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  • Mon, 17:58: Memorial for the people who were killed / injured in the Bourke Street Mall car rampage about a… https://t.co/vBvXB2qUzq

  • Mon, 22:54: Buying myself kiddy toys at the supermarket momentarily distracts me from how shitty the world… https://t.co/GnhOeaUqkA

  • Tue, 01:21: Today is one of those days where I just felt really depressed and couldn't stop thinking about things that make me sad.

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Mum hugged me this morning then looked at me with tears in her eyes saying that she was so glad that I had yesterday off work and was home safe.

On friday a crazed criminal drove through Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne and deliberately hit pedestrians. 5 people are now dead and 20+ were injured in the attack. I feel so sad that this sort of thing has happened. Those poor people :(

I often walk through that area when running my work errands and while it happened earlier in the afternoon than I am usually working, I myself am super glad that I just wasn't there at all that day. By some random stroke of luck, I've got a week & a bit off work, which started yesterday.
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  • Sat, 15:26: Must be a slow news day when nerd sites are reporting on an anime that came out last year.

  • Sun, 00:38: The oppressive overnight forecast for Melbourne... BOM is feeling a little gloomy? It's past midnight and still 28… https://t.co/xT9NAmvt5g

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Ethan and I went to the city for the day, We intended to go to the gallery but it's closed on Tuesday. He needed to also check out some other buildings for his uni assignment so we went and did that instead. Looked at the church and the old GPO building.
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I read a news report earlier today about a teenage girl that had been stabbed to death in a Doncaster park while on her walk in broad daylight. As someone who lives in the eastern suburbs, it was disturbing.

As the day progressed, I found out that people on my facebook friends list knew her. She was part of the Melbourne cosplay / lolita communities. It just hit me harder to know that people I know, had lost their friend and were hurting.

I feel afraid that no where is safe. An innocent girl goes for a walk to get fit... and is brutally attacked. Her life and her dreams, ripped away by some cold hearted asshole. And people wonder why I won't just go for a run on my own or catch the train to work?? This is why! Because I live in constant fear that someone is going to attack me if I'm by myself.

Police are still searching for a suspect ... I hope this crime can be solved soon.

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  • Wed, 13:15: My old boss from a job I had 9 years ago rang me up today and would like me to do a few small website jobs.

  • Wed, 16:10: Going to Brisbane tomorrow for Supanova with work! I love Queensland, much warm, food good :3

  • Wed, 16:11: Might be going for a short holiday to Queensland in the new year if an overseas holiday plan doesn't work out.

  • Wed, 16:13: My boyfriend wants to go to Dubai and I was a bit meh about it until I found out there is a Sega Theme Park there XD

  • Wed, 17:08: I hate it when Apple updates kill my cheapo charge cables. Now I need another spare ;_;

  • Wed, 20:03: Dear Melbourne busker trying to sing "My heart will go on" ..... My ears cannot go on.

Con flu

Nov. 5th, 2014 12:00 pm
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  • Tue, 20:27: RT @elizabethdanger: Pro-tip, Melbourne: You can get dress up and get drunk as hell WITHOUT supporting the abuse of horses.

  • Tue, 23:19: Blergh PAX made me sick. Been coughing today.

  • Wed, 10:28: Ughhhhhh con flu got me. Feeling rather gross today. Pseudoephedrine, save me, I have to go to work. >_>

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  • Mon, 16:02: Inbound traffic to Melbourne was horrible today. It also rained so hard I couldn't see shit on the freeway and everyone slowed to 70.

  • Tue, 00:44: RT @WhyAmISoWeirdo: if you think my room is a mess you should see my life

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