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  • Wed, 14:49: I was watching The Mothman Prophecies lastnight with friends and now I'm in the mood for some cryptozoology.

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Chez and I finally finished watching season 3 of Kuroko no Basket today. We enjoyed making them all gay for each other in our heads. There's really only about 2 female characters in the whole series so it's a massive sausage fest. Just the way I like it. Their magical basketball powers also get a bit ridiculous and in the last episode it got to some Tron style trip out in the Zone Beyond the Zone! It was a fun ride.

We also decided to watch the Felix the Cat movie from the 80's for a blast from the past nostalgia trip. And wow, that movie has not stood the test of time. While I think the actual drawings are ok, the framerate of the animation is terrible. In some cases it doesn't even look like they bothered to animate mouths moving for dialogue. The screenplay is also terrible. Strangely long pointless sequences that don't advance the plot, enemies that disappear way too easily, and sometimes you don't really know what's going on. Yeahhhhh, I dunno why I loved this as a kid... I think I just loved the character Felix because he was a cute cat.
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Ok so 10 Cloverfield Lane was a good movie when not being shoved into the Cloverfield universe. Because that's exactly what happened, small project movie gets picked up part way through production by JJ Abrahams and he decides to name it as the Cloverfield sequel we've been promised for years by just tacking some extra stuff.

However, there does seem to be an ARG running for 10 Cloverfield Lane much like all the video's/blogs of characters from Cloverfield. I need to look into it more. But this might prove some more enjoyment for me than the actual movie. Because I need more monsters, MOAR!

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Today was Easter, had home made pizza with family. Was good to chill at home for once. Mum and Dad went to visit Aunty Cheryl and Uncle Hans and my cousins, me Sam and Chez stayed here and played some board games. In the evening I then went out to dinner later with friends. Briefly caught up with Davd (Lid) who was down in Melb this weekend.

After dinner me and Ethan went to the movies.

I was hearing that the Batman Vs Superman movie was getting terrible reviews, so I went to the movie expecting it to be complete rubbish. But it really wasn't that bad. Sure, the actual fight between the two spends half the movie building up and then lasting all of about 5 minutes. And yeah, Batman was being a bit of a douche. But things got resolved when they unite to fight a common enemy, saw that one coming from a mile away. Then we get Wonder Woman show up and kick some butt, she was awesome. More of her please. I could say a whole lot more here but I'm trying not to drop all the spoilers.
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I went out this evening with friends and saw Zootopia! It was really adorable and I think it holds some nice morals about "judging a book by it's cover" when it comes to people and their gender, race or where they grew up. The storyline held a decent twist too. Good movie! Go see it if you have the chance!

There was some funny references to other Disney movies too. I'm looking forward to Moanna ("Meowana") the next major film from Disney. I'm curious about the "Giraffic" movie here and wondering if this is something that will be announced soon because I can't think of anything it matches up with right now.

Now I'm home and have a bunch of work to do tomorrow morning before I ...go to work. So I should probably get to bed. Because clearly I'm not getting anything done tonight. I got a little bit of work done this morning and then kinda procrasitnated the afternoon away until it was time for the movie. I tried to get work done last night because I was in a good concentration zone but Ethan nagged to come over. Sometimes it's a real pain in the ass being in a relationship when you're trying to get shit done.

But ya know, then he came over and was all happy to see me and gave me a massage coz I was stressed and then it's kinda hard to be mad at someone for interrupting your work when they are being so sweet. ^_^;
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I had a busy weekend!

On friday I went to the Edinborough Tattoo military concert with Ethan as he got free tickets and and then we went to Beta Bar to meet up with some friends for Nato's birthday. I played a card game and some Smash there. Also had a nice cocktail called "Skull Kid" which was made from malibu, midori and pineapple juice.

On Saturday is was my sister Samantha's birthday. I went over to her house for some board games and BBQ lunch....and KITTENS! She has two kittens now, Bilbo and Leila, they are so precious! Later in the evening we went to see the Deadpool movie and it was pretty awesome.

Sunday was Valentines Day, so I met up with Ethan at Crown after he finished work in the afternoon. Played a little bit of roulette at Crown and then we went for a walk to find some food. Ended up at the Lindt Cafe on Southbank, got a nice salted caramel milkshake and a quiche. Then we headed back to Crown and played games at Galactic Circus. Ethan found an arcade version of Crossy Road and since he's pretty good at the game, got a whole bunch of prize tickets from it. Then we headed over to Elizabeth Murdoch Hall to see the Final Fantasy : A New World orchestral concert. Which was all sorts of excellent, was the best part of the day! We grabbed some quick food from TGI Fridays before they closed and then went back to Crown to play some more games at Galactic Circus, which resulted in more prize tickets and claiming and Deadpool bobble head figure.


Yesterday I had work at Tamarket, and while on my mail run I witnessed a fight on Bourke Street. Two men were kinda having words with fists up and people on the street were kinda hanging back. As I was getting closer to the Post Office I slowed down as well, wondering if it was safe to go past. A girl from the travel agent called out that she called the police. I hurried into the Post Office and as I was going in I heard shouting, so I hurried around to the window and saw the two men on the ground trying to strangle / punch each other. Crazily enough, a young woman jumped in and broke them up. It was amazing, she was so brave! One guy was bleeding from the mouth and the other guy's suit was all ripped. The guy who looked like he started it was still trying to go after the man in the suit and the girl was holding him back telling him to stop and it's not worth it. Eventually the not so well dressed man walked off and the girl and the man in the suit hung around until the police came.

I tried to take video but it's not very clear what is happening during the fight as there are too many people in the way. But I do have their faces clearly on camera after it broke up. But it's probably not such a serious matter that I need to do anything with it. But at the time I was thinking someone was gonna get choked to death on the street in broad daylight. It was so amazing that one girl jumps in while all these other men were standing around watching it happen. Ok so I'm not much better running inside and hiding by the window, but we all know I'm physically weak.

And just to top off the weekday weirdness, today while in Boronia getting petrol ~

Guy at the petrol station "ah the very hot chick with the very hot car!"
Me *laughs because I have no other response to that because I'm too socially awkward*

Seriously dude.... I'm sure you're just trying to give a compliment...but it does make a person feel a little uncomfortable when you don't know them to say it in that way.

After that he asked about what my numberplate meant. I said it means rabbit in Japanese of course. He then asks if I like rabbits..... "yeah they are cute"
Couldn't be bothered explaining the whole Sailor Moon thing XD
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Inside Out (Disney/Pixar) wasn't bad but it wasn't amazing either. The best part was shown on the ad I felt. I did get some feels out of it. They were trying to portray a nice message that all feelings are valid but as a movie overall it fell a bit short of greatness.

During one of the quiet/sad parts of the movie my stomach gurgled and Ethan was trying to contain his laughter XD

So awks.


I also saw Ted 2 on the weekend. When the guy fell over in the clinic and got covered in jizz, I lost it!

And last week I saw Terminator Genisys. Which was a decent action movie as a tack on to a franchise.

When I was in Sydney, I saw Jurassic World. Which is also decent action as a tack on to franchise. XD

I've seen a lot of movies lately!
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Went to see Mad Max Fury Road yesterday afternoon with Chez, Ash, Ash2 and Tim. It was really good! Lots of action and explosions, plus the girls were holding their own! Very refreshing to see girls taking part in the action and not just falling over and breaking an ankle.



Afterwards we went back to Chez's and watched some episodes of the X-files. I haven't seen that since it used to air on TV. It was one of those shows I watched randomly. Usually I was too scared to watch it all the time. But yeah, I have a curiosity for weird shit despite being a chicken. It's probably less scary now being dated. Apparently there is a new series coming and I'm interested to see that.

Although I have this problem with sticking to live action tv shows. I watch them for a few seasons, then they take the off peak break and I lose interest. Despite my love of superheroes I still haven't even watched Agents of Shield or the other shows that have popped up. I can't even be bothered to watch the new season of Game of Thrones because I'm sick of everyone dying. Although sometimes I read the spoilers people post.

My whole life I've been obsessed with animation to the point that real people shows are just filthy 3D's that can't hold my interest. Heheh I'm kidding... a little bit.

Anyways. On another topic. Ethan is flying to America tonight. So I'm going to be a bit lonely for the next week and a half. He's going with his family to see his Great Grandma for a few days, then do some touristy stuff in Las Vegas. He wanted me to come but I can't afford it. He offered to pay for the flights but the fact remains that if I don't go to work, I don't get paid. So I can't afford to take time off. Plus we are busy at work with Supanova Sydney packing, so the timing is bad too. Ohwell, there's still Japan.
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I think this mobile phone stand is only being sold at the theatre in Japan when Code Geass - Akito the Exiled part 3 airs. *paws wistfully at screen* ;_;
It has been forever since any ‪‎Code Geass‬ merch came out. Probably good for my wallet at least.


I went to the movies last night with Ethan's family and ran into some friends there as well. We were seeing Avengers : Age of Ultron. Which was actually the second time I've seen it because I got to see it with work as well for our after-con treat! It's a good movie, although I find it weird that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver's origin has been changed. Instead of being mutants (and Magneto's children), they are twins who volunteered for an experiment and their powers were gained that way. Scarlet Witch seemed a bit nerfed compared to her comic counterpart, but early days I suppose....and we'll hopefully see her dish out more power in future Avengers movies.

I've barely seen Ethan lately because I've been working at conventions and now this week he has a tonne of university work to finish. I won't even get to see him on his birthday because he'll be in Geelong madly finishing an assignment that's due on friday. It sucks!! Although on the weekend we're going to play that Apocalypse laser tag game where you shoot zombies for his birthday and then going to have dinner at Fridays afterwards.
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Mario Party 10 came out the weekend so I chilled out with Tim, Ash, Chez, Sam and Ash2 to play it. It was fun despite its limitations. Like the 9th game, all players seem to travel together on a car rather than have individual spots on the board. And you can't set a number of turns to play before the winner is decided. However. I do like the adition of having a 5th player as Bowser, who's sole purpose is to fuck everyone up, lol. The new drawing parts that make use of the Wii U gamepad were of course covered with dicks.

Here is some lovely artwork by Tim.

After playing the game we watched a movie called Nightcrawler, about a guy who went around filming accidents for a news show. The main character basically has no concept of personal space or ethics and is quite detestible. I spent the whole movie waiting for him to be found guilty of tampering with crime scenes and nothing happened! So it kinda ruined the whole movie for me. I really hate a non-ending.

On sunday evening, Ethan was back from his Army Reserves training and we went out to dinner at Knox. There's a Malaysian place that opened up there a few months ago called Pappa Rich, so we tried that out. The food was cheap and nice for the price but kinda too hot. I'm used to having really sweet laksa at the Emporium in Melbourne, the same goes for the sauce that comes with Roti bread. However the actual bread was really great and more like it was freshly cooked as opposed to Emporium (Chinta Ria Soul) and the other place at Knox (Nudle) that has roti bread. Also while at Knox I noticed that Sakura House has closed down! It was the only Japanese food place I know that's close to home so I'm kinda sad about that.

Last week my car was being a little weird on my drive to work, so I've taken it in to Nissan today to get looked at. My electrics cut out for a second and the Charge light on the dash came on. So I was worried about my car not starting up again if it's not charging properly. It's also been making a high pitch kinda noise. I thought something was wrong with the fan belt but that looks fine at a glance...and looking through my previous service records, that was already replaced in the last year or so. Anyways, waiting on a phonecall to see if they found anything. Better to get it looked at than have it totally break down somewhere. Although my Mazda 626 has been a great car and never broken down anywhere mid-drive... I guess I should look at getting a newer car within the next few years as it is a 1990 model car.
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  • Sun, 01:28: Nightcrawler is a shit movie. Ending goes nowhere.


Mar. 17th, 2015 05:43 pm
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I went to see Chappie a few days ago. Saturday night to be exact. Had some gold class tickets from Christmas present, so me and Ethan went to Knox. We got dinner first and then played games at Timezone but because the session was really late, we still had more time to kill, so then we got bubble tea and waited around in the lounge at the cinema.

At Timezone we played DDR and found there was a bunch of anime songs on the machine, so that was pretty cool.

Chappie was surprisingly good. I thought it would be standard good sci fi but nothing overtly special. But I found myself completely sucked in. Whenever something bad happened to Chappie (the robot), I almost cried lol. I even felt some sympathy for the thug characters. I particularly liked Yolandi, she was cute. Random Trivia: She's actually a singer/rapper from a band called Die Antwoord and "Yolandi" is actually her stage name which was also used as her character name in the movie.

Had a really nice night out and then for some reason could not sleep when I got home despite it being a late movie. Was wrecked the next day.
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On the weekend I went to see Naruto The Last (movie) at cinema nova. That little mall is so ghetto. Anyways the movie was good... for filthy het :P

In the evening went out to dinner for Tim's birthday and then hung out with everyone after to play some Wii U games.

I've had this massive gluten binge over the last few days and felt like rubbish today. Time to cut it back again. I was supposed to go out tonight to a club to see bands with Ethan and friends but I bailed because I feel crappy.
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New Years Eve was almost going to be at my house for a pool party but the weather turned out shit. So we went over to Adams instead. Hadn't seen a few people for ages so was great to hang out with everyone. We had a BBQ dinner and played Smash Bros on WiiU. I was a bit exhausted and started to fall asleep somewhere around 1am, didn't even drink heavily so I was able to drive home after Ethan woke me up as the party was dying down around 2am.

On new years day we bummed around playing WoW and then Ethan went home early evening because he needed to swap cars with his parents so we can use the station wagon with the tow ball for today. He was going to stay there and then called me up asking if I wanted to go have dinner and see a movie.

So we ended up at Knox, had dinner at Paesano and saw Big Hero 6 afterwards. It was a really cute movie and it cheered me up. I'd been feeling a bit sulky because I fell over and hurt myself the other day.

Today is going to be around 40 degrees so were going to the beach with the jetski. Hopefully I don't get burned to a crisp. Tomorrow is also going to be hot so I'll stay home and go in the pool. I haven't even been in it yet! December didn't have very hot weather.
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Went over to Chez/Sams house lastnight and played Cards Against Humanity with friends. It was hilariously fun, Lauren was kicking ass at it.

After spending yesterday feeling horrible it was reassuring to see my friends and have a laugh. It really lifted my mood.

We grabbed some dinner from maccas and then watched a super terrible horror movie called VHS Viral. There was all these different sub stories, one which had demon dicks and a demon tooth vagina and I couldn't stop laughing. It wasn't scary just kinda stupid.



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