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I had a busy weekend!

On friday I went to the Edinborough Tattoo military concert with Ethan as he got free tickets and and then we went to Beta Bar to meet up with some friends for Nato's birthday. I played a card game and some Smash there. Also had a nice cocktail called "Skull Kid" which was made from malibu, midori and pineapple juice.

On Saturday is was my sister Samantha's birthday. I went over to her house for some board games and BBQ lunch....and KITTENS! She has two kittens now, Bilbo and Leila, they are so precious! Later in the evening we went to see the Deadpool movie and it was pretty awesome.

Sunday was Valentines Day, so I met up with Ethan at Crown after he finished work in the afternoon. Played a little bit of roulette at Crown and then we went for a walk to find some food. Ended up at the Lindt Cafe on Southbank, got a nice salted caramel milkshake and a quiche. Then we headed back to Crown and played games at Galactic Circus. Ethan found an arcade version of Crossy Road and since he's pretty good at the game, got a whole bunch of prize tickets from it. Then we headed over to Elizabeth Murdoch Hall to see the Final Fantasy : A New World orchestral concert. Which was all sorts of excellent, was the best part of the day! We grabbed some quick food from TGI Fridays before they closed and then went back to Crown to play some more games at Galactic Circus, which resulted in more prize tickets and claiming and Deadpool bobble head figure.


Yesterday I had work at Tamarket, and while on my mail run I witnessed a fight on Bourke Street. Two men were kinda having words with fists up and people on the street were kinda hanging back. As I was getting closer to the Post Office I slowed down as well, wondering if it was safe to go past. A girl from the travel agent called out that she called the police. I hurried into the Post Office and as I was going in I heard shouting, so I hurried around to the window and saw the two men on the ground trying to strangle / punch each other. Crazily enough, a young woman jumped in and broke them up. It was amazing, she was so brave! One guy was bleeding from the mouth and the other guy's suit was all ripped. The guy who looked like he started it was still trying to go after the man in the suit and the girl was holding him back telling him to stop and it's not worth it. Eventually the not so well dressed man walked off and the girl and the man in the suit hung around until the police came.

I tried to take video but it's not very clear what is happening during the fight as there are too many people in the way. But I do have their faces clearly on camera after it broke up. But it's probably not such a serious matter that I need to do anything with it. But at the time I was thinking someone was gonna get choked to death on the street in broad daylight. It was so amazing that one girl jumps in while all these other men were standing around watching it happen. Ok so I'm not much better running inside and hiding by the window, but we all know I'm physically weak.

And just to top off the weekday weirdness, today while in Boronia getting petrol ~

Guy at the petrol station "ah the very hot chick with the very hot car!"
Me *laughs because I have no other response to that because I'm too socially awkward*

Seriously dude.... I'm sure you're just trying to give a compliment...but it does make a person feel a little uncomfortable when you don't know them to say it in that way.

After that he asked about what my numberplate meant. I said it means rabbit in Japanese of course. He then asks if I like rabbits..... "yeah they are cute"
Couldn't be bothered explaining the whole Sailor Moon thing XD

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Feb. 23rd, 2015 12:00 pm
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Soundwave changed this year into a 2 day event. So while ticket prices for a single day dropped a little, I still didn't have enough money to really spend on it when I'd seen a lot of the bands before. I did really want to see Manson and Slipknot on saturday but I've seen them both at least twice already....and I need to eat. Ethan bought a weekend ticket and went with a bunch of his friends. I spent the day trying not to lament but deep down I wanted to be there. >_>

As it turns out, one of Ethan's friends had bought a weekend pass but decided not to attend again on Sunday. Ethan grabbed it off him on Saturday night and passed it on to me on Sunday morning and I happily went for free. Although Sunday's line up was a bit of a consolation prize compared to Saturday's, I was still thankful to go! I spent enough money on food, parking and a tshirt as it was, so I was still $100 out of pocket after the day, lol. It's always an expensive trip to go to a music festival.

The bands I watched were Lower Than Atlantis, One OK Rock, Gerard Way, Fear Factory, Incubus and Soundgarden. Me and Ethan decided to leave as Faith No More was coming on. We were hungry and decided to go back to the city for a more decent meal. I already saw Faith No More at Soundwave a few years back as well.

I didn't really jump around like I normally do. It was very hot and it was sapping my energy. I also rolled my ankle a week ago and wasn't game enough to make it hurt again after it had been better the last few days.

Here's some mega shit photos from my mobile phone ~ http://unikorn.smugmug.com/Events/Soundwave-festival-2015-sunday

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Aug. 20th, 2014 12:00 pm
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  • Tue, 12:31: RT @WhyAmISoWeirdo: An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away. Study suggests it can add up to eight years to your life.

  • Tue, 12:33: Ebay buyers always seem to ask strange questions. "Would u b interested in selling it now?" ... well duh that's why its on ebay.

  • Tue, 12:59: All up in the "rei ryugazaki" tag on tumblr and everything is utsukushii #free!

  • Wed, 01:28: 1am. I get home from work. My sisters fianc´┐Ż leaves for work. Tag team!

  • Wed, 01:29: So tired I kinda ran a red light too. Ugh >_>

  • Wed, 11:33: Not really sold on 2015 Soundwave. Some bands I like but I've seen them before. Going to wait for Sidewaves I think.

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I drove to Soundwave and parking ended up being $15 bucks! Assholes, your website says $10.

First thing I did when getting inside was buy a t-shirt. I bought the blue 30 Seconds To Mars one because I really loved the print on it. It was blue with their triangle logo thing. Apparently this year they had 2 merch tents and slightly different merch at both. I also wanted a Coheed & Cambria shirt but couldn't be bothered getting in another long queue.

After choosing a meeting spot for later, Me and Chris wandered over to Stage 4 after that to wait for Sevendust to come on. Ran into Sam & Azz and we all watched Sevendust.

Sevendust. I haven't listened to Sevendust for a long time but they are pretty good band. I didn't know any of their new songs but it was a good listen.

I parted ways with everyone after Sevendust because I wanted to see 36 Crazyfists. I really love them but I don't know anyone else that likes them! And so I scooted off to Stage 6 on my own. I really don't care about wandering around festivals on my own. People can barely tell if you are with friends or not.

36 Crazyfists. There were some newer songs I didn't know but I was really pleased to hear some songs I knew. I found a spot up near the front on the side of the room. There was a fence and I stood on one of the supporting blocks so I could see the stage. I didn't stay for the full set because they clashed with Stonesour, so after they played "The Heart and The Shape" I ran off to Stage 1/2.

Coreeyyyyy! You are so cute! When you see Slipknot in their masks you would never imagine that underneath the lead singer is this cute fair-haired guy. With that said, he is still fucking bad-ass :D I don't know StoneSours newer albums so I didn't know a few of the songs I heard but it was still really awesome to finally see these guys live.

Primus was on next but I really wanted a Coheed & Cambria shirt so I went over to the other merch tent and waited in the clusterfuck for about 30 minutes... there was some fucking indecisive rude old bogan in the line in front of me...ugh wanted to shoot him. The particular shirt I wanted was already sold out! Fuck! I should have known better, TSHIRTS FIRST! Anyways, I got the other Coheed & Cambria shirt luckily :D

Primus. I missed half their set but I still got to see them play "My Name is Mud" and "Tommy the Cat" .. I didn't really recognize the other songs I heard. But mannnnnn, Les Claypool is a fucking sweet Bass player. You know he's the guy that does the South Park theme song right? :)

30 Seconds to Mars. Holy crap I loved Jareds blue coat, unf! I loved how they would randomly stop the music and drag people up on stage! It was quite funny how he thought everyone was insane, they must have really tame shows overseas! Their stage presence was really good. But I was really disappointed that the vocal balance for the first few songs was screwed. I could barely tell what songs they were because his voice was so quiet. Someone please fire their sound engineer. But I also thought that his live singing needs a little polishing too, it doesn't quite match the perfection of the album recordings.

All the bands on Stage 4 had shifted times so it meant I missed Murderdolls completely but got to see some of Ill Nino and Slayer.

Ill Nino. Everytime I listen to these guys I remember enjoyable they are to listen to. It's one of those bands that I just kinda forget about amongst my large collection of music. I was way up on the stands just casually enjoying them.

Slayer. I was getting really hungry and Slayer were about to come on. Although there were some food stalls in listening distance to Stage 4 so I lined up in the stall that had the shortest queue and got some chips. Got my chips and sat down listening to Slayer while eating. Stage 4 actually had a 2 stage setup to make band transitions quicker, which was good. Although mainstage 4 was obstructed by the Sound Tent from the regular seating stand so I couldn't really see Slayer from where I was. I didn't stay for their whole set because I wanted to see Coheed & Cambria.

But after I ate then I needed to pee and there was a massive line for the toilets, boys and girls! I still had 10-15 mins before Coheed & Cambria so I gave it a shot. I was right near the front of the line when I heard them come on but I thought I might aswell go to the bathroom while I was there.

Coheed & Cambria. I was kinda sad that they got allocated Stage 3, the shitty white tent of reverb.I have a feeling that they may have started early because they finished 10 mins ahead of scheduled time. I missed 1 or 2 songs due to being in the stupid dunny line. But yeah, they were fucking amazing!  Claudio, the lead singer is like a palm tree. Seriously, huge mop of hair and in the hazy lights of the stage, he looks like a tree. lol. His live singing is fucking perfect and the bands performance is also fucking perfect. They seriously do not miss a beat and play exactly like their albums. Really tight performance. I had about 3 people ask me who was playing while I was there. These guys really deserve more recognition! I personally got into them via Ash & Chez. They are Ash's favourite band I think. When they played "Welcome Home" at the end of their set I went nuts singing along. I know most the words from singing it in Rock Band. That song really made my day.

Rob Zombie. I chose to watch Rob Zombie over Queens of the Stone Age. I have a feeling I've seen QOTSA before at BDO. I'm so fucking glad I went to see Rob Zombie because aside from Coheed & Cambria they were my other favourite performance for the whole day. Sam and Azz had found me again during Coheed & Cambria so we were all together for Rob Zombie too. We watched a little from the top of the stands and then headed down to the grass area. It was louder down there, yeahhhh. And I had room to dance my little black heart out. Living Dead Girl is one of my favourite songs but it sounded kind of off in the live version. All the other songs sounded pretty tight though. "Scum of the Earth" and "Dragula" were really cool. I loved all the video screens on their stage and Rob's huge claw. Did you know that Rob Zombie is a vegetarian? :)

QOTSA had a few minutes left but I didn't think I'd make it all the way over to Stage 1/2 quick enough and then make it back catch Millencolin. So I headed straight to Stage 3 and waited.

Millencolin. These guys are one of those bands I've only heard very few songs of but wanted to hear some more. So I thought their live performance would be a good opportunity. I was really hoping they'd play "Kemp", which is the main song I know. But alas, they didn't play it. Pity because it is a really kickass song. Because they were also in the shitty white tent of reverb I really couldn't get a good feel for their music. I had some random guy try to talk to me and I had no fucking idea what he was on about. Then some other random guy asked me if they played "x song" and I told him I didn't know their music that well.

I finally I went over to Stage 1/2 to catch the end of Iron Maiden.

Iron Maiden. They have really good stage designs and these guys play a tight performance. However... I thought they were kinda boring. They just lack the balls/emotion that I like in my music. I found my mind wandering a lot, I wasn't really paying a whole lot of attention.

As soon as they finished I jumped up and beat the main exodus of crowd back to the meeting spot. Chris was already there, he said he'd also gotten bored during Iron Maiden and just left early. We hiked back to the car and it took forever to get out of the car park. We got Maccas in Bayswater and then I dropped Chris home. He quickly introduced me to his kitten called Squeak, he's super cute! Then I headed home and had an awesome shower to wash off all the dust/dirt and get the horrible smell of cigarettes out of my hair! Got to sleep pretty easily too, a nice change... usually I'm hypo after a gig and can't sleep :D


Dec. 6th, 2010 01:26 am
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I got home not long ago from seeing my favourite band, KORN!!!

The support bands were Shihad and Sydonia, both had pretty good performances. Chez said that the singer from Sydonia looked like Toki (from Deathklok) coz he had long brown hair and then that was all I could see, haha.

Something kinda freaky happened before KoRn came on. There were these 3 guys that were being really loud and rowdy. They weren't even young guys, they looked late 30's.  They were so loud and annoying that the people in the row in front of them actually got up and moved to some empty seats elsewhere to escape them. Then security came and told them to settle down and like total stupid bogans they told security to fuck off... I figure they were asked to leave and then a fight broke out. It was so insane and everyone else in the seating area is trying to scramble away as they lay into eachother like crazy, it was pretty brutal! I think the security guard got the crap kicked out of him, he was down on the ground with the guy laying into him. So after all that, stupid loud bogans were kicked out.

And within seconds of the fight being broken up, KoRn began playing and there was no time to really think about what we'd all just seen.

KoRn were totally awesome! It has been about 2 years since I saw them last and this was my fifth time seeing them live. This time around I had seating tickets because I wanted to watch the stage, and with the balcony seats at Festival Hall the distance isn't too far away.

My throat is sore from singing along to every song. I had so much fun. They played such an awesome mix of stuff from new and old albums. The encore song was a mashup of multiple songs, it was great!

Here are the songs I can remember being played (in no order):Oildale, Blind, Right Now, Let the Guilt Go, Somebody Someone, Falling Away From Me, Coming Undone, Got The Life, Shoots & Ladders, Pop a Pill, Did My Time. The mashup had Clown, Another Brick In the Wall, One.... ahhh brain failure now.

Exhaustion really starting to kick in. Had a late night last night and didn't get much sleep. I'm going to sleep well tonight :D
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Just went to see Alexisonfire at the Palace (Metro). It was awesome! This is actually the 3rd time I've seen them this year, hehe. Obsessed much?

And holy shit some dude jumped off the balcony into the moshpit! I thought he was gonna fucking die but they all caught him! Fwoarrr it was so cool!

After a pretty sweet set, Alexisonfire came back out for encore and did 4 more songs, one of them was a Midnight Oil cover, pretty cool! It's one of those songs I know really well but can never remember the name of, I googled it, the song was The Dead Heart. They then played The Northern, with one of the vocalists saying beforehand something like "This song is pretty spiritual but don't get me wrong, Alexisonfire are hardcore satanists!" .. I LOL'd. They then played Accidents and Happiness By The Killowatt.

Some other songs I remember them playing are Young Cardinals, Boiled Frogs, Accept Crime, Midnight Regulations, We Are the Sound, Drunks Lovers Sinners & Saints...and thats about all my terrible memory can recall... I'm also hopeless with song names.

I got a new hoody! It's black (of course!), has AOF printed on the front and "WE ARE NOT THE KIDS WE USED TO BE" with the skull heart logo on the back.


Sep. 11th, 2010 11:39 am
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I haven't bothered to post properly all week, wah how slack. Not that I really had anything interesting to write about.

Lastnight I went to see Grinspoon, it has been a while since I went to a band! (Since bands don't really tour in winter.)

I went with Nick and Adam, we all skipped dinner coz the doors opened at 7.30 and found out Grinners weren't coming on till like 11-ish and there were 4 support bands. We went to maccas at like 1am ..so bad, but so good.

The first support band Tinman were really good! The next 2 I didn't like because they were rockabilly and blues. The fourth band was alright, they were called Amy Meredith.. they apparently have a song on radio but I wouldn't know because I don't listen to the radio (coz its shit!). But yeah they were alright, I thought they sounded a bit like The Killers and the singers voice reminded me a little of Robert Smith from the Cure. They also has an 80's synthesizer sound going... and coz I'm an 80's kid that's alright with me ^_^;

Finally Grinners came on and it rocked. They played a few old songs so I was happy. Because I don't actually know any of the recent stuff. They mentioned they released their first album back in 1997 but I remember listening to their first EP before the album! I also have the distinct memory of Grinners playing an over 18 gig the day before I turned 18. It sucked because Paul and Chris went without me ;_;
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I went to Soundwave Festival today! I couldn't sleep properly last night because I was excited like a kid waiting for Christmas. ^_^;

Went by car this year with Elias, Yanni, Adam and Nick. It took a little while to get in and out of the car park but it still beats catching the train.

The bands I saw today were Creepshow, You Me At Six, Alexisonfire, Paramore, Placebo, AFI, Jimmy Eat World and Faith No More. There were some others on while I was around the main stage but I wasn't really paying attention to them.

It was a really awesome day and I was happy I got to see Alexisonfire again. I also bought some tshirts.

Faith No More were streaming their show live on Chat Roulette...such an awesome idea. They had the chat partners showing on the tv screen and it was funny as hell when guys masturbating came on :P
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zomg I just saw Alexisonfire live and they were amazing! I managed to climb my way onto a ledge and could see pretty well. I sat there totally mesmorized. I can't wait to see them again at Soundwave on friday! :D Thanks sooooo much to Nick ( [livejournal.com profile] cmdr_raven ) who took me to the gig tonight!
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Last week I paid off my car loan. I now completely own my car. <3

When me and Chris got to Arch Enemy, they apparently didn't have us on the guest list. But after explaining for a bit which companys list we should have been on, Chris told the guy his dads name and he was like "oh yeah, I know him" and they let us in. Ahhhh awesome :D The show was good, they played a few songs that I knew, which was good because I actually hadn't listened to them for ages.

Friday night was our first night for summer screenings at anime club. Tim came along and joined the club, woo my first sign up as President! XD Nick said he would come along next week as he was feeling a bit sick last week. On the thursday I put fliers around Deakin for the club, I'm going to try and do it every few weeks. The club badly needs some promotion. So it will be good to trial some stuff over summer before Trimester 1 in the new year when there will be lots of potential for new members.

Sam and Azza had a garage sale on the weekend. A few of my things sold, enough to buy my dinner at Knox later at least :D Me and Chez went up on saturday afternoon to "help". But there wasn't much to do really. I played with Mai (their cat) out in the garden and got a little bit sunburnt on my shoulders. After the garage sale was packed up for the day we played Wii and then a board game. Then went to Hogs Breath Cafe at Knox for dinner.... that place is overpriced. Had some sesamed flavoured ice cream at Trampoline and it was awesome!

Sunday I went to the city with Nick, Tim and Matt. We dropped by Stefs Western Meet and I took some photos and said hello to various peeps. Then we went and got some lunch and shopped around. I picked up my comics from Minotaur and bought a Sonic t-shirt. I've bought 4 Sonic t-shirts in the last month XD

free tix

Nov. 5th, 2009 01:34 pm
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Going to see Arch Enemy tonight because I can get in for free. Woo :D

Although nowadays when I go to gigs, I start wishing I was a reporter with a press pass so I could take my DSLR camera. Maybe it would happen one day if I think about it. When I first went to Manifest I wished I could sit at the front to take photos of cosplayers.. and this year it happened. Sometimes whimsical wishes do come true :)
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I'm too busy to img tag some right now.

The bands I ended up seeing were Stand and Deliver (not sure if thats there name), Finch, Unearth, Underoath, 36 Crazyfists, Bloodhound Gang, Lacuna Coil, Devildriver, New found Glory, NIN and a few others that were just on while I was in the vicinity.  This time around I watched some half sets and would wander off to another stage to catch another half set because there were a few clashes.

It was a bit disappointing that the metal/hardcore stage was terribly placed indoors.  It was unbearably hot and stuffy.  And to top if off the acoustics were fucking terrible.  It sounded better standing outside the building.  I couldn't tell what the hell Devildriver were playing while I was inside, walked outside and the next song started and instantly I knew it!

During Finch I got to the fence at the front! Woo!  I don't think many people know them, the crowd was small and they were on early.  They said it was their first time to Australia.  Chez had asked me to get her a Finch shirt, I wasn't going to because the crowd at the Merch stand was huge but I swung by later to find it quieter and got her one.

I ran into Adrian when Lacuna Coil were on and then Sera and Adam found us too.  Chris saw one of his friends from work.  I also got to catch up with [livejournal.com profile] kashiichan after the bands had finished.  [livejournal.com profile] evireon mentioned on Facebook that she saw me there but I didn't see her, doh!

It was so hot and dry.  I was filthy from all the dust by the end of the day.  Getting home to a shower was fabulous <3


Going to Knox Festival tonight to watch the Fireworks with Steph [livejournal.com profile] lilithiasonata
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I survived Soundwave! Woohoo!

Now I'm going to bed to hopefully sleep like a champion. 

I took my old 5mp camera, so I promise poxxy photos tomorrow :D

Format it.

Feb. 26th, 2009 11:12 pm
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This is my heartdrive. I heart it :P

So yeah going to Soundwave Festival tomorrow. I'm going to get so heatstroked because it's going to be 38 degrees (celcius) ;_; I'm going to wear my bathers and just keep soaking myself with water!
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I'm sick of being a weak little girl ;_;

I almost passed out before Parkway Drive came on because I'd been near the front of the crowd for the 2 previous bands.  So I spent their set sitting down at a table near the bar watching through a tiny gap.

I love live shows so much.. but I've never ever had the stamina to survive being in the crowd for very long.

But yeah, Parkway Drive were cool.  I also liked Antagonist (2nd band on).  The other 2 bands didn't really stand out.


Jun. 6th, 2008 10:51 am
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LOST is also a mean show. I almost cried over that too. If Jin & Michael are dead for realsies well that just sucks.  The reason I'm hopeful right now is because when Walt went to see Hurley in the looney hospital, Hurley said they were lying to protect everyone still on the island, including Walts dad (Michael)... who was supposedly blown up in last nights episode and Hurley was right there to see it.. sooooo why would he say something like that?  Michael was right next to the bomb too... Jin was on the deck of the boat.  Jin had a better chance of surviving than Michael.  RAWWRRRR.  They gave Jin a heap of character development, its lame to just off him like that!  So I won't believe he's dead for now.

I just had a minor blood nose.  Crap.  It better not start playing up again.  I used to get a blood nose just about everyday when I was a teen, it was very annoying.

I'm going to see Parkway Drive tonight, an aussie hardcore/metal band. I hope the venue (Billboards) isn't bad, I've never been there before and it looks very small and the show is sold out.  I don't want to be squished everywhere I go.


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