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  • Tue, 10:41: Slept 9 hours, it was good. Trying to recover from working the last 2 anime conventions and still got Madfest to go. Gotta power on!

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I started feeling crappy last night so I went to bed early. Woke up today feeling still tired and struggling to get out of bed. I got up to feed Ranma and came back to bed. Got a sore throat and headache.

I was supposed to go into Tru-Blu and work on their website but I sent an email and cancelled. Don't want force myself when I could possibly recover by resting today.

I hate being sick!
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Bath Haru is all sorts of adorbs! Got this awesome Christmas present from my friend Tim :)#toys #free! #harukananase #bathdefo #figures #myfigurecollection
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  • Mon, 11:09: Routine post surgery check up. Still a little anxious.

  • Mon, 13:01: The "Be Like Bill" meme is becoming increasingly annoying. Fuck off bill, stop telling me what to do.

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Went to the beach on sunday and then again today. Me and Ethan caught up with different friends on each day, so that was good. Dunno if Ethan has seen them recently when I've been busy, but I hadn't seen them myself for quite a while.

Sunday we hung out with Rob and Georgia (Robs housemate) for the afternoon at Mordialloc Beach and today we went to Mt Martha beach and hung out with Jess (Duffy).

In other news, my blue hair is really starting to fade heaps now since it has been 2 weeks. I think I should grab another packet of blue dye and touch it up on the weekend if I get time.

I feel fat lately and I think I should diet a little bit. Christmas time was too jolly, hehehe. Aaaand there's way too much candy/chocoloate in the house... and then I go to work and there's more chocolate/candy lying around to tempt me. I really have to stop going to work hungry and make sure I eat lunch before I leave.
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Went back to see the specialist today. Everything is healing up fine and test results from the surgery show no signs of cancer. *phew*

Have to go back again in 3 months for a pap smear to make sure the dysplasia doesn't come back.
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Laptop charging up now. Back to surfing the internet the proper way.

I was playing FFXIV the other day on my PS4, but because I haven't bought the PS4 version of the expansion, I couldn't access any of the Heavensward content, including getting any EXP past level 50. So I was working on some lowbie jobs. I love playing on the TV because it looks great on a bigger screen, but I find the controls still kinda awkward, since I sit on my bed it isn't an ideal way to use a mouse. And I haven't quite got the hang of switching between the keyboard and controller. Anyways can play on my laptop again now.

Also I had to watch anime via Crunchyroll on the PS4 while my laptop was down. It was a little cumbersome because the app sometimes crashes when it goes to an ad break. Also the ad breaks on Crunchyroll are like the same commercial repeated over 3 times, for 3 break spots. So you see the same ad like 9 times in one episode. And if the app crashes, and you want to fast forward back to where you were up to, you are forced to stop and watch the ads at the ad slots and can't skip through them. The ad wasn't even for anything anime related, was for some shit show on netflix. Occasionally I got an ad for anime on Crunchyroll but that was too few. Ad breaks really just signify that its time to pull out your phone and check facebook :3 Occasionally the app does remember where you were up to in an episode. So yeah, it seems their tactic to get people to buy a paid account these days is to just drive them bonkers.

I am slowly recovering from the con plague I came down with last week. I feel a bit lethargic and keep eating sugary things to feel like I have energy. Have slight sniffles/cough still. Dad is down with the cold this week, Mum was down with a cold the week before me. So yeah, we've all been sick here at home. At least we should all be feeling a lot better by next monday, which is my sisters wedding.
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Chez had a minor meltdown after a gem fell out of her tiara headpiece. Poor thing came over and cried her eyes out, but she came to me because she knew I would fix it. Of course I had glue just perfect for the job laying around. I felt relieved that I could sort it out for her and she felt better.

Sometimes I wonder why people dream about getting married when it all seems like such a pain in the ass to organise. And it costs so much money. Uwah.

Since Ethan and I have almost been together 3 years, a few people are giving us the *nudge nudge, wink wink* routine. It's not like I don't want to be with Ethan for a long time to come. But neither of us are particularly keen on the idea of marriage right now.
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Almost had a mental meltdown because I thought my laptop was dead. After some tinkering it looks like my charger cable is dying, internal wiring must be loose. Got it working for now but should probably check where I can buy a Sony Vaio charger. The official Sony website doesn't seem to actually have them in stock, so looks like ebay is my option. They are probably 3rd party there, but whatever, as long as my laptop turns on.

I really can't have my laptop out of commission right now, I can't afford a new one. I'll need it to edit photos from Chez & Ash's wedding and do freelance work.

May have a website job to do soon, had a potential customer call up today and ask some questions. He said he wanted to call around and get a few more quotes but he said I was the most informative person he'd talked to. Actually wondering where he got my number because I haven't listed in the local yellow pages for a while or been promoting anywhere else. My own website is in major need of an overhaul too.

My parents are helping me with a large chunk of my medical bills and I'll have to pay them back later. But that did ease a lot of my financial stress.

I feel like such a failure when I can't afford things. I still don't really believe in the idea of health insurance though. I feel like it's just a way to swindle people out of their money over paranoia. It's really only worth it if you have an ongoing illness.

I find it incredibly typical that something went wrong right before I'm about ot go on holiday next month. I swear everytime I have a savings goal, something unexpected comes up and eats all my money. Whenever I've tried to save for other holidays, new computer, tv, camera or game stuff... things usually go to shit with my car, I get some ridiculous fine or had other unexpected expenses come out of nowhere. Seriously I always allow for my usual bills and budget that out. It's just the unforseen that seems to know when I have some money tucked away and rise up to devour my hopes and dreams. Fuck you murphys law.

I'm still going to Japan, everything is booked. Just my spending money is looking worse off than I had hoped. 
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Pump no.7 at Woolworths petrol in Ferntree Gully made me burst out laughing. #petrolhead #vindiesel #diesel #fastandfurious

I went to the supermarket and to get petrol today and while staring around as my car filled up, I noticed a sticker on one of the pumps. "Is that.. Vin Diesel?" I thought to myself. Upon realizing that it had been stuck on the diesel pump I laughed out loud. Could not resist taking a photo. Priceless.

The con plague has taken a few days to seep in... I've been feeling exhausted all week and now I've got the sniffles and a sore throat finally. Between my mum being sick, working a convention and my boss coming down sick, I don't think I had any chance of escaping this time around. I don't think I've had a cold since the start of winter, so I've done ok this year considering I've worked so many conventions.

I have my sisters Hens night on saturday, Hopefully I don't feel too bad. But at least it's here at my house so I can crash to bed easily if I need to. >_>
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I remember thinking a few weeks ago that it has been a while since I caught a cold and that I'd probably not be able to escape being sick this winter. Low and behold I have some downtime from work after Supanova Sydney and I woke up yesterday with a blocked nose. Felt progressively worse over the day and even more gross today.

I was planning to go to Oz Comic Con on the weekend just for something to do as I rarely get to go to conventions as a regular attendee anymore, but I'm going to give it a miss now. I don't want to be one of those inconsiderate people that goes to a big event while sick and get's everyone else sick as well. Sooo it's a weekend inside for me.

Guess I'll just have to play FFXIV Heavensward!! XD

I was going to call up and book that specialist appointment but it's 5pm already. oops. Really should get on that next week.

Ethan and I spent a lot of time yesterday researching hotels for Japan. So far we're planning to stay in Osaka for the first 4 days, so we'll just get a connecting flight when we arrive. Then we'll head to Tokyo for the rest of the trip. The flight from Narita to Osaka is booked. Still haven't booked the hotels because we were having trouble finding something with a good location and price. We will probably comprimise on location, since it's pretty cheap just to catch a train into the city centers. 

Con flu

Nov. 5th, 2014 12:00 pm
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  • Tue, 20:27: RT @elizabethdanger: Pro-tip, Melbourne: You can get dress up and get drunk as hell WITHOUT supporting the abuse of horses.

  • Tue, 23:19: Blergh PAX made me sick. Been coughing today.

  • Wed, 10:28: Ughhhhhh con flu got me. Feeling rather gross today. Pseudoephedrine, save me, I have to go to work. >_>

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  • Fri, 00:24: Ahhh fucking sniffles. Seasonal shift cold was right on cue. But I'm still enjoying these sunnier days.

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  • Wed, 13:07: Blog Update: Here comes the Sailor Moon Crystal merch!: With the 20th Anniversary of Sailor Moon, there has be... http://t.co/k1C5l6Xwbg

  • Thu, 09:58: My lip balm went through the wash in my jacket. Ooops.

  • Thu, 11:14: Oh bugger I'm sick with the sniffles. At least I have today off and work won't be too busy tomorrow.

My tweets

Aug. 20th, 2014 12:00 pm
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  • Tue, 12:31: RT @WhyAmISoWeirdo: An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away. Study suggests it can add up to eight years to your life.

  • Tue, 12:33: Ebay buyers always seem to ask strange questions. "Would u b interested in selling it now?" ... well duh that's why its on ebay.

  • Tue, 12:59: All up in the "rei ryugazaki" tag on tumblr and everything is utsukushii #free!

  • Wed, 01:28: 1am. I get home from work. My sisters fianc� leaves for work. Tag team!

  • Wed, 01:29: So tired I kinda ran a red light too. Ugh >_>

  • Wed, 11:33: Not really sold on 2015 Soundwave. Some bands I like but I've seen them before. Going to wait for Sidewaves I think.

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  • Thu, 10:03: Mum got me all these vitamins for winter depression, stress & anxiety. Doctor Mum to the rescue, haha.

  • Thu, 11:33: Telemarketers trying to sell me stuff to do with buying houses....the jokes on you, I'm poor as fuck.

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I ate a lot of junk food while I was away last week.  But now I need to cut it out!  Which was really hard today because I couldn't stop feeling like I wanted to eat :O  I've been reading up on foods that are bad for my skin and I'm going to try to avoid them.  I was really well behaved the week before Manifest and my skin did clear up well, so I know it can work.  But why does it seem so hard to eat healthy?

Today was nice and sunny so I went for a walk this morning for around 20-30 mins.  All by myself too.  It was nice to be alone with my thoughts.  When I was on my way back I had a minor headache/earaches but it cleared up after I'd been home a little while.

I need to tone up my legs, tummy, bum and arms.  I've heard that walking/running is very good for overall weight loss.  I'm not very good at running though.  I ran up the hill at the end of the street today and was about ready to die afterwards :D  I've been trying to lose a few kilos for months and it just won't disappear dammit!

I watched Naruto and had a cry.  This weeks is a sad one :(

My birthday is 2 weeks away...  I'm thinking I just want to go out for lunch or dinner with family/friends on the day (It's saturday 18th October).  But everyone is so busy all the time I feel like no one will have time for me.  I even think that I don't have time for me.  But I can't do nothing for my birthday because that just makes me feel sad.  October is such a busy month ... I miss being a kid and having nothing else to think about but my own birthday.. there was no homework, work, bills or other events to schedule around.  *profound sigh*

On the subject of sighing.  I hate it when people excessively sigh all the time in a passive aggressive way.  Or just randomly sigh for the sake of making a noise.  It's not like it's an epic conversation starter... is it? </snark>


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