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I've been looking for this photo! Finally found it on one of my USB sticks from university. It's the footpath along Burwood Highway between Belgrave and Tecoma. The lighting was pretty that day.

I've been looking for this photo! Finally found it on one of my USB sticks from university. It's the footpath along Burwood Highway between Belgrave and Tecoma. The lighting was pretty that day.

Must have taken it around 2009 when I was working at Video Defaulters doing data entry. I used to walk to the shops to get lunch. Some days I would take my camera to snap things for assignments.
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  • Sat, 12:16: Today I'm going to help my boyfriend do his uni homework. I love art history! :D (tbh I miss going to university and learning new things)

  • Sat, 12:22: Really loving @DanielJohnsHQ new album "Talk"!! So good hearing Daniel's awesome lyrics & voice again. <3

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I've been working on my resume / portfolio today. Applying for regular jobs you can just submit a very plain resume. But when you apply for design jobs, you need samples of your work in there too. Simply slapping a few extra pages full of images doesn't cut it either. If you're applying for a design job you should actually *design* your resume layout so it doesn't look like it was made in Word. XD

Because I have such a huge lot of photography work it's tough choosing what to put in. As for my design work, the most recent stuff I have is my uni work. Unfortunately I don't have any samples from my time at Tru Blu, as my job ended abrubtly I didn't think to save anything off my work computer and onto a USB stick. Bleh. A lot of websites I've designed are no longer live or they've overhauled it with another design by someone else... but I can probably just open the files on my computer and screenshot them...when I find them. I have a hell of a lot of backup stuff to search through to find all my work.

I love my current job but I just don't earn enough money. So I either need another part time job to fill in my days off or to move on to a full time job.

Or ... just quietly.... I'm considering doing my Masters in Creative Arts post grad course at University. Which I could do around my current job. Just that I'd need to take out a FEE-HELP loan and get Austudy, because there's no way I can afford 20k for the course and all the ongoing costs for art supplies and printing.

I don't know if I should do it or not. Ethan kinda suggested it but I wasn't sure if he was joking or not, but I think he was serious because he knows I love academics. I've been helping him with his Art History class stuff because he finds it a little boring and I really like it. We watched a documentary on Michaelangelo the other day, it was really interesting!
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T1 Results

Jul. 12th, 2011 01:30 pm
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Oh yeah.. my uni results. I forgot to check them for Trimester 1.


Why do I always do shitty at my core subjects and better at electives? Yes, I think a Credit is shitty. Although it was only 2 marks off a distinction. I know where I buggered up too, I didn't print one of my designs because I got confused about what they wanted for the gallery. Ohwell.

But yeahhhhh look at that High Distinction in Photography!! *purrs*

essay done

May. 5th, 2011 07:51 pm
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I finished my essay while at university today. I had my photography class in the morning and spent the afternoon finishing the essay, then handed it straight to my teacher while he was taking another class (he said I could), so it's still on time, yeahhhhh. I also had my photos from Footscray due in. I handed those in too coz I'd done them before the holidays. There's still a lot of mistakes in them but ohwell whatevers because I'm still a massive noob at film processing/printing.

Next week we have an excursion to the NGV (National Gallery Victoria) for photography and have to meet in the city. Then we are apparently going to CCP (Centre for Contemporary Photography). So I guess I'll take the train because I'll need a ticket anyways for tram or however we get from NGV to CCP.

I'm behind on all my design work.. I really must try and do some stuff over the weekend instead of spending the whole time being a hopeless net addict...and going ZOMG LELOUCH IS SO COOL.
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Not in the mood to write an essay that is due tomorrow for Photography. My attention span is horrible right now. Keep flicking between websites like twitter/livejournal/facebook/tumblr which is not helping my cause.

I'm less sick today and made it to my Global Design class. I had some panadol before I went and it cleared away the headache but my dumbness still remained. I haven't really eaten much the last few days and today I managed to eat normally. But yeah...dumb. Dear brain, please come back.

Screw the essay, I'm going to sleep.
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Finally the lack of sleep is catching up with me. I fell asleep this afternoon in an armchair. I bet I wake up with a sore neck tomorrow. :O

I had my photography class today at 10am, which means I had to get up early and get to university around 9am just so I could get a car park. I kinda skipped breakfast at home so I bought food when  I got to university. But I struggled to eat it. Anxiety has been playing up today. I think it's because we were learning the darkroom stuff and I was so paranoid about fucking it up. Sure enough, I'm hopeless at doing anything in total darkness....oh the irony for someone that likes to stay up all night. I couldn't get film onto the spool and had to awkwardly hand it to Ross (my teacher) in the dark... and then I couldn't get it to wind on... and handed it back again. Epic fail! XD

Class ran overtime but thankfully I had nothing better to do than wait for my film to dry. But the time went quickly, because the guy that now handles the photography gear and darkroom is Brad, who I already know, so I just kinda chatted to him while he was sorting stuff out ready for the next class. In my first year at uni, the design students had a joint project with 3rd year photography students. Brad was one of those photography students I worked with, so that's where I know him from.

Next week our class is meeting in Footscray to shoot pictures for our assignment. I imagine getting there by 10am is going to be a total bitch (it's an hour away or more). I really want to take my car...but I have no idea what parking is like around that area.

I feel kinda sick and headachey now. Looking forward to a full 8+ hours of sleep.

Since the class is all done on medium format film cameras, I think I'm going to take my DSLR along to Footscray. Then I can experiment with shots before I waste all my film. :D

Also on the topic of photography, I bought a cheap reflector on ebay. I haven't used it for anything yet though. Going to a cosplay meet on saturday so I should take it along to that and get used to using it. I need to build more awareness of lighting.
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I got a parking fine today. I arrived right on 9.30 and car park was full. So I parked in a motorbike space that no one ever uses. Got fined $24. Fuck you Deakin. Stop expanding everything except the car parks. The ~30 spaces you added aren't going to do shit.
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I decided to try and catch up on my work for my online subject (History of Interactive Entertainment) today. I realised that the first essay was actually due today so I spent the afternoon writing the whole thing. I didn't upload it until early this evening so it probably would have counted as a day late. But yeah, at least it's done now ^_^;

I try to remember to post all my essays and class discussions from university to this blog here --> http://unikorndesign.blogspot.com/

It was originally created for one of my classes where we were required to keep and online blog with all our work. I've just been continuing it and putting work from various subjects in there as a means of backup. It's mostly written work that I've been posting this year.

We were supposed to write 1500 words but I wrote a bit more. I got a bit hasty in submitting it and forgot to proof read it properly.  erk.
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I finished watching Vampire Knight Guilty today. Wahhh no more Vampire Knight left now, I plowed through 26 episodes in a week ;_; I really enjoyed it. My love of vampires is renewed. There's a manga.. but I don't think I'll ever get around to it. Need to read / watch many other things I have in my possession! But yeahhhhhh Vampire Knight... so many ships to choose from... yaoi ... het... twincest. SO GOOD XD

... I really should catch up on some university work and stop getting distracted all the time. But winter is really killing my motivation and I feel burnt out. I'm already behind on the online subject because I can't be fucked to read stuff... I wish they'd record it as podcast so I could listen to it while I'm driving or someshit. But then, that still won't get my journal entries written. >_> I was quite pleased on friday when I uploaded my desktop publishing assignment (on time!) because I was actually liking what I'd designed for once. After hating only a few days beforehand I managed to go with what I had done and resolve a few things. Because all my classes are in the afternoon I've been sleeping in a lot, I guess it's good for avoiding the cold mornings.

Oh and the cold I thought I was catching, hasn't seemed to do anything much. I think my throat is just getting dry and scratchy from artificial heating and cold air. The same can't be said for my poor brother, who once again has tonsillitis. I don't know how many times he's caught it but finally he'll probably get them taken out. Mum has also had a cold for the passed month and it's giving her asthma. Chez and Ash have also had colds this week now that I think about it. Gehhhh everyone is sick around me, surely I'm doomed!

It's saturday night so I sat around playing World of Warcraft. Lately I've been running around doing old quests and dungeons for fun. But also for achievements and because some of the quests / zones will change a lot when the Cataclysm expansion comes out. In heroics I've been doing some more healing now that I have better gear for my holy set. We made it through Forge of Souls yesterday, it was hard to keep everyone alive (coz Adams a noob tank :P) but we made it, so my healing isn't too bad! The next challenge will be Halls of Reflection... but I think I need to collect more gear for that. Even when Chez is healing she freaks when the random dungeon finder throws us in HoR XD
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Started back at university today for semester 2. I got there way early so I had time to run around and get a new parking permit and pick up work from semester 1. I got my graphic design stuff back but I couldn't find my photography or visual narrative stuff that was meant to be outside teacher offices. I'm a little worried about the location of my photos, since I looked through the pile properly and my folio wasn't there. Although I didn't look properly for my visual narrative stuff because there was a shitload of arts folios everywhere and I didn't know where to start.

On the way home from university I got maccas for lunch.. which I regretted a few hours later when my stomach started to hurt. I forget that stuff makes me feel awful sometimes >_>

Glen rang up and said his website was broken. After looking at it, just the php calendar script was fucked saying that some Zend thing was not installed. I'd actually never heard of Zend before but apparently it's a component of php that gets installed on the webserver. From what I can tell, the webhosts must have updated that software and that changed its location/filenames thus making the php.ini script on Glens site outdated. I edited the script with some extra stuff off the webhosts FAQ page and the php calendar seemed to be working again. I went out for a few hours and now it's not working again...but not working in a different way. ARGH! I also need to update the calendar script to the latest version.. but that shouldn't cause it to just up and die. More tinkering ahead... bah so over website troubleshooting these days.
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I went up to Deakin late this afternoon to put together my folio for visual narrative. It was sometime around 4.30pm that I got there I think. And so I was working away in the graphic design room printing, cutting and pasting my "book" together. It didn't feel like I was there that long but I started feeling really hungry. When I looked at the time again it was almost 8pm. Gah. I never estimate time very well, it didn't feel like I'd been working for 3-4 hours. We were meant to submit our stuff outside our teachers office but everything was locked at that time of night. I took my stuff over to the arts office instead.. but since my stuff is A3 and kinda delicate I didn't want to force it into the assignment chute, so I called security and a dude came and put my stuff inside for me. I hope my teacher gets it ok... it's all got coversheets, so should be fine. But you know, I just fret about everything.

So I am now free for the next month. Yessssss. Conveniently there is a cosplay meet tomorrow... I'm gonna take photos to my hearts content and not stress about assignment themes! YAY! :D

On my holidays I plan to:
* Sew! I want to make a Kaito (Vocaloid) costume and some general things like hoodies.
* Draw! I must do some GaaNaru stuff.. it's my happy place :P
* Game! Play World of Warcraft like a mofo and get to level 80! Also want to get back into Tales of Vesperia.
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Last day of classes was today. Now I just have assignments to finish. I wrote a 1000 word essay in about an hour and a half during my graphic design class. I think that's some sort of new record for me.

Photography class was interesting. I felt like maybe my photos didn't turn out so well but Rozalind (teacher) and my classmates liked them, so I felt a little better. The thing with my own photography is that I am unable to see what are the best ones sometimes because I just tell myself they are all crappy. I'm self abusive like that

Things I have left to do/hand in:
Graphic design:  folio, essay, disc & sketchbook
Visual Narrative: folio (completed story/art) and sketchbook
Digital Studio: Group assignment journal

One this is all over, I hope my stomach stops doing flips.
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Aaaaaand now I'm capped. It's worse than dial up speed. Yuk! I still need to call up Optus and inquire about the new plans. Although I need Dad to be around incase they get all anal about me not being the account holder.

I've been doing university work, eating and watching tv just about all day. My whole week is probably going to play out like that. Although I really need to cut down on the eating part. Cookies are my weakness ;_;

I was watching the Chipmunks live action / 3D animation movie on tv this evening. I'd never seen it before, it wasn't as horrible as I was expecting. Although I still prefer the old cartoons. As a result and I went and watched A Chipmunk Adventure right after because it's super awesome :D

Sitting in the armchair, drawing and watching TV is probably going to kill my back. For the last few days I've already been aching from sitting down for longer periods of time over the previous week. Guess I should go get some sleep while I can. I may need to pull some crazy late nights later in the week ;_;

all the stuff I have left to do for university )
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I had the presentation to do today, the one I've been freaking out over for the last week. It went ok, apart from the way I just horribly plow through reading out my essay in a dead voice. Eh who am I kidding, my voice sucks all the time.

I found it kind of comforting that Janna (Pronounced Yanna. I met her in the first week when we got put in groups) was also very nervous about having to present something to class. She's a third year Graphic Design student. So we also have our course in common.

Both of the Graphic Design teachers from previous years, Tat and Lisa have left Deakin. Which really sucks coz they were both cool. Now I have some lady that I find a little intimidating.. hmm I guess its coz she was more pushy about "do your work!" like a highschool teacher?

My photography teacher is also like a highschool teacher too. Like she shushes people talking in a way that a highschool teacher would. The guy sitting behind me kept making funny comments and I couldn't help but crack up, I was worried about getting in trouble. In highschool I got kicked out of a class for giggling too much... over.. plant pollination... ehehehe plants fucking .. oh god it's still funny XD
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Trying so very hard to concentrate on this assignment that is due on wednesday. I've done a lot of research on the internet, I hope that isn't much of a problem. It's been impossible to find books that reference the series of photos I'm meant to research. I tried the local libraries and they had nothing. I got a book from Deakin library but yeah, nothing I needed apart from the artist bio stuff. But the stuff I've been reading on the internet has been pretty interesting and has helped me to "see" what is actually in the images. Honestly, I'm crap at analyzing art .. I only see sex in everything! It's only after I read other peoples opinions that I start to see them in the picture. I guess it is something you need to train yourself for.... and since I always look at hentai/yaoi, I'm currently trained to see only porn XD

I'm dreading finding parking at university tomorrow... ughhhh. It's been so shit :/
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We got given research topics in Photography class today. We have to do a class presentation and those start next week. Guess who's next week already. Fuck! One week to do research throw together a presentation... not good. The photographer I have to research is Tracey Moffatt. I had a quick look at some of her pics online when I got home and they seem pretty cool.

University seems to involve a lot of things where you have to stand at the front of the class and talk or show your work. I am terrified everytime. In Digital Studio on monday we just had to show 10 photos we took of things relating to ourselves. I was anxious about something as simple as that. I'm hopeless. No matter how I dream up scenarios of myself speaking confidently in front of people, when the actual situations present themselves I'm a nervous wreck.

Back in highschool I wouldn't do the assignment when it involved class talks... oh the days when I could pick and choose what I felt like doing and get away with it. I used to be the kind of student that would only do what was necessary to pass. I didn't care about getting good marks. I changed my ways in VCE (year 11 & 12) because I knew it all meant something then.

At Anime Club last friday we had heaps of new members so they told me to welcome everyone to the club. I did it but it was super laaaaaame because I have no idea what to say when put on the spot. *headdesk*


I've reached level 74 in World of Warcraft. Holy shit it takes forever to level to 80! At this rate, the Cataclysm expansion is gonna be out by the time I hit 80 and I'll still be behind everyone, hahaha.

WoW pics )
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University started back today. I have Studio Arts: Visual Narrative and then Digital Studio on mondays.

Finding the room for the second class was really confusing, I was kinda lost with a few other people and one of them saw a friend who then showed us all where it was. That was lucky... because I was totally in the wrong place! But omg, now that I know that classroom I will never forget it because it's awesome. There is a Playstation 3 and an Xbox 360 in there!!! <3 There is also a kitchen and toilets (and a shower apparently). We will also get given access cards to the room and we can go in there whenever we want... 24/7. I have found a sanctuary!

Already have some tasks to complete over the week. Must visit a library and borrow some kiddy picture books for Visual Narrative and for Digital Studio I need to take photos of 10 specific things.

I always feel so inspired when I'm in a classroom.. I wish I could grasp that feeling more often.


Mar. 1st, 2010 05:05 pm
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I got up to date with the Reborn! manga last night. Now hopefully I don't get a whole year behind again >_>

O-week at Deakin is this week so I was there today for the Anime Club stall. I did it in my Tsuna cosplay (orange jacket version)... fufufu. Will be back there again a few days this week so I'll prolly put out some other cosplays if I have enough time in the mornings to get ready.

I got a letter from "Golden Key International Honour Society" .. they apparently only accept the top 15% of students to join. I read the pamphlet and it said they have scholarships and I thought "oh yeah, could be worth joining". Then I looked at the price of membership... $95. Ninety five fucking dollars to join a club? How about fuck off :)

I've been home for over an hour and I'm still sitting here in cosplay... I need to remake this jacket one day. It was one of my earlier sewing attempts and it's a bit poxxy. I think I can do heaps better now XD


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