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  • Tue, 16:33: I have a butt cramp from sitting at work coding HTML

  • Tue, 21:17: Ordered my PAX Australia weekend pass! It's a while away but looking forward to the games!

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  • Tue, 10:37: So I had this weird dream about ghosts coming out of vaginas. It was creepy at the time but now it just sounds lewd. #wtf

  • Tue, 16:45: Why can't I work a normal work day? I spend the last few hours working like a snail because my attention span is gooooone.

  • Tue, 16:48: Yet when the start work in the afternoon I can power on till late at night.

  • Tue, 17:26: Omg finally got Pikachu! Was totally worth stopping at the park on the way home! #pokemonhttps://t.co/TTwkpd8hnz

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  • Mon, 11:40: The 3 weeks of convention work is over, it's my day off and it's Overwatch time. Hellz yes. #videogames

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  • Tue, 10:41: Slept 9 hours, it was good. Trying to recover from working the last 2 anime conventions and still got Madfest to go. Gotta power on!

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Got to be "boss" yesterday at work and run the stall at the convention. Everything during the day went smoothly, had Chez and Dave all day and Gerry came in later to help with lunch run and packup. It was a fairly standard sunday for a convention, people wandering around browsing but not many buying. But I think we still sold a decent amount. Pack down went efficiently because there wasn't a whole tonne of figures left (lots went on saturday of course)! Pleased with myself and my team, we had everything in the office by 8.30pm, usually we're still slogging away at the con by that time. I drove a van for the first time too. I was a bit nervous about getting it in and out of the alleyway to our office car park, but I had Chez with me to watch the sides so all went well.

Now to enjoy today off, try to regain some energy, play the shit out of Overwatch and try to get a load of washing done. But it's 11am and I haven't done much yet, still trying to wake up.

The rest of the week will be madly resorting things at work to get ready for the Madman Anime Convention next weekend.

In other news, Megahouse are re-releasing the GEM figure of Zero (Lelouch) but this time it has an extra Suzaku face. GODDAMMIT now I feel the need to buy it again. Code Geass has its 10th Anniversary coming up this year so there's probably going to be a whole tonne of new merch and my wallet will cry.

Time to sell some old stuff, so I can buy new stuff!


OMG I just did the math and the new figure is about $50+ more just for that extra head because it's limited/exclusive and they jacked up the price and the exchange rate is shit. I will sadly pass on that.

Patience self, wait for *NEW* merch.
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  • Sun, 08:29: Watching Pokemon on tv before I go to work. Evee is so cute I want to cry.

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My boss has convinced me to go to Japan and help out with the shopping at Wonderfest. My food and accom is paid for while I'm there but I have to pay for the plane ticket. I probably won't have a heap of spending money because this is unplanned for. But work will pay for the plane ticket for now and let me pay it back later after the august conventions or something. I'll probably buy some Macross Delta stuff and cheap prize figures. But yeah, going to Wonfes is a pretty fun experience, so I'll take my camera and take figure photos!

Although I can scrape together some money for the trip, I've also just had the household power bill dropped on me by my parents. I lectured them about running 3 bloody fridges... they complained that the power bill was still not much smaller after they were away for 2 months in America.... well DUH! Don't blame me. But yeah anyways, I'm paying the bill in place of having to pay board or whatever.

So yeah, my finances are about to take a massive dive.

I still want to buy a new computer but it's looking very difficult....if I go for a desktop I could maybe buy parts bit by bit.

Time to nag a few innvoices be paid.
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  • Thu, 00:22: Kinda shit day at work. Get home at midnight. Then my cat pees on bathroom floor instead of in the kitty litter. Laaaaaame. >_>

  • Thu, 12:18: RT @denkimouse: s1: australia is bad and you should feel bad s2: come to australia you can fly over a pool https://t.co/Lgrn7jgigS

  • Thu, 13:25: I haven't been into cosplay much lately... exchange rate sucks and too lazy to sew https://t.co/PnB0reTZMU

  • Thu, 14:03: The #LomoInstant camera looks really cool! I want one. XD I'll have to peek into the camera stores in Melbourne one day when I'm not busy.

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  • Tue, 16:17: I was stress free for about 1 hour today with all work complete. Then after a 2 hour phone call, I have more work XD #graphicdesign

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  • Thu, 11:29: I've been opposed to buying a tablet but I'm starting to want one. If I get an Android one I could easily buy AC credit for PSO2 as well :P

  • Thu, 11:36: RT @SunyshoreStore: ★★GIVEAWAY!★★ Follow & RT for a chance to win your choice of a MIB Champion Cynthia or Trainer N Nendo! Ends 3/31! http…

  • Thu, 16:43: PSO2 anime got wayyyy better.

  • Thu, 17:20: I'm a bit behind on Prince of Stride. #anime #runningbishis

  • Thu, 17:24: Taking a break from work and watching anime. I feel so sleepy, I think I need caffeine. Got a lot of designs to work through tonight.

  • Fri, 00:09: Been sitting at my laptop doing design mock ups for the last few hours, eating mango gelati earlier gave me the boost of energy I needed.

  • Fri, 00:12: ....And this is why people get fat. We consume sugar late at night so we can get shit done. Z_Z So much for my "diet" :d

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Dual wielding laptops at Tru Blu. White one is mine, which I had to bring in so I had photoshop and illustrator but not logged into the network because of all their security stuffs. The black one is the one I've been using at their office lately, which was on the network/internet but doesn't have image editing tools. So I had to juggle files between the two, which made things slower.

Anyways, new banner design vs old banner/website design. It's hard working with a horrible tacky logo that people want to keep.

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  • Tue, 15:31: Have the week off apart from today. Today is the hottest day. Fuck you #melbourne weather

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  • Mon, 22:13: RT @sega_pso2: 【『PSO2放送局』第38回放送中!】セガラッキーくじ『PSO2』~マトイ帰還編~4月よりセブン-イレブンで発売!(一部店舗を除く)A賞とラストラッキー賞のマトイは必見!商品取扱い確認は各店舗に直接お問い合わせください。 #PSO2 https:/…

  • Mon, 22:14: RT @justamomen: 苺の日だそうなので、タチナナグラビアからいちごをクローズアップしてみました https://t.co/ryvxPDTXcA

  • Tue, 00:43: The emperors new clothes https://t.co/eJjRPkZDEo

  • Tue, 11:18: Quick bit of website updating work this morning and then I'm off to the beach. Certainly one of the perks of being part-timer / freelancer.

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Sep. 8th, 2015 12:00 pm
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Working a convention a week after having surgery probably wasn't the best timing in the world. But I've got so much other shit happening this month and then going to Japan next month that I really just wanted it done ASAP instead of prolonging the stress.

So yeah, while I feel like I recovered pretty well earlier in the week, once all the box movin and stall setup needed to be done I was a bit sore at the end of each day, I guess moving around a lot will flare up a wound. Supposedly it doesn't fully heal for quite a few weeks.

We got Toru Furuya a 6 pack of beer as a present for signing all our stuff, as we were told he loves beer. I always feel pretty weird and awkward whenever I go to signings.

It was absolutely freezing this weekend, so I was perfectly comfortable wearing kigurumi's at Animaga.

I felt a bit forlorn about being stuck working and not being able to take the time to enjoy con events like I used to. Mostly because the events stage was right across from us and I really just wanted to watch the cosplay comp instead of watching the stall... I really miss taking photos too. Ethan was there on saturday but I couldn't really talk to him because I had so many customers demanding attention. He was an absolute champ and bought me some hot food too.

But anyways, this is my job for now and I do love selling products that I collect myself. Although I'll keep poking around for full time work... and perhaps one day become and 9-5 robot that can actually afford things like everyone else.. either that or hit some entrepreneur gold mine of an idea. Hah.
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  • Wed, 12:58: Even in my dreams I'm being haunted by this forboding sense of loneliness. I dreamt that I went to a shopping http://t.co/S9LZ9qAuKu

  • Wed, 16:33: My mum keeps reuploading the same photos to Facebook over and over and tagging me every week. Argh.

  • Thu, 02:20: Didn't need painkillers yesterday but needed them now after work today, I think I overdid it. I also threw up at work. Too busy to die.

  • Thu, 11:16: Dear people that use power tools in the morning after I got home at 2am from work. Fuck you. Love Unikorn.


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