Jan. 10th, 2017

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I go back to work tomorrow. Slightly groaning but I need money, buying stuff is good. XD

Over the last week it has been pretty warm and I went in the pool a lot. Perfect way to spend a chilled out summer break from work. Had friends over on sunday and we played board games. We lost at both Ghost Stories and Pandemic Cthulu, haha. I forget the name of the game we played first, but we managed to beat that one.

Been buying up computer parts and got a power supply from Tim for Christmas. Last part I need for the box is the mobo, which I ordered online from Shoppingexpress because MSY didn't have it. It was $50+ more at most other stores. ShoppingExpress had it around the same price as MSY, they have a 50/50 reputation but I'll try them out to save some money. I paid with paypal so I can always file a claim if things go to shit.

Once the motherboard arrives then I should be able to piece everything together and install windows, temp using my old 4:3 monitor until I can buy a widescreen. New monitor shouldn't be too far off once work money starts coming in again.

I bought Undertale the other week in the steam sales. I've had this craving for old style RPG's. I played it a tiny bit yesterday for the first time and it's pretty cute and quirky. I don't really know what I'm doing, it doesn't spoon feed you much information on how to battle and I'm just learning as I go along.


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