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  • Sat, 18:40: I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/KPSoOJJoV9 Overwatch Song - I Played Widow (Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl PARODY) ♪

  • Sun, 01:23: I've been playing Overwatch a decent amount and got plenty of Uprising lootboxes... but no new skins yet ;_; #videogames

  • Sun, 01:24: RT @sega_pso2: 【『PSO2 STATION!』放送中!】セガラッキーくじ『PSO2』第4弾「ヒツギ覚醒編」、全国のセブン-イレブン(一部店舗を除く)にて8/4より発売決定!フィギュア“ヒツギ”覚醒Ver.に加え、マスコットキャラのアイテムも!もちろん全賞にアイテ…

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  • Thu, 21:15: Boyfriend bought me Easter chocolate. He said he bought every rabbit design the store had because I love rabbits <3 https://t.co/rO5MbdWMMg

  • Fri, 01:25: Probably would have grabbed Nier Automata tonight if it wasn't sold out everywhere at Knox City. :( #videogames

Ethan and I went to Knox for dinner on friday night. We tried the Dumplings place (I forget the name), it was cheap but rather meh. We both agreed that Nudle is the better cheap food option at Knox.

Had a look around the shops but didn't buy anything myself. Ethan bought the Sword Art Online game for PSVita. We would have bought Nier if it was in stock anywhere but it's sold out at all EB / JB stores at the moment. Ethan said he'd already tried Fountain Gate earlier in the week.
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  • Wed, 23:45: RT @Maizilla: Has this been done yet.... https://t.co/gO5h7jXCLY

  • Thu, 00:03: I was going to try to wait until I go to Japan next to get a Nintendo Switch but I want one now because Link is sexy >_> #videogames

  • Thu, 02:29: RT @FF_XIV_EN: New Developer’s Blog posted “Back to School: Learning How to Draw a Chocobo” featuring a video w/ Toshiyuki Itahana! https:/…

  • Thu, 02:33: I'm mentally and physically exhausted but I keep staring at my computer. I think my body clock is a little off from being in Perth.

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  • Tue, 16:33: I have a butt cramp from sitting at work coding HTML

  • Tue, 21:17: Ordered my PAX Australia weekend pass! It's a while away but looking forward to the games!

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  • Wed, 18:07: Awwww the sexy Yuri doona cover is kind of expensive and only for single bed. #yurionice

  • Thu, 01:29: Getting into Tales of Zestiria game now. Its been in the pile of shame for a few months but no more! #videogames #jrpg

  • Thu, 09:38: It's so lovely being woken up by telemarketers 2 days in a row... said no one ever.

  • Thu, 10:22: RT @meijins: yuuri blushing up to his ears whenever he thinks about marrying victor is the most important thing in the world https://t.co/H

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Feb. 22nd, 2017 12:00 pm
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Blue Pokémon are the best! #marril #pokemongo #augmentedreality #videogames

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I saw a UFO while dressed as Madoka. I love you Phantasy Star Online 2 <3

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Well Ethan found it... somehow it ended up downstairs. Which means my parents must have just random grabbed it.

I feel silly that I didn't look in the other room but relieved that it wasn't stolen.
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So my grey Wii U HDMI cable has vanished into thin air. I swear it was in the box. It's not.

Why do people keep stealing my stuff? :/
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  • Thu, 15:21: Should do a massive cleanup of what I'm following on tumblr too, got way too much there

  • Fri, 01:59: Guessing the next Overwatch special event won't be until Easter... gotta save up my gold! #videogames

  • Fri, 10:10: Loving all these Sega soundtracks on Spotify! They have Nights Into Dreams! Now it just needs Phantasy Star Online. #sonicteam #videogames

  • Fri, 11:15: 80 Gen2 Pokemon added to #PokemonGo today. Now the game is running shitty like it did on launch because all the band wagoners are back.


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