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I saw a UFO while dressed as Madoka. I love you Phantasy Star Online 2 <3

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So I was really late for work because of PSO2. There was an emergency quest, so I loaded it up and only one other dude was linked to my game. I thought it would take a little while longer because of the lack of players but we ended up slogging at that asshole for an hour and still did not beat it, because the timer ran out. Fark! Anyways, next time that EQ is up, gotta make sure you have a big team or do it on easy.
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  • Fri, 12:06: I keep having nostalgia trip dreams about PSO .. probably because I keep listening to the soundtrack while I sleep. #videogames

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I almost forgot that the FFXIV stuff is live in PSO2 at the moment. So I logged on and had play of the level with Odin as the final boss the other day.

It was pretty fun. I wish there was PSO2 stuff in FFXIV as well though.

Also here's one of the lobby NPC's in Miqote clothing.
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Try to play PSO2 - haha server is down for emergency maintenance!
Try to play PSO2 - haha bug fix patch update!!
Try to play PSO2 - haha patch broke your english mod, spend an hour reinstalling it!!!
Try to play PSO2 - haha your xbox 360 controller isn't being recognized!!!!!

And that's how I spent the last few hours of thursday evening and today friday morning.


Now I'm going to try and get it working on my PS4, which will be in raw Japanese but at least I can always have a working controller right?
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  • Tue, 15:31: Go looking for some anime on an old HDD and end up going through old game screenshots from PSO and WOW. I'm so easily distracted XD

  • Tue, 16:03: Shit, I tried syncing PSO2 with my Australian PSN account and it doesn't work. Now it's locked to it. #PS4

  • Tue, 17:27: Sailor Moon Crystal Season III is so pretty! https://t.co/aNILyC6noj

  • Tue, 18:53: All hope not lost yet for getting PSO2 working on my PS4. There seems to be another download bar on the title screen that's at 6%

  • Tue, 22:11: I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/qvQjTHykTp Starter Pok�mon for Pok�mon Sun and Pok�mon Moon Revealed!

  • Tue, 23:06: I clicked on the "moments" button and regretted everything. Twitter I don't care about celebrity gossip shit. Filthy 3Ds get out of my life.

  • Wed, 01:07: I go from watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure to Miraculous Ladybug...because that's how I roll. Hurrr.

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Found some entries on MyFigureCollection for these.

A Prize - Figure
B Prize - Plush
C Prize - Money Box
D Prize - Keychain
E Prize - Cup

Not sure when the actually lottery tickets go on sale. Buttttt I'll probably get my proxy to get me a few.
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  • Tue, 20:16: I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/Iu9T03UTNe Phantasy Star Online Music: Weird Night Extended HD

  • Wed, 10:02: When random companies or musicians follow you... they are just hopeful for a blind follow back right? I'm sorry but no... earn it.

Sent an old PSO Blue Burst screenshot to Tim the other night and he found the song from this Halloween lobby on youtube. hehe, I loved that music XD

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Been fighting monsters in a wedding dress, coz that's how I roll. The White Day lobby decorations are up right now too.

Just had a bash around by myself tonight, will hopefully play with Tim and Chez soon. I miss playing games with friends.

There's a few anime costumes available in the game now but they cost heaps of meseta. I've been selling some items in my shop so I can get a new costume. Although I'm pretty in love with the wedding dress, which I got in my last PSO2 phase about 6 months ago.

PSO2 Screenshots Gallery ~ http://unikorn.smugmug.com/Video-Games/Phantasy-Star-Online-2/
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Got a bunch of Phantasy Star Online 2 stuff coming in the mail from the recent lottery. Mostly little things, so I'll have to hunt down the other prizes I want. I haven't actually played the game for quite a few months. It's in the back of my mind all the time and I keep updating the patches every so often but never actually get around to playing it. I guess having no one to play with kinda puts a dampener on things.

I have been playing The Sims 4 a little bit this week. The game only came out late last year so there's not a whole lot of anime custom content yet. But I did find some Attack on Titan outfits. If only I could find some decent hair styles for guys! (Then I could make Eren and Levi ehehe). Compiling some links to Attack on Titan Sims4 stuff over here on my geek blog ~ http://princessunikorn.blogspot.com.au/2015/02/attack-on-titan-clothes-for-your-sims.html

In this weeks patch for Final Fantasy XIV, they are adding a casino! I'm looking forward to trying that out as it will be lots of minigames. It should be up late tonight I think. Currently patching but not sure if the server is still down for maintenance.

Despite bumming around today and watching anime / playing games I was a little productive and did a bit of clothes washing and vacuuming of my room. I hate that I'm so messy but it's pretty hard to break the habit. I need to tidy up more often but I only seem to feel like doing when I'm alone in the house like today. I also have some website work to do, so I feel like a cleaner working space will make me feel more focused. My room is still very cluttered but I've been putting a few storage things in the spare room downstairs. Now that all my siblings have moved out, I can commandeer the cupboards downstairs!
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New preview videos for Phantasy Star Online 2 came out yesterday, best Christmas ever :P http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=456605
There haven't been many games lately that have got me feeling excited. But PSO will forever own my soul.
I am going to spend hours in character create and it will be glorious. Of course my FOmarl "Usagi" will get a reincarnation! I will probably be making a certain rebellious prince as well, probably as a FOmar or FOnewm.
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I often daydream about what character classes to make for Phantasy Star Online 2. Of course, FOmarl is a given, "Usagi" always gets remade. The FOmarl dress looks super bizarre and almost Cast like, FOnewearl outfit is mega cute! I think I would also like to try FOmar or FOnwm... coz I'm totally making a "Lelouch" as a Force. Concept art for FOmars doesn't seem to be up yet, I'm also looking forward to seeing HUcaseal artwork, since "Ninja-Usagi" was that class. HUmars are hot too. So many choices! :D

I stuck a few images on tumblr of concept art that I yoinked from PSO-World and the PSO2 Facebook page: http://unikorn.tumblr.com/post/10397170893/i-often-daydream-about-what-character-classes-to

I miss PSO

Dec. 1st, 2009 08:52 am
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I was dreaming about playing Phantasy Star Online. I was hooking up my Dreamcast and then my Gamecube to test out a Sega server that still seemed to be active. Even though in reality they no longer run them :(

I'm looking forward to playing Phantasy Star Zero on the DS. I still have the original DS so eventually I'll get myself the DSi when I can. Right now it's crazy time.

Sera & Adrians wedding is coming up and then it will be Christmas. This month is going to be busy as usual!
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Just went and saw the movie "2012" ... it was meant to be serious but we all ending up laughing and making jokes. I was kinda disappointed. 2/5

I finished offline story mode of Phantasy Star Universe today! YES FINALLY! Although the story continues into the online quests, so I won't be completely satisfied until I get those done too.


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