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Ranmaaaaa!Really hope that more Ranma merch will come out. Aside from the S.H Figuarts series, I'd really love some high quality scale figures! #ranma #toys #ranmahalf #ranma12 #girlranma
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  • Tue, 17:15: Blog Update: Celebi download for Pokemon XY and Pokemon ORAS: Get the Mythical Celebi!1–24 March | AVAILABLE V... https://t.co/UZl7BJbjt7

  • Wed, 08:35: Broken sleep last night and have a busy day with 2 separate clients. Let's hope my attention span holds out. >_>

  • Wed, 09:26: RT @TheSims: Who would love a light up Plumbob headband? Well, we're giving away 3 of them right now! RT for a chance 😘💚 https://t.co/fNXio

  • Wed, 10:14: Today's loot is brought to you by Sailor Moon's holy grail, girl!Ranma and nendoroid tatami… https://t.co/q6JHAVtv2i

Today's loot is brought to you by Sailor Moon's holy grail, girl!Ranma and nendoroid tatami mats. #sailormoon #toys #figures #ranma12 #nendoroidmore
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  • Fri, 13:52: Sometimes I feel bad leaving for work when my cat is being all cute and snuggly.

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So adorable, even when getting all dirty XD
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  • Wed, 18:10: Blog Update: Sega Saturn is getting a nendoroid figure!: Concept ArtworkSculpt Teaser!Hopefully the full sculp... http://t.co/1IsEZ8nAHL

  • Thu, 10:31: Slept in until 10am because my cat wasn't jumping all over me. Mum let him outside to play. XD

  • Thu, 11:09: Blog Update: Vegeta finds the dragon balls...: ....They were in his pants the whole time.Also, nice ass. http://t.co/WWYuAtiFZi

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  • Mon, 11:24: Need to take my kitty to the vet. He hasn't eaten much over the weekend and doesn't seem to have pooped either.

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~30 Day Anime Challenge~
Day 6 - Most annoying anime character?

I struggled to think of any characters that really piss me off. Asked Chez for a suggestion and she said Happosai from Ranma 1/2. So I'll go with that, because he is a pretty annoying character and whenever an episode focuses on him it makes you go "uggghhh no!".

Kira also reminded me that Nina from Code Geass is pretty annoying too. She's a bit of a racist bitch and it really irked me.
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My Final Fantasy Online character is a Mithra (catgirl) and when she's just standing around her tail swings.

Ranma started pawing at the screen, I cracked up so hard while trying to tell him "no". It was so incredibly cute but I didn't want marks on my laptop.



Nov. 11th, 2007 09:54 pm
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I was feeling so tired and dazed today.  I fell asleep on the couch this afternoon for a little bit.

It was too hot to be in my room this afternoon too, so I sat in the lounge and read.  But.. reading makes me get sleepy.

Last weekend I was shopping with Mum and Dad and we bought heaps of christmas hats, including some for Ranma kitty!  Me and Chez kept trying to get a santa hat on him but it was so hard!  But Chez managed to get the reindeer horns on him the other night so I got a photo :D

Sam and Aaron got 2 kittens this weekend!  We (me, mum, dad, chez and ed) went to their place for dinner tonight,  they just moved there a few weeks ago (its the rental house Mum and Dad own in Bayswater).

And of course I took photos of the kittens too!  Their names are Mai and Mikoto after characters from the Mai Hime anime (I haven't seen it yet).

Ranma, Mai and Mikoto )


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