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These 2 orders arrived really fast! My previous purchases with Aliexpress have taken a while to arrive so I made sure to order my wig and cosplay early to allow them time to arrive before PAX. Very happy with the suit, quickly tried it on and fits nice.

If you're looking to get your own D.Va suit I recommend this seller!



And time for the bad news of my day, it's raining all this week and the windscreen wipers on my car are not working properly! Might have to get the motor that controls them replaced. No idea how much that costs but it's never cheap.

Last night coming home from work was dodgy. I had to pullover on the side of the road and was wondering what to do since I couldn't see shit. The rain eased up a little so I decied to slowly drive a bit further down the road to the petrol station and wait for the rain to totally stop. Then on the way there, they magically started working and I drove home ok but kept to burwood highway instead of the freeway.

I was supposed to go into Tru-Blu today to work but again the windscreen wipers aren't working and it's raining pretty hard. I've called up Nissan servicing and they will have a look at my car this afternoon for me. I'm glad they can have a look today but if they need to order parts then I might have to take it back another day. Hopefully it will be fixed by the end of this week. *fingers crossed!* Luckily Nissan is only a short drive away, so I can make it there ok if they decide to not work when I turn my car on again.
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Despite how much I try to keep my email boxes checked, there's always a tonne of unread emails from store newsletters and various other things that just aren't important to open because you know what they contain.

Every now and again I try to clear out some of that old junk mail and find old things I had totally forgotten about.

Just now I found an email from Burn Direct (burn.com.au) which was an online store that sold import videogames. I decided to see if the website still existed and it seems they have changed their business name to Mega Online Store (megaonlinestore.com)

I think I used to use Burn for imported Dreamcast games.

I feel so nostalgic for those days where I used to play original PSO. I still have some lastning friendships from it. Although I still wonder what became of other people. I think I miss being part of a little community online.

I feel disconnected from everything of late. It's like I'm behind the 4th wall, watching everyone else perform a play. Nobody cheers or claps for me because I'm just the audience. Doomed to obscurity. I'm only interacted with when someone is needed to blame or I'm not playing the role of perfect drone and need to be yelled at.

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Mar. 5th, 2015 12:00 pm
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Mar. 4th, 2015 12:00 pm
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  • 10:27:07: Look at this cool Pandora Hearts cosplay photoshoot that someone made. I like that it tells a story. http://vimeo.com/18885338
  • 10:29:41: I really need to read the Pandora Hearts manga, the anime has no 2nd season in sight and ended so up in the air.

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I'm getting close to catching up on the Katekyo Hitman Reborn manga. I've read tonnes over the last few days. Lastnight while chilling out at Potatoes I had my laptop with me, so while we were watching movies, I was reading manga at the same time XD

I really need a Tsuna icon ..hmmm must find some good pics and make something.

I have lots of the anime to catch up on too.. but I think I already mentioned that watching large chunks of stuff via streaming on crunchyroll is actually cumbersome. I haven't really checked around for any fansubs.

Now that Mininova is a crappy dead site. Where is the best place for finding anime torrents?


Jan. 10th, 2010 11:10 pm
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I finally got Steam. What's strange is that I couldn't get "UniKoRn" as my login name but I could use it for my profile page. Hmm ¬_¬


Spent the afternoon in the pool with friends and did the same yesterday. And much of the same for monday as well, since it's going to be 43 degrees tomorrow.

I love summer!
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I bought a cheap usb video capture device but I can't get it to work .. the software keeps crashing when I try to mess with the settings. I'd try installing Adobe Premiere next... but I want to format my laptop soon so that could help too. So I'll leave it for now.

Trouble shooting thread for later reference: http://forum.videohelp.com/topic331168-30.html

Basically I want to be able to capture videos and screencaps from my videogame consoles. But I'm sure I'll find it useful for other stuff too.
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Found this really good Phantasy Star blog with news on PSP2 and PSZero.

I found it while searching for a walkthrough for a mission I was stuck on, for PSU Ep 2 online. I've also been playing the offline story mode. I should probably try and finish offline first before I continue with the online quests because I'm jumping back and forth to different parts of the story and spoiling things.
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I'm currently fascinated by a possible viral marketing mystery game, supposedly an ARG (Alternate Reality Game). Basically there's this girl named "Junko Junsui" thats been adding people on facebook, twitter and myspace. She posts all these weird links, says strange stuff and even posts in Czech at times.

One of the sites ( http://junsui.shineisei.jp/ ) is like some sort of Japanese genetics company that shows you this intro of a perfect human named Junko and then the video goes all scrambly and you see her kneeling on the ground and a weird message comes up like the site has been hacked while were looking at it.

Theres also another site that you find by putting a 'company' name into a fake google page that brings up what looks to be a surveillance video of a girl in a room, but I'm yet to see the girl because the room is always dark for me. To see that one go here: and type in alfa-tsentr and search.

Theres a little wiki site being set up to track everything related to the 'game' http://junkojunsui.wikidot.com but as yet its still not clear as to if this is a movie, video game or something else. Some people thought it was real for a little while but I definitely feel this is just a fun mystery viral marketing thing.
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I now have a username on facebook. Unfortunately some whore already stole "UniKoRn" so I'm using the same as what I use on LJ.


Assignments are going ok, should have them finished off this afternoon with a few things to print off at Deakin tomorrow.

I've spent the whole weekend so far in my PJ's. I think I should get dressed today. Rather than having a shower and putting my PJ's back on :P

I really want to play the Sims3... so I guess I should hurry up and finish my assignments!
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Attention fans of Soul Eater!  Do you know any good media sites with official art and screenshots?
I need some good references for Soul and Maka's outfits!

I figured I should start looking out for materials or clothes I can modify.  Since I'm planning to go to Spotlight tomorrow night I might grab a few things for future cosplay aswell.
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I finally won something! I got the Futurama Beast With a Billion Backs movie from a Channel V comp.  For the past few months I have been entering competitions on a daily basis and was starting to wonder if I'd ever win something.  So I'm glad I finally got something! Yay free stuff :D

Today while I was at work I could hear helicopters for an hour or so.  I assumed they were Police helicopters searching for something.   I got a story that there was a bunch of Police cars at a the Tecoma/Belgrave Bowling Club.  I don't know anymore than that and I'm so curious about what happened.

For all our technology and news outlets its still hard to find out whats happening in your own area via the internet.
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I signed up on a cosplay site that was linked in chancakes journal.


I still want to make a FOmarl dress (Phantasy Star Online).  I really want to wear it to E-Games.  I hope I can get it done.  There's so much I've got deadlined in October, aswell as my birthday and other peoples birthdays... wahhhhh.  I want to make a Magical Piece (a wand type weapon) to go with it too... but that's prolly pushing it right now :P

I bought a Super Sailor Moon costume :P
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I can't figure out how to make Twitter (and Loudtwitter) post to my livejournal. I set everything up months ago and it doesn't post... I tried to set it up again and have it post at 4pm but it still hasn't worked.

I want to make this work so I can post things via SMS to my LJ! Currently Livejournal doesn't offer that feature to Australia so the only way to do it that I know of is via Twitter.
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I found a download for the MP3 of Marisa Stole the Precious Thing (its an addictive Flash video I mentioned a little while ago)

I hope that one day I can improve my Flash skills and make awesome animations.  All I know is what I learnt at TAFE in Multimedia and a few little things I taught myself for work & play.  Depending on what course I get into for University next year, I may get a chance to push my skills up.

It's still been a while since I've done any personal creative projects.  Must get some creative moods flowing and get some drawing & coloring done.  I've got so many unfinished pictures... bad UniKoRn.

My Deviantart page has over 10,000 views now!  I know stats don't mean much to some people but I'm pleased to have reached that milestone.
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Here are some photos from Kashiichans 21st!

Now I'm up to Sunday in my belated weekend entries!  That day I went up to Tims house and from there we went to the Moorabbin DFO to shop for clothes.  Now DFO stands for Direct Factory Outlets and the tv ads babble on about how its so great and cheap. IT'S BULLSHIT!  Every store there that I was familiar with from Knox had the exact same prices and deals.  I was really really disappointed and ended up buying nothing.

If I had of found something I actually really liked I would have got something but I'm very fussy.  I've never been the kind of person to follow fashion and so I don't just buy whatever is out at the time. I usually won't spend a lot of money on clothes unless it has a band/anime thing to do with it.  I'm a bit of a cheapass on regular clothes unless I find something really cool. 

So anyways, I've got wednesday off so I'm gonna shop around knox for a couple of things.
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魔理沙は大変なものを盗んでいきました (Marisa Stole the Precious Thing)

I've been trying to find out what the name of that song was.  It was in AMV Hell 4 with Pokemon running around.  I've also seen other parodies using the same song.  Like a Reborn, Death Note and Deidara (from Naruto).. they are done so well.  I bet they took forever to make because they have copied the style and effects of the original flash movie so well.

I was going to try and find more but youtube seems to have crapped out and nothing will play.
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Chris found an amusing article at work today called 'Caring for your introvert' after we were talking about personality tests. Both of us are classified introverts, so reading the article was pretty enlightening.

It was quite timely to, since Dave ( [livejournal.com profile] int ) only just mentioned the Myers-Briggs personality test in his journal the other day.  I've done the test before but I did it again and got INTP (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving)

Caring for your Introvert: http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200303/rauch
Myers-Briggs Online Personality Test: http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp

Pasted the article under here too )


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