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  • 21:39:43: Woah looking super cool Yamamoto! *nosebleeds over all the boys in this manga* #Reborn
  • 21:54:46: I washed my face earlier but I still have green eyebrows. I need a shower to get this off properly, hehe. #cosplay
  • 22:40:03: Went to a cosplay meet & plushie picnic manimeet today. Here's a photo of a lovely girl named Lilly. http://twitpic.com/41f8mi
  • 22:47:10: @nakey lol computer engineer Barbie? That would be funny! Maybe she could double as a USB drive?
  • 22:51:29: And here's a pic of me as Miku. Photo was taken by Patryn on my camera =) http://twitpic.com/41fcsn
  • 22:55:56: RT @nakey: @princessunikorn also, great idea.. a Barbie that doubles as a USB stick. but where would you plug the cable in? >.>;;
  • 22:57:01: @nakey Stick it in her pooper! *runs away laughing*

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Mar. 1st, 2010 05:05 pm
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I got up to date with the Reborn! manga last night. Now hopefully I don't get a whole year behind again >_>

O-week at Deakin is this week so I was there today for the Anime Club stall. I did it in my Tsuna cosplay (orange jacket version)... fufufu. Will be back there again a few days this week so I'll prolly put out some other cosplays if I have enough time in the mornings to get ready.

I got a letter from "Golden Key International Honour Society" .. they apparently only accept the top 15% of students to join. I read the pamphlet and it said they have scholarships and I thought "oh yeah, could be worth joining". Then I looked at the price of membership... $95. Ninety five fucking dollars to join a club? How about fuck off :)

I've been home for over an hour and I'm still sitting here in cosplay... I need to remake this jacket one day. It was one of my earlier sewing attempts and it's a bit poxxy. I think I can do heaps better now XD
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I'm getting close to catching up on the Katekyo Hitman Reborn manga. I've read tonnes over the last few days. Lastnight while chilling out at Potatoes I had my laptop with me, so while we were watching movies, I was reading manga at the same time XD

I really need a Tsuna icon ..hmmm must find some good pics and make something.

I have lots of the anime to catch up on too.. but I think I already mentioned that watching large chunks of stuff via streaming on crunchyroll is actually cumbersome. I haven't really checked around for any fansubs.

Now that Mininova is a crappy dead site. Where is the best place for finding anime torrents?
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Went out for lunch today for Sams birthday. We went to Bar Bosh at Knox. I was so full after a meal and a piece of cake (which I couldn't finish) that I didn't even eat dinner tonight!

I finished watching season 1 of Darker Than Black... and I think I'm more confused than I was before I'd watched it. It's probably one of those series that I need to watch twice but I don't really have time for that because I have so many other things to watch!

Today I also caught up on the last few episodes of Naruto. It's in filler... but... I think the bubble guy is meant to be one of the Jinchuriki... he looks familiar. *digs up that manga picture of all 9* OH YES! I was right XD

Then I watched a few eps of Reborn and also tried to find where I was up to in the manga. I'm way behind on both now, so I really need to do some marathons. The anime is so padded, there's really only about 15 mins of new story per episode because they spend so goddam long recapping everything at the start, it's so overkill. I'm watching it on Crunchyroll and it doesn't like skipping ahead in an efficient manner which is kinda annoying :O

I dyed my hair a copper colour tonight but I'm not sure if I like it. It's... too tame XD I think I prefer the vibrant red I normally have. Ohwell, at least it's not faded pink with regrowth anymore.

It has also been a while since I wrote about the Naruto manga. spoiler warning, as usual )
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I made Tsuna's orange/white hoody from the future arc yesterday.  My sewing is a bit shoddy but I am still a beginner, so I'll have to forgive myself.  The top is missing a few minor details that I forgot about but for the most part it looks ok.  I don't really have time to be adding those little bits right now as I'm off to Animania! 

Yeah woo, lets get squished at shitty Ridges Hotel! Man I wish they would move the location of Animania.

Last night I went out for Nicks birthday dinner at the Japanese place in Doncaster. It's so delicious there, always love it.  We had the private party room which was nice, although it didn't quite drown out the excessive screaming from other people having teppenyaki :O

So the costume was done during the day and then the rest when I got back from dinner, I went to bed around 3am O_O  But it was pretty good that I could finish something in one day.

I'm home

Jun. 29th, 2008 02:44 am
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I just got home not long ago from the Reborn cosplay meet up.  I had an awesome time!  I will write some more later, coz right now it's approaching 3am and I need some sleep :P

dying will

Jun. 26th, 2008 11:56 pm
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I made a dying will flame out of felt and attached it to a hairclip.  I've never used a glue gun before.. damn you gotta be quick coz the glue just leaks out and once you've put it on stuff it dries super fast.
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Lastnight I was playing around with the laminator I bought a few weeks ago.  I made some bookmarks!  Some of the edges are a bit wonky, I kept stuffing up while using the cutting thingy because I swear you need 3 hands to operate one.

I got more doujinshi this week, as I got my stuff from Celga shipped.  I now have some double ups because one of the auctions I got with them had 3 doujinshi by Hundred really cheap.  I didn't have one of them and it was worth it just for the one I didn't have.  So now I have 2 that I'll probably sell.  I also got another Bananaskin doujin from that package too. Ahhhh so much GaaNaru goodness in my doujinshi collection now.

I spent about 3 hours at Knox today spending my money :P  I went to Kmart and got 2 pairs of black jeans, a white shirt, and a tie with one of those loops. 

The white shirt was actually from the guys section because the girls ones weren't the right style.  Girls shirts all have slut collars on them now.  What's a slut collar you ask? A shirt without buttons at the top :P

Then I went to Lincraft and bought some crafty things.  A glue gun, a wooden model (for drawing ref), a foam head (for wigs), some colored felt and a dress pattern that should be helpful for the FOmarl dress I want to make.

When I got home I started styling a wig I bought a few weeks ago.  It probably needs a little more fixing up on the bottom for more definite spikes.

Anyways I did a cosplay test for Tsuna.  Looks alright to me!  The only thing I don't have is the red converse style shoes that Tsuna wears - I couldn't find any cheap knock offs :P

I might try and make the mittens or X-gloves one day...

Cosplay test: Sawada Tsunayoshi (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) )
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A bunch of sketches, some are kind of unfinished or have crap proportions.  I'm a million years behind on the daily thing - I need to count what I'm up to.
Sketches: Lambo, GaaNaru, Tsuna, Gaara )
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Cutey Lambo
View on Deviantart

It feels like forever since I colored anything OTL

One day I'll learn to draw proper backgrounds... I can't find the inspiration to want to draw buildings and landscapes though. For now, one step at a time.. need to perfect the characters before I worry about the secondary artwork.
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So I've read all of the Reborn manga up to date.  For some reason I had to finish reading it all (like I was about to die :P) before the long weekend finished. 

Spoilerish stuff )
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Jonathan bought a totally sweet computer. I installed Windows, drivers and some programs on it because it comes all put together with nothing on it!

I went to Spotlight today and bought some satin for a FOmarl dress. I couldn't find anything with a relevant pattern, so I'll have a look at what Lincraft have next time at Knox. But I have the feeling I'll probably have to mix and match in the end.

I saw Tash while I was there which was nice! I'll have to give her a call and get my hair done sometime very soon.

Other than that I've been reading Reborn, I'm getting close to where the anime is up to and I intend to keep going!

The Naruto manga this week felt kinda uneventful after all the huge things that were revealed recently.

The anime episode of Naruto this week was crap... this filler arc started out alright and now I just want it to be over. Next story please! Although there was a few amusing parts, like Tsunade beating the crap outta the obnoxious filler brat.

Same goes for the Bleach anime.... filler shit. It just randomly left the main story a few weeks ago when they were still in the middle of Hueco Mondo (sp?) and went "oh hey lets just ignore this story and tell another one, everyone is magically back home with no explanation". It is filler right? I don't read the Bleach manga but I think I might have to start so I can see how the MAIN story continues.
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I still have a cold and I'm getting really sick of it.. just go away already! I've had a very quiet weekend and stayed indoors.  I wanted to go out shopping and go to Game On.. but I gave everything a miss in order to rest, it feels like my whole weekend was wasted :(

Tomorrow is monday which means I have to go to work.... blehhhhh I hate mondays.

There's a character in the Reborn manga who's not even in the anime.  Weird. I have no idea why!  The manga and the anime have so many differences between them. 

I'm far too used to Naruto being almost exactly the same in anime as it is originally was in the manga (bar the fillers)... I'm also far too used to speedy subs by Dattebayo.. the Naruto fandom is such an efficient one!  Whenever I follow a new anime on weekly basis it's always so unpredictable. Wheras I can have my Naruto every friday like clockwork ^_^;

Speaking of Naruto fillers.. Filler!Sai is adorable... he wants Naruto so bad :P

The Naruto manga is more WTF MATE?  I wish Sasuke would just hurry up and cry like a little girl.
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Chibi Lambo
I luvs Lambo <3 So cute to draw!

It's sketch dump time.  Watch me fail at anatomy over and over!
gaanooki, gaara, kameko (OC), gaara & lambo, tsuna )
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I bought chestnuts on saturday.  Cooked them up today and nearly all of them were off! Major disappointment!  :(

I'm working from home tomorrow.  I must make myself get all the work done, so I will really feel free to do what I want afterwards.

I think I'm a little obsessed with Reborn.. I impatiently waited for a new episode by hitting up torrent sites daily over the last 2 weeks.  I'm up to chapter 45 of the manga, so still heaps of that to go.

Played some Wii Fit again tonight.  During today I really noticed my leg and stomach muscles aching ... but its a good ache when you know its because you were getting some exercise.
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*pervy drool face*

I love yaoi <3

I found some scans of Reborn x Lambo doujins.  Lambo is so uke hahaha.

I want to find some Tsuna x Gokudera...  thats what I originally wanted to find.  I'll just have to lurk moar on 4chan.


I watched the first 2 episodes of Soul Eater tonight.  I really adore the style and designs! I was going to watch ep 3 but the quality playback was awful on my xbox - I'll have to be more wary of what file types I download.


May. 13th, 2008 09:47 am
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I downloaded ep 81 of Reborn overnight, once I've watched that I'm all up to date.  Next I'll have to read through the manga, I did start a little when I started the anime - I think I might read ahead of the anime if I get far.  My favorite characters are Tsuna, Lambo, Gokudera and Dino.  Another thing to do, is hunt down some yaoi :D


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