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I've been looking for this photo! Finally found it on one of my USB sticks from university. It's the footpath along Burwood Highway between Belgrave and Tecoma. The lighting was pretty that day.

I've been looking for this photo! Finally found it on one of my USB sticks from university. It's the footpath along Burwood Highway between Belgrave and Tecoma. The lighting was pretty that day.

Must have taken it around 2009 when I was working at Video Defaulters doing data entry. I used to walk to the shops to get lunch. Some days I would take my camera to snap things for assignments.
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  • Thu, 00:22: Kinda shit day at work. Get home at midnight. Then my cat pees on bathroom floor instead of in the kitty litter. Laaaaaame. >_>

  • Thu, 12:18: RT @denkimouse: s1: australia is bad and you should feel bad s2: come to australia you can fly over a pool https://t.co/Lgrn7jgigS

  • Thu, 13:25: I haven't been into cosplay much lately... exchange rate sucks and too lazy to sew https://t.co/PnB0reTZMU

  • Thu, 14:03: The #LomoInstant camera looks really cool! I want one. XD I'll have to peek into the camera stores in Melbourne one day when I'm not busy.

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  • Sun, 03:56: Going to bed at 4am on Saturday night. Wasn't even drinking or partying. Was modelling for photos and hanging out with cool peeps XD

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  • Mon, 18:19: Just witnessed a fight on Bourke Street before. 2 men punching on got pulled apart by a young woman. She was a hero! #melbourne

  • Tue, 00:57: Post-Valentines Day bargain: heart shaped string lights for $1.75!!! Now my bed head is pretty… https://t.co/OvRQvkW73k

Post-Valentines Day bargain: heart shaped string lights for $1.75!!! Now my bed head is pretty :D #stvalentinesday #valentines #glow #decoration

Valentines love from Haru!#photography #free #harukananase #toys #figma #valentinesday #heart #figures

I also bought myself this box of chocolates a few days before Valentines Day because I wanted the re-usable box just so I could use it for pictures / storage. I got it from Target for $10, the chocolates weren't even that good.
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Got back from Japan on Tuesday (Cup Day) this week. Was pretty exhausted after spending around 24 hours in transit. Delayed connecting flight held us up a bit.

Went straight back to work yesterday. My brain is still on holidays a little bit. I think I was just tired from sleep debt.

So far I've only processed the photos from Universal Studios Osaka and One Piece Tokyo Tower. There's a lot to do and it's going to take me a few weeks to get them all done.

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Yesterday I went to Olinda Falls with Neil and Ethan. It was forecasted to rain but luckily the weather held out all afternoon and didn't rain until evening!


I wanted to try out some nature photography and Neil is always up for some photo hangouts and suggested we go to the falls in a recent discussion. So Ethan and I headed up to Neil's house on saturday afternoon, picked him up and then we all went to Olinda from there.

It's just a short walk from the car park to the falls but the path is a bit steep. Neil and I happily took photos while Ethan climbed around the rocks.

I tried out some 1 second exposures to get a fluffy water effect. I've been wanting to try out long exposures on water for a while.

On the way back to Neils house we briefly stopped off at the National Rhododendron Garden. They were closing up so we couldn't spend much time there. But since it's spring, the colors of the flowers were quite amazing to take a peek at!

We hung out at Neils house for some time afterwards and discussed some ideas for another photoshoot. Planning on doing some light painting in the future. Now that the weather is much nicer I feel more inspired to go outside!
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Backdated this post since I haven't had time to write about it yet!

The wedding was heaps of fun because they really made it theirs. Chez walked down the aisle to a track from Berserk and their wedding cake was Red & Blue themed from Team Fortress 2. Any traditions they thought were dumb they didn't do (throwing bouquet, throwing garter, first dance). Everyone was able to move around freely and chat at the reception and they had finger food instead of a stuffy sit down meal.

Chezzies dress was so puffy she pretty much took up the back seat of the Xtrail, haha. Ethan drove with me and Chez. I had to keep talking to her because she was pretty nervous, I hope it helped a little at least. Jonathan and Kathryn took the rest of the girls in their cars.

It was super freezing up at Sky High and there was rain coming. But luckily it didn't hit until everyone was cozy inside the reception room. Just a pity that we couldn't enjoy the view because it was so foggy/cloudy.

Starting to get photos uploaded here ~ https://unikorn.smugmug.com/Events/Chez-and-Ashs-Wedding/

Still have some more to process. They didn't hire a professional photographer because of money. I wanted to get heaps more shots but it was very constraining being part of the wedding party, trying to talk to friends and family who want to say hi and get photos at the same time. The rest of the gardens were filled with kids because it's school holidays so we couldn't go to other locations.... and of course it was freezing outside and people were pretty eager to get inside. But there was plenty of other people with camera's there, so hopefully with everyones photos combined, they have a nice amount to cover everything. But I do regret no being able to whisk them away from the other guests to the rest of the gardens for a quieter photoshoot. Because it's also hard to get the shots you want when there's 20 other people in the way with their phones out taking pictures.

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Got this yesterday! She's really beautiful but at the same time she has a few flaws. The quality control on S.H.Figuarts is a bit hit and miss and I seem to have been unfortunate this time. Her buns are wonky, one of the pony tails doesn't rotate properly and has a paint spot on it, one of her legs is a bit stiff to move and there's a dark mark on one of her ankle ball joints. I'm almost tempted to buy a second one at a later date if the price drops. But yeah, it's likely that Sailor Moon figures will never be made in the Good Smile / Max Factory Figma range due to Bandai owning the licence. So S.H.Figuarts is my only option for poseable figures from Sailor Moon.

I think I only have a few items on pre-order before I head off to Japan. Hopefuly I can find all the September/October releases while I'm in Japan and just bring them back in my suitcase.
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Ethan and I went to the city for the day, We intended to go to the gallery but it's closed on Tuesday. He needed to also check out some other buildings for his uni assignment so we went and did that instead. Looked at the church and the old GPO building.
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There was an eclipse two nights ago, so I had a go at photographing it. I still only have a very average zoom lens that came with my camera, so it isn't the best for night photos or celestial bodies. But anyways, cropping down the photo gives an ok result. I also used my intervelometer as a remote trigger to try and reduce camera shake for the longer exposures. I probably took around 50 photos just to make sure I had 1 decent image.
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The photo on facebook also got 50+ likes. Pretty happy with that!
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