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Feb. 22nd, 2017 12:00 pm
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Blue Pokémon are the best! #marril #pokemongo #augmentedreality #videogames

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  • Thu, 15:21: Should do a massive cleanup of what I'm following on tumblr too, got way too much there

  • Fri, 01:59: Guessing the next Overwatch special event won't be until Easter... gotta save up my gold! #videogames

  • Fri, 10:10: Loving all these Sega soundtracks on Spotify! They have Nights Into Dreams! Now it just needs Phantasy Star Online. #sonicteam #videogames

  • Fri, 11:15: 80 Gen2 Pokemon added to #PokemonGo today. Now the game is running shitty like it did on launch because all the band wagoners are back.

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Wed, 21:52: Got me a Ditto #PokemonGO https://t.co/b053LfdplY

Thu, 00:27: RT [livejournal.com profile] pokemongoapp: Attention, Trainers: Our world is expanding! Over 80 more Pokémon and new features are coming this week! https://t.co/YmK

Thu, 00:37: Going to do a twitter cleanup and unfollow a bunch of people that don't follow back. I'm not that interesting but I'd like actual friends~

Thu, 09:29: Cleanup of who I'm following is done. It's mostly official accounts left now.

Thu, 11:09: It's really hard to leave for work when your cat is this cute! #cats #kitty #petsagram https://t.co/q069mdNhH4

It's really hard to leave for work when your cat is this cute!#cats #kitty #petsagram

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My tweets

Feb. 8th, 2017 12:00 pm
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Tue, 13:05: Looking at stock photos of food for a website I'm working on and I'm salivating. I gotta go eat lunch! #webdesign #graphicdesign

Tue, 13:44: Having lunch in this cute gallery cafe in Boronia. Because I'd rather eat good food than buy a… https://t.co/JnchgPi3nU

Tue, 14:46: "Meal prep" really means "Mummy & Daddy don't pack my lunchbox anymore" :P Tue, 19:06: I'm now level 23 in Pokemon Go and this Slowpoke is the appropriate image to accompany that… https://t.co/9TMp9VS1TF

Tue, 20:49: RT [livejournal.com profile] nintendoamerica: All #FEHeroes players will receive 10,000 Hero Feathers if we reach 10,000 global RTs! Ends 6:59PM PT 2/7 (cc [livejournal.com profile] fe_hero

Wed, 02:04: Kuzu No Honkai is great, none of that "we can't hold hands!" bullshit and just gets on with the soft porn! XD #anime #scumswish


Nov. 30th, 2016 10:21 am
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I think I slept over 9 hours last night. I was buggered.

Yesterday at work (TruBlu) I was so spacey and was trying to debug some weird problem with wordpress upsizing images. Couldn't figure it out. It's driving me nuts because every setting I find is correctly set.

On sunday I was also really tired. I fell asleep on the couch. But Ethan went and made me hot chocolate and dinner, so that turned out alright. :P

Played lots of Pokemon Moon lately. I've only just finished the 2nd island. I tend to mess around in all extra stuff like Festival Plaza and the Pelago. Currently in the process of levelling up a Pichu to Pikachu so I can have Alola Raichu. I wanted to keep my current Pikachu without evolving it. I've already levelled my starter to the 3rd evolution and now have a lovely mermaid Primarina. I need to pick up the pace and finish the game though, as other games are coming out.

Final Fantasy 15 just came out and The Last Guardian will be out in a week. Plus I've got Tales of Zestiria and World of Final Fantasy sitting here too!

I logged into my instagram and found out I won a tshirt from The Last Guardian booth at PAX. Sweeeet! :)

*edit* oh and I went to see the movie Your Name on the weekend with friends. Because I'm derpy I mixed up the times and we missed a bit of the start. But the movie was really good, it made me feel quite emotional. The visuals are really pretty too.
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This week was filled with so much fanspazzing. I've got so much nerdstuff to do and catch up on!

While still in Brisbane on monday, we discovered that the Blizzard Cute But Deadly blind box figures are now available in Australia and kept buying them. I got Illidan from World of Warcraft, so much happiness! I'd like to get the Overwatch characters eventually. I got Raynor from Startcraft but already sold him on ebay.

New character Sombra went live on Overwatch after months of teasing, as well as new game modes. I've only had a quick bash of Sombra in a custom game with NPC's because every quick play game someone already chooses her...which is to be expected I suppose! But she does seem fun.

Wednesday night Ethan and I went to dinner because it was our anniversary the other week but we were too busy with PAX. He gave me World of Final Fantasy for PS4 as a present.

Yuri on Ice gave us episode 7 filled with so many feels and squee worthy moments, including a kiss. Sports anime actually went full homo! Victor x Yuri enriches my life.

It was also Makoto Tachibana's birthday on thursday so me and my sis had a party, ate cake and watched Free! episodes while posing figmas.
Lewd photos here :D

Then later in the evening on thurs, Me, Chez and Ash2 went and picked up the brand new Pokemon Sun & Moon games at the midnight launch. Also EB mistakenly gave Ash2 a 2nd poster/pin set that comes with the collectors edition of Sun and he gave that to me. *score*

Today it's saturday and I'm going back to Chez's for a Pokemon party. Gonna play Sun and Moon and probably bash about some older games on Nintendo 64 too.

Phew! What a week for fandom!

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On the weekend Ethan took me to a bed and breakfast in sassafras. We stayed in this little cottage room that was French themed. We drank port and at chocolate. Then went and got some food to make dinner, Ethan made vegetarian lasagne for me. We drank wine. We had a spa bath. And then I got out of the bath, got really dizzy and spewed. I spent the rest of the evening not feeling too well, oops. We just relaxed and watched the Tales of Zestria anime. XD

Yesterday ( tues 18th Oct) was my actual birthday. My siblings came around for dinner. Mum made sausage / veggie rolls, Chez made veggie burgers, Ash made brownies and there was also cake. (I was still so full this morning that I skipped breakfast!).

We played some boardgames and lost at both of them, haha. Forbidden Desert and Pandemic : Cthulu version. I like these sort of board games where you have to work together to win rather than just roll dice and get to the end first.

Mum and Dad gave me some tea, a makeup bag, cleanser, mascara. Chez and Ash gave me a $20 EB Games card. Sam and Azz got me the Pokemon Go Plus accesory watch.

Jonathan was super jelly of my Pokemon watch. It's really funny that he's way more into Pokemon Go than me and was explaining how all the stats work when you get the team leaders to appraise your Pokemon. I gotta get some more levels up!
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  • Tue, 10:37: So I had this weird dream about ghosts coming out of vaginas. It was creepy at the time but now it just sounds lewd. #wtf

  • Tue, 16:45: Why can't I work a normal work day? I spend the last few hours working like a snail because my attention span is gooooone.

  • Tue, 16:48: Yet when the start work in the afternoon I can power on till late at night.

  • Tue, 17:26: Omg finally got Pikachu! Was totally worth stopping at the park on the way home! #pokemonhttps://t.co/TTwkpd8hnz

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  • Sun, 08:29: Watching Pokemon on tv before I go to work. Evee is so cute I want to cry.

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I've been trying to log into Pokemon Go all morning and been unsuccessful but even sitting on the loading screen has eaten 25% of my battery. Fark this app is a battery whore!! Apparently the sales for powerbanks has spiked because of Pokemon Go. I have one that can give one full recharge of my phone that I got last year which is good for emergency.

I'm starting to wonder how much data it's going to chew as well. But since I spend most of the time trying to log in rather than actually playing it, So I can't really guage data usage yet. My better runs on it have been when I'm at home on wifi.

I'm so amused how this game has taken Melbourne by storm, you just walk down the street and you can see people playing it on their phones or over hear them talking about Pokemon. It warms my heart <3

It's also a combination of annoying/amusing that I usually don't have any luck logging into the app until after 5pm. Everyone is playing it at work/uni whatever XD
When I'm at work there's actually 3 Pokestops close to the office that I can usually hit up while I'm inside to stock up on Pokeballs. Although I try be responsible and only play it when I'm on my dinner break or when I'm between running errands (ie: walking to post office).

I have yet to challenge a gym because I think my Pokemon are too crap... and the login problems.

Other than that, I've been playing Overwatch and FFXIV.

Overwatch has so many characters to learn! I started trying out Lucio the other day and he's pretty good! I need to learn to manuever better with him, he can wall ride with the jump so I'll have to try out getting to high places and stuff. But his AOE healing is useful and his gun does decent damage (seems better than Mercy attack wise but she's better on pure heals)
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