it just needs Phantasy Star Online. #sonicteam #videogames

  • Fri, 11:15: 80 Gen2 Pokemon added to #PokemonGo today. Now the game is running shitty like it did on launch because all the band wagoners are back.

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Moving all my shit downstairs has been taking me months. I'm trying to meticulously resort everything into a better order and group stuff together. So hopefully when I need to find something, I'll know where it is. But I just know that months down the track I'll be like "where did I put that thing???"

I've been really anxious the last few days. I think I'm over-thinking that everyone hates me.

In other news... Despite slamming self promotion twitter accounts they continue to follow me anyways.
I just want people to play some damn videogames with me. Or you know, talk to me you fucks!
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So my grey Wii U HDMI cable has vanished into thin air. I swear it was in the box. It's not.

Why do people keep stealing my stuff? :/


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