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I forgot I had this!!! Haha this crazy shit was never in the actual anime.#sailormoon #toys #dolls
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  • Sun, 18:28: Spent a few hours messing with The Sims 4 mod files so that I can make Sailor Moon / Princess Serenity. #animehttps://t.co/f5NDxO5x76

  • Mon, 03:24: Ooops I had some normal dairy food at dinner time and now I'm feeling the sharp pain of regret. Funtimes with lactose intolerance!

*edit* I stupidly quit the game after this and didn't save them. Although I went and downloaded more makeup mods and ended up making better ones later.
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Oh shit yes, they are summoning the Holy Grail! Next episode is gonna be great!! I am excite! <3

Macross Delta was really good this week too. They went to investigate Voldor, the cat people planet and went disguised as cats. Hnnngghhh kitty ears!!!
There was also some really interesting stuff revealed.  Like the source of the Var infection and that Windemere used a Dimension Eater on their own planet in the war 7 years ago...whether on purpose or by accident is yet to be confirmed.

I wish we were still playing our Macross tabletop rpg (Macross Unity)... we could bring in cat people XD

I've also gotten really into Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu which at a glance of the synopsis sounded not very good, but turned out to be quite interesting. It's like Groundhog Day meets Sword Art Online... or something like that. It has a few mysteries that are keeping me hooked. Everyone keeps trying to murder this poor guy!

I got all caught up on Jojo's Bizarre Adventure the other day too. So now Im watching the Diamond is Unbreakable arc which is airing this season. It's super amazing that "I Want You" by Savage Garden in the ED song.
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Season 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal has taken a little bit of a change on the art direction, it feels like they've made a mix of the 90's anime and the original manga which I feel is working wonders. While I loved the season 1 and 2 artstyle emulating the manga, all the 90sanimeonly4life!!! wankers were constantly complaining. PS: Go read the manga you plebs.

Anyways, this season is following the S arc where the outer senshi are introduced and I'm totally loving it. Really looking forward to Super Sailor Moon!

I also really like that we get to see the depth of the relationships that Usagi has with everyone. We get to see bits of Usagi & Mamoru lovu lovu, cute moments of Usagi and Chibi-Usa and all the inner senshi girls working together as a team to figure out the mysteries of Mugen Academy They haven't shyed away from showing Haruka flirt with her either, which is great! If I wasn't such a diehard Usagi / Mamoru shipper, I'd find Usagi / Haruka a very plausible option. XD

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Just ordered this divine figure. It's Figuarts (Figma) scale so it's not very big. But it's a limited exclusive to the Bandai Japan website, so of course I get smacked with all sorts of extra proxy fee on top. Anyways, it's all prepaid now so I don't have to worry about finding the money later.

If they make a whole tonne of other Princess Serenity figures after this, I'll probably get suckered in by those too. Because I love this dress so much.
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  • Tue, 17:15: Blog Update: Celebi download for Pokemon XY and Pokemon ORAS: Get the Mythical Celebi!1–24 March | AVAILABLE V... https://t.co/UZl7BJbjt7

  • Wed, 08:35: Broken sleep last night and have a busy day with 2 separate clients. Let's hope my attention span holds out. >_>

  • Wed, 09:26: RT @TheSims: Who would love a light up Plumbob headband? Well, we're giving away 3 of them right now! RT for a chance 😘💚 https://t.co/fNXio

  • Wed, 10:14: Today's loot is brought to you by Sailor Moon's holy grail, girl!Ranma and nendoroid tatami… https://t.co/q6JHAVtv2i

Today's loot is brought to you by Sailor Moon's holy grail, girl!Ranma and nendoroid tatami mats. #sailormoon #toys #figures #ranma12 #nendoroidmore


Sep. 8th, 2015 12:00 pm
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Working a convention a week after having surgery probably wasn't the best timing in the world. But I've got so much other shit happening this month and then going to Japan next month that I really just wanted it done ASAP instead of prolonging the stress.

So yeah, while I feel like I recovered pretty well earlier in the week, once all the box movin and stall setup needed to be done I was a bit sore at the end of each day, I guess moving around a lot will flare up a wound. Supposedly it doesn't fully heal for quite a few weeks.

We got Toru Furuya a 6 pack of beer as a present for signing all our stuff, as we were told he loves beer. I always feel pretty weird and awkward whenever I go to signings.

It was absolutely freezing this weekend, so I was perfectly comfortable wearing kigurumi's at Animaga.

I felt a bit forlorn about being stuck working and not being able to take the time to enjoy con events like I used to. Mostly because the events stage was right across from us and I really just wanted to watch the cosplay comp instead of watching the stall... I really miss taking photos too. Ethan was there on saturday but I couldn't really talk to him because I had so many customers demanding attention. He was an absolute champ and bought me some hot food too.

But anyways, this is my job for now and I do love selling products that I collect myself. Although I'll keep poking around for full time work... and perhaps one day become and 9-5 robot that can actually afford things like everyone else.. either that or hit some entrepreneur gold mine of an idea. Hah.
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Got this yesterday! She's really beautiful but at the same time she has a few flaws. The quality control on S.H.Figuarts is a bit hit and miss and I seem to have been unfortunate this time. Her buns are wonky, one of the pony tails doesn't rotate properly and has a paint spot on it, one of her legs is a bit stiff to move and there's a dark mark on one of her ankle ball joints. I'm almost tempted to buy a second one at a later date if the price drops. But yeah, it's likely that Sailor Moon figures will never be made in the Good Smile / Max Factory Figma range due to Bandai owning the licence. So S.H.Figuarts is my only option for poseable figures from Sailor Moon.

I think I only have a few items on pre-order before I head off to Japan. Hopefuly I can find all the September/October releases while I'm in Japan and just bring them back in my suitcase.
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Ethan got back today from America. (yay I missed him hehe)

We went to Knox for a late lunch and came back here to watch anime.

But he is so jetlagged, he fell asleep at 6pm. It's really funny when he's mega tired because he wakes up so confused about where he is and what time it is.

He got me all these presents!! There's 2 things that I forgot to put in the photo (manga).

2 Blankets with Star Wars M&M's and Las Vegas M&M's
Cat t-shirt
Free! singlet with Makoto
Free! tshirt with Rin, Makoto, Haru and Nagisa,
Jeans with a cool fluer-de-lis pattern on the pockets
Sailor Moon wallet
Sailor Moon trading cards
A necklace with a dreamcatcher
Sailor Moon manga volume 11 & 12

He said he felt bad that I couldn't come along so kept getting me something at every place. I feel spoiled but at the same time totally love it. <3

I would have loved to have gone but it's a bit too close to convention time, so I'd feel terrible leaving work unfinished to be rushed at the last minute. My job may only be casual but I do feel a responsibility to prioritise work around conventions. We have a new girl who's just started and this will be her first con with us, so I can't exactly leave everything to her yet.
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