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Coz apparently its ok to show tentacles but not penises!
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So adorable, even when getting all dirty XD
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Still feel a bit yuk after having the PAX Plague all week. It's mostly just a head cold but I haven't been eating much because I feel nauseous too, It would be nice if I lost some of those winter kilos! I meant to buy some fresh fruit at the supermarket but I forgot and only got some peaches in a jar to put on my cereal. I gotta stop snacking on so much chocolate. Hurrr. So pudgy O_o

Here's my photos from PAX!


I also took some videos of the Omegathon Final and a small clip of some cosplayers dancing to Let It Go on Just Dance XD

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  • 10:27:07: Look at this cool Pandora Hearts cosplay photoshoot that someone made. I like that it tells a story. http://vimeo.com/18885338
  • 10:29:41: I really need to read the Pandora Hearts manga, the anime has no 2nd season in sight and ended so up in the air.

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That flash video of mine that someone stole still hasn't been removed even after I reported it. *edit* (It's now six months later and I've finally discovered it has now been removed)

So I uploaded my own after finding a SWF to Video converter. The program is kind of crude, the quality came out awful. I was able to quickly mix in some sound though.


I got news this morning from Chris that his sister Sally had her baby!!! It's a boy! I really hope she names him "Rocky" like she wanted for a boy! I told her she could make it "Rocky Lee" and she loved it. I did explain that it was similar to a character from Naruto, since she doesn't know much anime. She wasn't due to have the baby until Saturday but yesterday afternoon she was getting some pains, so there we go!

*UPDATE* YESSSSS she named the baby ROCKY LEE :D
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魔理沙は大変なものを盗んでいきました (Marisa Stole the Precious Thing)

I've been trying to find out what the name of that song was.  It was in AMV Hell 4 with Pokemon running around.  I've also seen other parodies using the same song.  Like a Reborn, Death Note and Deidara (from Naruto).. they are done so well.  I bet they took forever to make because they have copied the style and effects of the original flash movie so well.

I was going to try and find more but youtube seems to have crapped out and nothing will play.
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Uhhhhh someone put my GaaNaru Azumanga Dance Flash on youtube.. they credited me but didn't put a proper link to the original. It has like 61,000 views too... WTF!!!! I left a comment asking them to link to the original... I'm kind of in shock...
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I made a new Sims 2 video featuring Gaara and Narutos kiddies because quite a few people wanted to see more of them
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I used a song by Lucid Falls.. a band I saw at DV8 once.  They don't technically exist anymore.  So it should be all fine and dandy.

Why is the internet so dead today? (Not much happening on LJ etc)  Something going on I don't know about?
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oh man trying not to wet myself laughing here at work (JAS)


The weapon Gaara holds up totally looks like a buttplug now.. ahahaha *dies in fangirl fits*
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Nothing much interesting to write about... so here.. have a link to a cracky Naruto parody video.  I found it hilarious.. I must install some mods to leech vids from dailymotion.


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I've had this idea for aaaaaages and finally I couldn't do a thing today until I'd made this video :P

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A very quick Kankuro x Sakura video with caps from my sims2 game!  The song is Poison Girl by HIM ... I thought it suited since their canon interaction is when Sakura heals Kankuro from Sasori's poison :P Kankuro and Sakura have hooked up in a few GaaNaru fics that I love and I think it's a cute pairing :D



Jun. 24th, 2007 03:54 pm
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Wanna read some hot GaaNaru boy smut? It's the most recent part of a chaptered fic but if you just wanna read the hotness, this link is for you :P

Losing Battles - Battle 17 - Naruto - by [livejournal.com profile] tasukigirl

I finally watched the last few episodes of Fruits Basket, it made me cry! I feel like I want more of it... with Yuki/Tohru/Kyo threesome action huhuhu

I made a ShikaTema Sims2 clip but youtube is being stupid and its not showing up .. so I'm trying out a dailymotion embed

So yes, I also have a dailymotion account, I've uploaded my 2 videos that got deleted from youtube there. The porny one is set to private.

Kankuro and Sakura also got married in my Sims2 game so I'll make a video of them too.  And got a cracky crossover Sailor Moon x Tidus sex clip too ahahaa, I gave Usagi the romance aspiration and she just wants to slut around with everyone. She had Sasuke and Kankuro in love with her too, Kankuro walked in on her having sex with Sasuke *laughs* and it came up with a history item "got caught cheating" ...even though Kankuro was married to Sakura at that stage I think... ahaha


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