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Shinkyo Bridge, Nikko, Japan. I'm having one of those "I miss Japan" days and looking at my old photos. #travel #photography #nippon

  • Mon, 12:11: So many themed cafe's and pop up stores in Japan right now and I want to be in them all. PSO2, Yuri On Ice and Code Geass! It's killing me!

  • Mon, 12:27: Shinkyo Bridge, Nikko, Japan. I'm having one of those "I miss Japan" days and looking at my old… https://t.co/BjWJzTyfWV

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  • Thu, 02:16: Landed safe in Malaysia. Had the middle row of seats to myself on the plane and had a good 3 hour or so nap. Best way to kill time!

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  • Wed, 00:42: Tomorrow I'm flying to Malaysia for a short stop over then to Japan. Packed my bags and hoping I didn't forget anything!

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My boss has convinced me to go to Japan and help out with the shopping at Wonderfest. My food and accom is paid for while I'm there but I have to pay for the plane ticket. I probably won't have a heap of spending money because this is unplanned for. But work will pay for the plane ticket for now and let me pay it back later after the august conventions or something. I'll probably buy some Macross Delta stuff and cheap prize figures. But yeah, going to Wonfes is a pretty fun experience, so I'll take my camera and take figure photos!

Although I can scrape together some money for the trip, I've also just had the household power bill dropped on me by my parents. I lectured them about running 3 bloody fridges... they complained that the power bill was still not much smaller after they were away for 2 months in America.... well DUH! Don't blame me. But yeah anyways, I'm paying the bill in place of having to pay board or whatever.

So yeah, my finances are about to take a massive dive.

I still want to buy a new computer but it's looking very difficult....if I go for a desktop I could maybe buy parts bit by bit.

Time to nag a few innvoices be paid.
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Got back from Japan on Tuesday (Cup Day) this week. Was pretty exhausted after spending around 24 hours in transit. Delayed connecting flight held us up a bit.

Went straight back to work yesterday. My brain is still on holidays a little bit. I think I was just tired from sleep debt.

So far I've only processed the photos from Universal Studios Osaka and One Piece Tokyo Tower. There's a lot to do and it's going to take me a few weeks to get them all done.

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I remember thinking a few weeks ago that it has been a while since I caught a cold and that I'd probably not be able to escape being sick this winter. Low and behold I have some downtime from work after Supanova Sydney and I woke up yesterday with a blocked nose. Felt progressively worse over the day and even more gross today.

I was planning to go to Oz Comic Con on the weekend just for something to do as I rarely get to go to conventions as a regular attendee anymore, but I'm going to give it a miss now. I don't want to be one of those inconsiderate people that goes to a big event while sick and get's everyone else sick as well. Sooo it's a weekend inside for me.

Guess I'll just have to play FFXIV Heavensward!! XD

I was going to call up and book that specialist appointment but it's 5pm already. oops. Really should get on that next week.

Ethan and I spent a lot of time yesterday researching hotels for Japan. So far we're planning to stay in Osaka for the first 4 days, so we'll just get a connecting flight when we arrive. Then we'll head to Tokyo for the rest of the trip. The flight from Narita to Osaka is booked. Still haven't booked the hotels because we were having trouble finding something with a good location and price. We will probably comprimise on location, since it's pretty cheap just to catch a train into the city centers. 
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I'm here in Japan, it's real!

Yesterday at an ungodly hour I was picked up and was off to the airport. The first flight I was really nervous and felt really airsick. Taking of and landing are the worst parts. Landing made me really freak out and feel sick but once we hit solid ground I started feeling better. We had two flights to catch to get to Japan. At the airport in Brisbane it took ages to get our luggage checked in because the second plane was much larger. After that we exchanged some AU money for Yen, got some snacks and relaxed for a little while and then it was time to get on the next plane.

I think I handled the second flight better because Nick gave me a telfast tablet and I was also able to fall asleep here and there by laying down on the empty seat next to me (you could pull the arm rests up). I felt a bit yukky for the first few hours but it finally wore off and I was able to eat a little bit, I had some cup noodles.. they were chicken flavour but as if there is real chicken in those cheap things. :P Landing the second time I handled wayyyyy better, I took deep breaths and was counting in my head as a minor means of distraction. Flying for 8 hours was really draining and you just want to be where you are going XD

We found our way through Narita airport and to the counter where we picked up our bus tickets. Perfect timing because the bus we needed was arriving in 15 minutes. After being on planes all day was had a long bus ride too, I think it was about an hour to get to Shinjuku from Narita Airport. Looking out the window as we were cruising along, I think that Tokyo reminds me of Melbourne except that it seems so much larger.

So late in the evening we arrived at Keio Plaza Hotel, it's a nice place. We even had a bellboy take our bags up to our room <3 The room we have is very small, its just a room with 3 beds, a desk with a tv and a fridge and kettle. Oh and a bathroom with one of those awesome toilets that clean your nether regions by squirting water. We wandered down to a convenience store within the building and got some snacks.

We found Discovery Channel on the TV and so its just all the usual stuff that's in Engligh and it's subtitled for the Japanese.

Today we will venture out and actually look around. When the boys wake up anyways... I might go get dressed and look for the swimming pool that is supposedly here :D

Tim bought along his mini netbook and there is an ethernet cable in the room for net access. So for the next few days while we are at Keio Plaza getting on the net is easy.


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