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On the weekend I went to see Naruto The Last (movie) at cinema nova. That little mall is so ghetto. Anyways the movie was good... for filthy het :P

In the evening went out to dinner for Tim's birthday and then hung out with everyone after to play some Wii U games.

I've had this massive gluten binge over the last few days and felt like rubbish today. Time to cut it back again. I was supposed to go out tonight to a club to see bands with Ethan and friends but I bailed because I feel crappy.
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I cannot stop squeeing over Naruto chapter 547!!

Read it here! http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/75426197/1

This totally made me cry. Then I read it again and got all emotional again.

For the last few months the Naruto manga has been a little bland for me. Because neither Gaara or Naruto were actually in it. Then Naruto came back, then Gaara came back and everything is awesome again.

Spoiler territory! )
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~30 day anime challenge~
Day 18 - A picture of a scene from a filler episode you hated?

cooking ninjas

Ughhhh the Naruto fillers in part 1 were so painful. It went on for like 2 years or something? So, the episode with the cooking-nin.. that was pretty damn awful.
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~30 Day Anime Challenge~
Day 10 - Favorite fighter anime

I think Naruto has to win this one. I've been obsessed with it for 5-6 years now. I still read the manga weekly. The anime I've gotten a bit lazy with because I know what happens anyways. But I'm only a few eps behind atm. Naruto was one of those shows that I had meant to watch much earlier but didn't get around to it due to my computer being way too shit to run large video files at the time. So by the time I watched it, there was already 130~ish episodes out. I remember my friends being weirded out that I liked Gaara when I bought the Gaara & Naruto poster that currently adorns the inside of my bedroom door. I started reading the manga around the start of the time jump because I knew Gaara was in it and my little preference for GaaNaru over SasuNaru just totally exploded from there on out.

Perhaps I should talk about the actual battles in Naruto. If you don't know by now, Naruto is about ninjas. Ninjas with magical powers to be more precise. Usually there's the typical Dragonball Z formula of: new bad guy shows up, characters get their ass whupped, so then they train to get stronger, get in another battle and then Naruto shows up late to beat down the enemy in a blaze of glory. While it probably sounds boring to some people, when you know and love the characters, it's incredibly exciting. The characters all have their unique personalities and abilities, plus quite interesting stories of their own that fuel their reason to fight. There's manly tears and heart wrenching moments. Often elitists write Naruto off as being too mainstream, but there is good reason for why it is so popular.
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~30 Days of Anime~
Day 8 - Most Epic Scene
Day 9 Saddest Anime Scene

Ok there are tonnes of epic/sad scenes,I'll rant on forever...
Careful! There's mention of character death and other spoilers. )
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Naruto anime is in filler at the moment. It hasn't been too bad but the one I just watched (181) was crappy. This weeks episode should be interesting though, despite being filler it will have Gaara in it. Incoming yaoi fuel I bet :P

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Chapter 512

Oct. 7th, 2010 06:25 pm
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Read this weeks Naruto here: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/18743083/1

spoilers and nonsensical fangirl babble )
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I finished watching Romeo X Juliet last week. It was pretty cool. The ending is wayyyy different from the original play and that's all I'll say :) But yeah... Romeo has blue hair... blue is awesome. I still need to find yaoi of him... its kinda non existent :(

Started watching Fushigi Yugi anime. I've already read some of the manga and it seems to follow it fairly closely. Because both the manga and anime are quite old it's interesting to see how manga/anime has evolved from that time. For instance I think that the story in Fushigi Yugi jumps ahead and some things are explained in passed tense rather than you actually experiencing it happen, which can be kind of confusing because you feel like you missed some important detail. Then there's other things that just seem overly dramatic and illogical. So yeah, I think storytelling has been polished a lot more in newer stuff. I noticed that this anime was also made by Studio Pierriot, who also do Naruto. I would say that animation quality has come a long way since everything is done on computers now ...but that leads me to my next story...

Last weeks episode of Naruto was animated really badly. The character consistency on Pain was terrible, he looked all sorts of weird. Seriously WTF?! Naruto and all his sequences looked fine though. So it was a bit of a mix of good and bad.
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nuuuuuuu I don't think there is any Naruto manga this week ;_; I think it may be Golden Week in Japan. Which also means there is no Reborn manga because they are both published in the same weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

There was still anime though and that was pretty amazing. maybe spoilerish - mentions of the outcome coz I've read the manga )

Right now I'm procrastinating and watching GaaNaru AMV's. I have a tonne of university work to do... but I think I'll go mad without some yaoi. I am so happy to be a fangirl living in the age of the internet. Fuck, what would I do without it? I'm also downloading all the videos, since a lot of them don't last long on youtube due to copyright blah blah. I've been using a site called KeepVid and it works great, since you can download in MP4 instead of FLV. The previous youtube hacks I had mostly downloaded in FLV, which isn't so great for playback on my Xbox360 and stuff. Funnily enough it was one of my university teachers that mentioned the website. Hurhur.

Perhaps I'll just convince myself that GaaNaru is my muse for everything and I need it before I can get down to work. Kuufufufufu
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[info]gaanaru has a questionaire about why people ship the pairing. So I wrote almost 1500 words like the obsessed yaoi fangirl I am.

UniKoRn's ship! All aboard! )
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omg lol Mum has done it again and managed to book a week at Nepean Country Club when there is a convention on, this time it's Supanova.


The new Naruto manga chapter is up already
I knew it! )
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Went out for lunch today for Sams birthday. We went to Bar Bosh at Knox. I was so full after a meal and a piece of cake (which I couldn't finish) that I didn't even eat dinner tonight!

I finished watching season 1 of Darker Than Black... and I think I'm more confused than I was before I'd watched it. It's probably one of those series that I need to watch twice but I don't really have time for that because I have so many other things to watch!

Today I also caught up on the last few episodes of Naruto. It's in filler... but... I think the bubble guy is meant to be one of the Jinchuriki... he looks familiar. *digs up that manga picture of all 9* OH YES! I was right XD

Then I watched a few eps of Reborn and also tried to find where I was up to in the manga. I'm way behind on both now, so I really need to do some marathons. The anime is so padded, there's really only about 15 mins of new story per episode because they spend so goddam long recapping everything at the start, it's so overkill. I'm watching it on Crunchyroll and it doesn't like skipping ahead in an efficient manner which is kinda annoying :O

I dyed my hair a copper colour tonight but I'm not sure if I like it. It's... too tame XD I think I prefer the vibrant red I normally have. Ohwell, at least it's not faded pink with regrowth anymore.

It has also been a while since I wrote about the Naruto manga. spoiler warning, as usual )

Small prize

Feb. 5th, 2010 10:15 am
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I won something again! Not too exciting, just a coffee thermos from Wild Bean Cafe. I can get a free coffee from the place too but all the stores in Victoria are too far away.

There's this ad in my hotmail that made me think a guy was wearing a Konoha headband.... and that's the Australian flag around his shoulders for those who don't know ^_^;
Rugby advertisement - is that a Naruto headband?

And apparently my LJ - Twitter link up is working again. I didn't do anything to break it and didn't do anything to fix it. Wacky! I'm not really using twitter and facebook so often anymore, like I said I would do. I still seem to get sucked into dicking around on the internet but after about 2 hours I usually tell myself "fuck this shit! go play a game!"... either that or I watch a movie or anime.

I finished reading the Eureka Seven manga that I bought ages ago. I never caught all the anime episodes when I was watching it randomly on tv so I didn't know how it ended... and yeah it left me feeling a bit melancholy. D:
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Manga spoilers XD

Naruto manga chapter 480 thoughts )
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I went to see Ponyo today, it was cute! Just went to Chaddy and saw the dub one. I couldn't be bothered going all the way to the city for the sub.

Today is Naruto's birthday! Yeah I'm a dork and remember a fictional characters birthday :P Happy Birthday Naru-channnn <3

I fell asleep for a bit this afternoon/early evening. I don't know what time I zoned out but when I woke up it was about 7.15pm. I'm still dead tired so I shouldn't keep lurking around the net and just go to bed.


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