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There's a special event called "Childrens Week" for WoW on at the moment. It's the only event which I don't have all the achievements for. If I can do them all, I'll get a special mount for the "Long Strange Trip It's Been" meta achievement. However, a few of the Childrens Week achievements involve battle grounds and having some very good skill at them. And I'm abysmal at PVP. So I haven't even bothered trying yet. UGH. JUST UGH. Damn you Blizzard!

The 4.1 patch came out for Cataclysm last week, so the new version of Zul Gurub is back. It has been changed from the old 40 person raid into a 5 person heroic. The fights are pretty hard but we managed to finish it the other night. We had tried it last week and failed horribly.

I still like it, but I think I'm a little burnt out on WoW at the moment, I haven't been playing so much. Obviously I've been in a massive anime mood.

Over the last week and a bit I completed 3 anime series. Shiki, Code Geass and Madoka Magica.

I'm still feeling really weak today but I think I'll try and go to university this afternoon. The sniffles seem to have subsided and just the spacey pounding in my head remains. My class is at 2pm so I don't have to battle morning traffic for an hour.


Dec. 8th, 2010 03:37 am
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Got Cataclysm today! It was originally meant to be sold at 7pm but it turned out a lot of stores were able to sell it from 9am. Either someone broke street date or Blizzard caved and let them sell it earlier.

Either way, I had mine at lunch time. Also picked up Adam's one for him. Originally I was going to be getting the line up tickets for the evening launch. But gladly we didn't have to stuff around with any of that.

The game installation didn't take too long. A good chunk of the game content came in a huge patch that was out weeks ago for download. So I was well and truly ready to go when the servers went live at 7pm.

Then it was complete chaos trying to get to quest npc's, flight trainers, mobs and quest items. But it's still fun despite the massive lag and the waiting around for things to respawn. It's going to be busy for a while yet but I can deal.

I've been questing in Vash'jir which is a gorgeous underwater zone. It reminds me of The Little Mermaid!
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I finished watching Vampire Knight Guilty today. Wahhh no more Vampire Knight left now, I plowed through 26 episodes in a week ;_; I really enjoyed it. My love of vampires is renewed. There's a manga.. but I don't think I'll ever get around to it. Need to read / watch many other things I have in my possession! But yeahhhhhh Vampire Knight... so many ships to choose from... yaoi ... het... twincest. SO GOOD XD

... I really should catch up on some university work and stop getting distracted all the time. But winter is really killing my motivation and I feel burnt out. I'm already behind on the online subject because I can't be fucked to read stuff... I wish they'd record it as podcast so I could listen to it while I'm driving or someshit. But then, that still won't get my journal entries written. >_> I was quite pleased on friday when I uploaded my desktop publishing assignment (on time!) because I was actually liking what I'd designed for once. After hating only a few days beforehand I managed to go with what I had done and resolve a few things. Because all my classes are in the afternoon I've been sleeping in a lot, I guess it's good for avoiding the cold mornings.

Oh and the cold I thought I was catching, hasn't seemed to do anything much. I think my throat is just getting dry and scratchy from artificial heating and cold air. The same can't be said for my poor brother, who once again has tonsillitis. I don't know how many times he's caught it but finally he'll probably get them taken out. Mum has also had a cold for the passed month and it's giving her asthma. Chez and Ash have also had colds this week now that I think about it. Gehhhh everyone is sick around me, surely I'm doomed!

It's saturday night so I sat around playing World of Warcraft. Lately I've been running around doing old quests and dungeons for fun. But also for achievements and because some of the quests / zones will change a lot when the Cataclysm expansion comes out. In heroics I've been doing some more healing now that I have better gear for my holy set. We made it through Forge of Souls yesterday, it was hard to keep everyone alive (coz Adams a noob tank :P) but we made it, so my healing isn't too bad! The next challenge will be Halls of Reflection... but I think I need to collect more gear for that. Even when Chez is healing she freaks when the random dungeon finder throws us in HoR XD
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Today I went to the Melbourne Zoo for Lilly's 4th birthday. It's always amusing that a group of 20-somethings form the guests for a kids birthday party, since Steve & Tess are the only ones to have had a baby in our group.

Thankfully I wasn't feeling so under the weather like yesterday. I took some cough mixture when I got up this morning and had a stock of buttermenthols in my bag. It was a bit rainy and cold today but I survived. I always wear multiple layers of clothes in winter because I cannot stand being cold.

The zoo is so big that we didn't actually make it around the whole place. Time went so quickly, it hardly felt like we'd been there for hours except that I was exhausted. We saw the baby elephant and baby tigers, very cute. But I think my favourites were the meerkats because they are so tiny and adorable. Snow leopards were also very gorgeous. I hadn't been to the zoo for quite a long time, I think the last time may have been with family when I was in highschool :O

Lilly got her face painted and we made Adam do it too. It was funny :D We also convinced Ash2 to buy a bear hat, hehe! And even though its the middle of winter, we got ice cream on the way out of the zoo. There's always something funny happening when I'm with my friends, never a dull moment :)

I love animals but I feel a bit sad for them being in those cages. In the butterfly enclosure some people were grabbing the butterflies just to take photos of them... it was really pissing me off but I didn't say anything because I didn't want to get into a fight with strangers. I don't really mention it much here but I'm one of those people that believes strongly in animal rights. However I do remind myself that some of the animals there are endangered species and the zoo's often help in efforts to get those animals back to stronger numbers, so its not all bad for the animals to be there.


This evening I played World of Warcraft and goddamn finally got my paladin to level 80. Fark that took me forever to get my first 80 character. Now I need to grind reputation with various factions and get better gear so I can do heroic dungeons. Ahhhh that game is endless ^_^;

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Ok so my domain is ok and working again. Yay! I was stressed all night about it and didn't sleep properly though.

But now my WoW account is locked. It's been hacked :(


Urge to kill... rising *twitches*
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We got given research topics in Photography class today. We have to do a class presentation and those start next week. Guess who's next week already. Fuck! One week to do research throw together a presentation... not good. The photographer I have to research is Tracey Moffatt. I had a quick look at some of her pics online when I got home and they seem pretty cool.

University seems to involve a lot of things where you have to stand at the front of the class and talk or show your work. I am terrified everytime. In Digital Studio on monday we just had to show 10 photos we took of things relating to ourselves. I was anxious about something as simple as that. I'm hopeless. No matter how I dream up scenarios of myself speaking confidently in front of people, when the actual situations present themselves I'm a nervous wreck.

Back in highschool I wouldn't do the assignment when it involved class talks... oh the days when I could pick and choose what I felt like doing and get away with it. I used to be the kind of student that would only do what was necessary to pass. I didn't care about getting good marks. I changed my ways in VCE (year 11 & 12) because I knew it all meant something then.

At Anime Club last friday we had heaps of new members so they told me to welcome everyone to the club. I did it but it was super laaaaaame because I have no idea what to say when put on the spot. *headdesk*


I've reached level 74 in World of Warcraft. Holy shit it takes forever to level to 80! At this rate, the Cataclysm expansion is gonna be out by the time I hit 80 and I'll still be behind everyone, hahaha.

WoW pics )

ear ache

Feb. 17th, 2010 12:32 am
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My right ear hurts a little sometimes. I dunno if its from using headphones (earbuds) because I don't use them that often and I don't have the music blasted either. But it's been on and off for ages, so maybe I have an ear infection from swimming. I guess I should ask mum. It's not very painful but it is uncomfortable and annoying.

Went to see Daybreakers at the cinema. I liked it because the violence just made me laugh. There's fun violence and there's gross violence... I don't know if that makes any sense! I did find the ending was annoying because movies these days refuse to have a nice neat resolved story... and prefer to leave lame ass open ended shit that any untalented writer can do. But yes overall I did enjoy the movie.

Yesterday night I organised an around the world tour in World of Warcraft. There's a special event on at the moment for Lunar New Year where you go from zone to zone collecting Ancestry Coins which you can use to trade for special outfits and fireworks. So we had a convoy happening and cleared out all of the Eastern Kingdoms and got the achievement for it. Next week we'll do Kalimdoor! Lastnight was the first thing I've organized and I was thankful that people actually logged on to play. I'm hoping to make Monday night a regular thing where we do easier stuff for fun. Coz even though I could do some of the stuff on my own... it is an online game and I want to actually play it with my friends :D
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I've been playing World of Warcraft again over the last year. I was a little bit of a hiatus the last few months and now I'm back playing it :D Currently my main character is 66 and slogging it out to get to 80 so I can do stuff with the rest of the guild.

Here are some screeners!

mmm Warcrack )
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I usually don't play WoW during the week but I really had a craving bad. Just got to level 60 with my Blood Elf. It used to be a huge milestone, now its not much. Onward to 70 and then 80! Although at 60 I do finally get a flying mount, which I'd never gotten before with my other character. So that's pretty cool :D

Tomorrow I'm going to sew like crazy. ^_^;
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I was dreaming about cosplay and Manifest.  I dreamt I was there on the friday night (which I've never been to) and wasn't in cosplay.  But me and Chez were planning on going as Gaara and Naruto the next day.  Although in reality we aren't wearing those costumes this year, lol.  I guess I just dream about that costume because I've worn it so much and love it to death.  Anyways on my return to the car park the dream took a weird turn and there was all these thugs blocking the car park saying you needed some sort of ID card to enter, even though you didn't when we parked there earlier.  Something happened and we ran inside with them chasing us and then I decided I had mutant powers and could stop time, so I froze the mofos and we got into the car and hooned away... and then I can't really remember what happened but I think we were still being chased and finding somewhere to hide before I woke up. It wasn't quite lucid dreaming but deciding I suddenly had powers to stop time was close.  Usually in dreams I have flight or telekinisis.

I played lots of World of Warcraft over the weekend, it was fun.  I went from level 38 to 41 which made some good progress.  Although I'm still miles behind everyone else with their level 80's.  It will take me a longgggg time to get that far.

Yesterday afternoon we went to Aunty Cheryl's & Uncle Hans' for afternoon tea to celebrate a few birthdays.  I ate so much sweet stuff, it was awesome.  Eden and Maliah had pink tutus on that they got for christmas, it was really cute.
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Yesterday was a nice quiet day at home. The weather was nice so I did some painting homework outside. I don't think it turned out so well.  I'll look at it again another day.  Sometimes I hate things when I do them, then come back to it days later and go "oh, it wasn't so bad".  But considering that I've hardly worked with real paint in my life, I shouldn't have too many high expectations.  I can definitely say that painting with computer programs is a total luxury in comparison to the real thing.

I installed the 10 day trial of Wrath of the Lich King (World of Warcraft) and made a male blood elf Death Knight named Einkorn.  The starting quests were pretty cool.  I keep forgetting that you start from a high level and that I'm not a lowbie.  When you finally get to Ogrimmar to join the horde, the NPCs throw rotten food and spit at you! (Because Death Knights are originally from the Scourge and neither Horde or Alliance like the Scourge).  Death Knight is alright but I still want to level up my Paladin, I miss heal spells!

Sam dropped by and gave me an Ouran Highschool Host Club poster in a frame. I think she'd just bought it for me anyways but it was sort of an easter present.

I have work today, meh.  But will probably go see a movie later.
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I watched the movie 10,000 BC lastnight. It wasn't anything really special but an ok watch while doing my homework because I wasn't compelled to see every second.

I bought a minigame from Xbox Live called Crystal Defenders, its like Warcraft 3 Tower Defense with Final Fantasy characters (as its a Square Enix game). On the demo I could beat 20 waves but now that I have the full game I'm struggling to complete a map, my best is 17 waves!

Today is wednesday so I had to get up super early again. I'm noticing that it gets darker and darker each week ;_; Daylight savings are almost over too.

Minifest is this saturday! Still contemplating what costume to wear but if it's nice weather then maybe the Super Sailor Moon one. Not sure if anyone else is going, last year I went by myself and just found some people I knew there!

I was limiting myself to playing World of Warcraft on the weekends but things always come up.. and I haven't played for a few weeks now. Gahhhh I wanna play... I suppose I can just break my rule ;_;
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University timetables are now up for me.  Looks like I'll have 3 days of University and 2 free.  That works out pretty well.  Ideally I can do data entry one day and my business work the other day.  Wednesday is going to be a long day, the first lecture is at 8am and I finish the last one at 7pm.

I've been plodding along playing World of Warcraft on my weekends and I'm already level 21.  It's good that they sped up the process of levelling for lowbies.  I've also got a good addon called Quest Helper that tells me the areas I need to go, which has helped heaps too.
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I'm going to play World of Warcraft again.  I've had the urge to bash around in WoW for a few months now.  A few of my friends are playing again, so I'll take the opportunity to play with people I know.  I don't think I'll be going all stupidly hardcore like I did on the original game, I don't have that sort of time anymore.  I'm starting to install the game now but I'll probably play on the weekend.  I'll pickup a time card at Knox tomorrow, probably better to go that way because the exchange rate is crap for AU to USD if I use my credit card.
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Mum is home but she has to have more tests later in the week.  All the blood tests came back normal.

Lastnight I played World of Warcraft on a free private server with Chris (he found the server).  We made Bloodelves.  It was cool because the server settings have boosted the experience points you get, so that you level a bit quicker.

My mouth is still sore. I find it hard to eat because I can't open my mouth properly.  I took some pain killers and it feels a bit better now.
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lolz people are blind.  I put all the appropriate links for Sims2 goodies in my video comments and I still get people asking "omg where did you get this"  *slaps*

Just realised that another video has gone down.  I guess I shouldn't use songs by easily identifiable bands.  Need some unsigned bands or unknown aussie bands... mooohahaha.

On the subject of Aussie bands, I just found out what happened to Jerk, they broke up and some members are in a new band called Ink.  I just bought their EP online, it was only 15 bucks, woo :D

Been catching up on some One Piece, I'm up to ep 90 now.  Chopper is so damn cute... because he has Pikachu's voice actor I keep thinking silly things like Luffy screaming out "Pikachu! Thundershock now!"  *laughs*

Playing Warcraft little bits in the evenings too.  I have no desire to go hardcore at it because then I'll get bored/annoyed.  It's fun just to run around for a quest or 2 without all the pressures of raiding that I used to have.


Sep. 3rd, 2007 08:27 pm
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I just reinstalled World of Warcraft.  I felt like playing it last week then returned home to find I was capped.  Soooo since my PSU account is expired atm now I'm gonna have a play of WoW for a little bit.


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