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I installed Lightroom 3 but it's being all weird and not wanting to import photos properly. Now my pics are going to be all out of order because of multiple imports I have to do. You have no idea how much this irritates my OCD side... I'm resisting all I can from deleting everything and starting over.

I already posted some pics from saturday though... had to do a heap of correcting the exposure and colors.. they still look a bit off >_>


*edit* Sundays!
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Manifest weekend was fun! Once again this year I had the wonderful opportunity of having a Press pass. So I have lots of nice photos from the cosplay competitions on saturday and sunday. I'm yet to go through them all properly, so I will make another post later today!

On saturday I was cosplaying Colette from Tales of Symphonia. Chez was also Sheena from ToS. It was really cold on saturday so I spent most the time in traders hall when I wasn't taking photos in the comp. I bought a few little trading figures, some fanart stickers and 2 Naruto manga.

After going home and getting changed, we went over to Potatoes to hang out for a bit. We watched RoboGeisha.... it was every bit as hilarious as the trailer that Chez found last year. So many lulz were had.

On sunday Chezzie didn't feel like going, so I didn't need to co-ordinate cosplay with her. She had suggested that I wear my Kaito cosplay that I made for AVcon, so I went with that since I haven't actually worn it in Melbourne. I was actually pretty pleased I wore it because I got lots of love XD There was a cute girl dressed as Rin that would come out of nowhere and hug me over the day, it was really quite adorable :)

Took lots more photos during the cosplay comp and also stayed for the closing ceremony and music performances to take some photos. I was really impressed by the music performances, both bands were great! Only problem was that the sound balance was really out for the 2nd band and the singers vocals were drowned out by the instruments.

I didn't leave until 9pm.. that's the latest I've ever stayed at Manifest. As I was driving home, I realized I was starving and got maccas drive thru in Rowville (close to home)... I wonder what the drive thru staff thought of a blue haired reverse-trap buying maccas late at night... ahahaha.

The trading figures I got over the weekend are Rin (Vocaloids), Kaoru (Evangelion), Russia (Hetalia) and Satchiel (one of the angels from Evangelion). I also got some Kaito goodies (pin, keyring, bookmark) from the very lovely [livejournal.com profile] chancake


Now that Manifest is over I'm spending my leftover budget on some things I couldn't find at a good price. It's sometimes cheaper for me import stuff myself these days. I try to shop smart and price match in-store vs online XD

I bought some cheap Skip Beat manga from a website that [livejournal.com profile] san recommended to me the other day. I wanted to buy some at Manifest but didn't find it as cheap as this website so I waited till I was home.

I also bought a Kaito plushie on ebay, as I also wanted him too. The only store at Manifest that had him, was selling him for $85 because I think it was the poseable Figma version... however that version is still half the price on ebay. The Kaito plushie I just got was only $16 :D

There's a few anime dvds I want but I'm gonna wait until I finish watching all the un-watched anime I have before I get more.
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Here are my Sunday photos from Manifest!

Under the cut are a few more photos of me and Chez.

Me as Maka - Chez as Soul )
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In retrospect, I think Maka was kind of a crap character to cosplay for recognizability (thats not even a word lol). Schoolgirl-ish costumes all blend into one another. Perhaps I should have attempted the Scyth, even though Soul *is* the Scyth and Chez was him. But then, when would I have had bloody time? I barely finished the sewing on time.

I'm going to feel worse if I try to make the Phantasy Star Universe costumes I want to. They are going to be fucking hard... and no one will recognize them for all that effort.

In the normal everyday world, I hate being stared at. But in cosplay, I love the attention. Go figure?

Here is one of the few photos I have with me and Chez in it ready of my own set. After looking through maybe 30 sets of albums from Manifest people I have not found 1 photo of me or Chez, yet I've found a heap of Nick [livejournal.com profile] cmdr_raven (as Damon Gant) who we were walking around with. I think it was his first time cosplaying at a convention, so it was a good reception.

Here are all my Saturday photos so far. I narrowed it down to 200-something from 600-something. It was great using my tripod during the cosplay comp. I still had a lot of issues with the lighting though, a lot of the colors got blown out. I should have experimented with other settings besides aperture but I kind of went dumb and forgot to try other things besides switching my lenses.

*fixed* http://www.yaoi-bible.com/photos/thumbnails.php?album=37

Then I have to go through all my Sunday photos tonight. Should have some more of me and Chez in that set.
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Manifest week has been and gone again!

On friday I spent the whole day sewing, as I had to finish Chezzies costume. It came out alright, so I was pleased. I'm still a beginner at sewing but each time I think I'm getting a bit better and quicker at getting things worked out.

I dyed my hair blonde. It came out really yellow, I think because theres still traces of permanent red hair color in my hair it didn't go right down to the light blonde I intended it go. Mum freaked out a bit. Dad says it looks ok though! If I get sick of it I can always dye it a different color, I only did it for my cosplay because a wig is expensive and I think they look crap when you need to tie them in ponytails anyways.

So yeah, for all who've not been paying attention to my previous posts, I was cosplaying Maka from Soul Eater, with Chez being Soul. We did the costumes both saturday and sunday since I did spend a lot of time making them.

I didn't buy much this year because I bought just about all the newer merch in Japan.. and cheaper. Although I did buy another Miku figurine. This one is chibi! So cute! I got a few other things, a Fushugi Yugi manga, Kyuubi Naruto sticker, Gaara & Naruto art print, Marth bookmark, Sonic keyring.. and that was it. I intended to buy some anime DVDs but there was always a massive crowd around the Madman stand and I couldn't get a proper look at half the table. As per usual I blame the little kids with no money hogging the front of the table :P

I took heaps of photos! Mostly because I had been fabulously granted a press pass and got to sit in the front row for the cosplay competition. I took my tripod and went crazy <3 There are so many beautiful, epic and intricate cosplays. The standard is raising every year as people take on some really big challenges. I guess even I am challenging myself by starting to sew my costumes entirely on my own.

Saw lots of friends and met lots of new people. I still feel a bit shy sometimes but after some internal arguments with myself like "just ask them for a damn photo stupid!" I push on and fight my fears. My voice actually feels a bit worn out because I've done so much talking with people :)

I'll have photos up hopefully tomorrow night. I really must work on that essay that went to the abyss with my USB stick.

I'm looking forward the next lot of conventions now. Armageddon is the same weekend as my birthday and E-Games is the same weekend as Halloween. I'm really hoping I can make another costume for E-games. I should hopefully be on holidays from University 2 weeks beforehand, which will give me time to make what I want.
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Went to a Manimeet at Chelsea Beach today. We had awesome weather for it.

I wore my new bikini that I won a month or so ago. I even went in the water for a considerable amount of time! And I didn't drown because I stayed where I could touch the sand :P

Towards the evening it got really windy and the temperature dropped, so most people headed home. Had some dinner with Neil and Nakey before we headed home ourselves. We were gonna take some more photos but it got too cold.

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Gahhhh have not had much time to sit and write about the stuff I've done this weekend.

On Friday night was Cheryl's Year 12 Graduation

Then on Saturday I went to the Manimeet Picnic in cosplay

Today I've been going through artbooks, photocopying and printing digital art because I have an interview at RMIT University tomorrow morning!

I can't believe its 9.30pm on Sunday already.

I'll get some proper LJ updates written in the next few days.
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On sunday I thought we'd get ready much quicker for Manifest because our costumes didn't have a heap of detailed makeup or bits n pieces to worry about.  But it turns out we were even later on sunday. lawl.  Ed had just learnt to do a tie on Saturday, so he tied up mine and Chezzes for us.

Going as the Ouran Twins was a complete success.  Quite a few people thought that me and Cheryl were real twins.

Bought more stuff on sunday :3  I got various stickers from the fan-traders, 2 Inuyasha boxsets and some more manga.

We wanted to watch a pocky eating contest but after ages of wandering around and nagging Chris (Pixel) we discovered that it had been cancelled. 

This year I didn't go watch cosplay contests at all.  I would have liked to but I wasn't really in the mood to be inside.  And even when I did suggest going to have a look everyone shot down the idea.

Overall I think I need to just ditch my group and meet them back somewhere at a certain time.  I'm sick of trying to please everyone else and missing things I would have liked to look at.  I have fun no matter what I do.  Just I always feel this sense of regret when Manifest is over that I missed out on lots of things.

It still irks me when people cosplaying the same character as you totally snob you!  Like they won't even acknowledge your prescence.  And if you manage to briefly make eye contact they ignore me when I smile at them.  It makes me so angry.

But on the other hand there are many awesome people and it's those people that I crave to get to know better.  I can't wait until the next event where I can cosplay or just hang out with the Manifest crowd.  I'm gonna try and make it to more manimeets in the future.

I think I'm getting a little better with photography.  I took less blurry photos.  Although because it was very sunny on saturday I got a lot of glared out photos.  I still need to be more conscious of compensating for these things.  I also need a camera that fucken saves my settings... I feel bad making people wait ages while my camera boots up as it is.  I'm hoping to get a digital SLR very soon as I've got a bit of money starting to come together.  I'll have to ask all the photography buffs on what brands/models are best.

A selection of photos from sunday! )
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I'm home!

Well I have been for almost half the day.  I've been fighting with my coppermine gallery because I stuffed it up.  After just deleting the whole Manifest folder and re-uploading everything.  I finally have all my photos from last weekend up.


I'll recap the week and img tag some photos tomorrow!
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As you've heard me say a few times, Manifest (Melbourne Anime Festival) is this weekend.

I caught up with lots of friends, bought a few goodies in the traders hall (3 Death Note movies, an Ichigo plushie and 2 more Ouran mangas), got a Tsuna bookmark & phone hanger from Chancake & Yumi's adorable fanart stall, watched one of the Ranma 1/2 movies and just enjoyed doing the cosplay thing :D

View my photos so far here:

Tomorrow me and Chez are going as the twins from Ouran.  But I won't have Sundays photos up for another week, because we're going straight down to Rosebud after Manifest and I won't have internet access there!

lol giant penis :P

here's just a few faves )
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OMG going to Manifest tomorrow <3

I'm looking forward to catching up with my LJ buddies that are going and meeting some for the first time!  So many names and faces to try and remember wahhhhh.
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I found heaps of pictures of Me and Chez from Manifest in other peoples galleries.  I have yoinked them and uploaded them to my LJ gallery :D  (Minus the ones where I look like a retard hahaha).

Gaara, Ino and Naruto
Me as Gaara, Rea as Ino & Chez as Naruto
You can also see Ash, Ash2, Tim, Tim2 and Ed (not in that order) in the background ^_^;

Cosplay makes you feel famous for a day! )

Ahhhh I love cosplay <3
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Today I went to knox city with Chezzie coz she had the day off school. I got a Sonic the Hedgehog t-shirt from jay jays! And another of those cool singlets with the lace on the bottom, this time I got a cool green/blue color. We were actually there to get clothes for Chez because she needs some stuff before she goes on Queensland camp next weekend with school! I'm so jealous! I swear they never had that camp when I was in year 11 at Upwey High! Sam went on it too when she was year 11. I got jibbed!

I still really really really want that awesome Gaara statue that is really expensive. Not only is the statue expensive but so is the shipping... it could cost me up to $200 AU total if I got it from ebay... so the cost is what's holding me back right now because I'm saving to get a laptop computer and I want it before summer.

Riku and Sora molest eachother
Riku / Sora YAOI! Although another cosplayer raised the question of "isn't it really yuri?" because both cosplayers there are girls ^_^;

I have so many cool pictures of the Kingdom Hearts gang, I love how they just all banded together even though they were all from different 'groups' and probably didn't all know eachother.

I've been lurking the Manifest forums for pictures of Me and Chez from other peoples cameras, so I'll do a post with all those soon!

and photo's of stuff I bought at Manifest )
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OMG!  Sam got me a little plushie Shippuden Gaara keyring at Manifest.  She just gave it to me today coz she came over with her digicam so I could grab the couple pics she took.  Wahhhh he's so cute!

Reflections on Manifest '07

- Going in the cosplay comp was an interesting experience. I could see my hand shaking when we were posing.  But I think I managed to overcome my fears a little by doing it. Thankyou to all the people who persevered just to see us come on.

-Meeting a few of my Livejournal friends for the first time and catching up with livejournal buddies I haven't seen for a while!  Even met a girl from Y-gallery! You all rock!

-So many cosplayers!  There was an insane amount this year and I'm really glad it's taking off!

-Really glad I did the syndicate group again this year, it saved us so much time getting our passes.   People in the normal pre-reg line were waiting an hour at least to get their passes O_O

-On sunday around 4pm we were getting tired and I said lets take one last look around, headed to the main courtyard and it was packed full of cosplayers and I got heaps of awesome photos!

-Walking around with a gourd on your back means you can't fit into tight spaces in crowds - I got stuck a lot and I tried my hardest not to bash anyone with the gourd *lol*  It was difficult getting near traders tables too.

-When I was looking at the Sakura PJ's the shop girl looked confused for a little bit, I think she was trying to figure out if I was a boy or a girl :P  My boobies were hidden fairly well!

-Me and Chez were confused about why some cosplayers snob you if you're dressed as the same character.  I grin happily at anyone dressed from the Naruto anime/manga. Why be pissed/rude if someone is the same character from something that is very popular?  It baffled us!

-With that said - Most cosplayers are absolutely awesome and happily let you take a picture if you ask :)

Gaara and Naruto - Manifest saturday
just a few photos from Sams camera )

I put my Manifest 2007 photos onto flickr aswell (just made an account).  Put higher res versions there and its nicer to browse.  I don't like the way LJ crops the previews.
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Manifest is over and I have almost 100 photos I think!  I'm going to post all the ones with me, Chez and Ed in them.

You can browse the whole gallery here. I got heaps of the Kingdom Hearts and One Piece groups.

I still have a few more pics to get from Sam's camera from yesterday too!

Gaara, Kiba and Naruto
This is one of my fave pictures :D

Manifest 2007 photos )

*edit* List of stuff I bought!
- Card Captor Sakura PJ's
- Naruto & Kakashi cardboard cd case things
- Naruto & Gaara sparkly pencil board
- InuYasha movies 2, 3 and 4
- Ouran Highschool Host Club mangas 5, 8, 9 (they only had those volumes but they were 10 bucks each!)
- Saiyuki season 1 - 2nd boxset
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One of the Shippuuden figures of Gaara has a pole up his bum.. it amuses me greatly and I want it. But seriously.. why is he floating on a pole like that?

There's another really awesome statue of Gaara (in his black costume) that costs like $200+ and there's only 2000 of them made. I want it... but it's so expensive ;_;

I'm taking a lot of money to Manifest, I want to buy DVD's, manga, doujinshi/fanart type stuff. But I don't think there will be a whole lot of the Naruto Shippuuden merch.. because there isn't that much out yet from what I've seen.. and even less in Australian import stores.. but we'll see what I can find.

Manifest is barely a week away now! To those in my syndicate group, the group name is LAG. Remember to bring some ID so you can pickup your pass... although last year they said we'd need it and never asked for it. They had us all listed by our nicknames only on a little sheet... got a bit confusing for some.


Aug. 22nd, 2007 02:35 pm
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Want.. but I'd have to take down other posters to make room... and they are kinda expensive to get shipped here.

..and I shouldn't be buying anime stuff with manifest coming in a few weeks... I can't believe how quick this month is going!

Tomorrow me and Chez should be seeing Tash for some costume stuff. She's hoping to have both our jackets done so we can try them on and make sure all fits fine.

Hopefully I can have another go at the paper mache tomorrow since I'm not working anywhere (this week has been a busy one buh!). I think I'm just gonna re-do the first coat entirely because its all falling to bits... the wind yesterday fucked it up even more. I'm such a noob at paper mache, lol. Need to make the those black pattern thingys in photoshop too.. then print them and I'll cut them out or make a stencil to paint it on... coz doing it freehand with paint will look shit. So anyways, if I get a chance to do paper mache tomorrow, then it will be dry again by the weekend and I can do another coat of paper.
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Making Gaara's gourd - Phase 1!
The stuff I've used:
Bouncy balls - different sized and light.
Sticky tape - the heavy duty kind!
Glue, a bucket, some water - for the paper mache glue solution (should be about 50/50 water/glue)
Newspaper (or some other thin scrap paper) - Put some down on the ground and rip up some into strips.

Stuff to use later:
Paint, cork
Still trying to think how to make the lip that the cork will sit in.

on with the pictures! )


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