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I cannot stop squeeing over Naruto chapter 547!!

Read it here! http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/75426197/1

This totally made me cry. Then I read it again and got all emotional again.

For the last few months the Naruto manga has been a little bland for me. Because neither Gaara or Naruto were actually in it. Then Naruto came back, then Gaara came back and everything is awesome again.

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~30 Day Anime Challenge~
Day 16 - Favorite attack someone used in a anime?

Gaara's Sabaku-kyu (Sand Coffin)... yeahhhh crush people to death with sand ♥

Allllll of Sailor Moon's attacks. I used to twirl around and immitate them as a drunk 18 year old, I was pretty awesome XD
Aaaaand Suzaku's spinning kick meme "Spinzaku" cracks me up. He even does that spin kick in a giant robot. LOL!
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~30 Day Anime Challenge~
Day 10 - Favorite fighter anime

I think Naruto has to win this one. I've been obsessed with it for 5-6 years now. I still read the manga weekly. The anime I've gotten a bit lazy with because I know what happens anyways. But I'm only a few eps behind atm. Naruto was one of those shows that I had meant to watch much earlier but didn't get around to it due to my computer being way too shit to run large video files at the time. So by the time I watched it, there was already 130~ish episodes out. I remember my friends being weirded out that I liked Gaara when I bought the Gaara & Naruto poster that currently adorns the inside of my bedroom door. I started reading the manga around the start of the time jump because I knew Gaara was in it and my little preference for GaaNaru over SasuNaru just totally exploded from there on out.

Perhaps I should talk about the actual battles in Naruto. If you don't know by now, Naruto is about ninjas. Ninjas with magical powers to be more precise. Usually there's the typical Dragonball Z formula of: new bad guy shows up, characters get their ass whupped, so then they train to get stronger, get in another battle and then Naruto shows up late to beat down the enemy in a blaze of glory. While it probably sounds boring to some people, when you know and love the characters, it's incredibly exciting. The characters all have their unique personalities and abilities, plus quite interesting stories of their own that fuel their reason to fight. There's manly tears and heart wrenching moments. Often elitists write Naruto off as being too mainstream, but there is good reason for why it is so popular.
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~30 Days of Anime~
Day 8 - Most Epic Scene
Day 9 Saddest Anime Scene

Ok there are tonnes of epic/sad scenes,I'll rant on forever...
Careful! There's mention of character death and other spoilers. )
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Naruto anime is in filler at the moment. It hasn't been too bad but the one I just watched (181) was crappy. This weeks episode should be interesting though, despite being filler it will have Gaara in it. Incoming yaoi fuel I bet :P

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Chapter 512

Oct. 7th, 2010 06:25 pm
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Read this weeks Naruto here: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/18743083/1

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There was a cosplay photo meetup today. It was a cold so I wore multiple layers of clothes, put on my Gaara makeup and wig and headed into the city. I put on the rest of my costume over my clothes later. Well aside from the proper pants and shoes. Too cold for that! I didn't take my gourd because there was rain/hail forecast and I didn't want it to get totally messed up.

I spent the afternoon with some lovely cosplayers & photographers and took 500+ photos. It was really fun. I quite like going to these things by myself with my camera and meeting new people. I'm not a hugely talkative person and I'm shy, so it's kinda like the camera breaks all the ice for me.

I love taking pictures... now if only I could devise a way to get paid for this one day... :D

I haven't done a whole lot of editing on my pictures. I'm a bit lazy when it comes to post processing. I usually just correct the exposure. Sometimes I leave things over exposed because I like the soft colors it creates. Although I would like to know how to use Lightroom better... whenever I tinker too much I end up destroying the pictures rather than fixing them.. gotta love the history tool that lets you remove all the edits!

Anyways, here are my favourite photos from today!

A smaller selection of photos )

From 500+ I narrowed it down to 175... check the rest out here: http://yaoi-bible.com/photos/displayimage.php?album=61

Much thanks to Hayden [livejournal.com profile] ianiceboy for organising today!
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[info]gaanaru has a questionaire about why people ship the pairing. So I wrote almost 1500 words like the obsessed yaoi fangirl I am.

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I swapped the make up over from the other day. Apparently the lady had shown me the medium colour in mineral powder when testing it on my hand. She showed me a comparison of the medium and lighter one on my face.. and while the medium powder blends fine with the light compact... I know that when winter rolls around it's just going to be too dark on my skin if I just want to use the mineral powder on its own. So yeah, I swapped it for the light colour.

I was feeling a bit emo today, perhaps even a little anxious before I left for knox. So while I was there I had a look at some clothes and bought some 3/4 pants for retail therapy. It's those genie pants that have been in fashion for a while... I call them "Gaara pants" because they seriously look like Gaara's first costume to me XD

Speaking of Gaara, I bought a tshirt on ebay the other day too. I need new t-shirts, a lot of mine are all faded and yuk now.

Also bought some ear drops. They seem to be helping a bit. If my ear still hurts in a few days, I should prolly go see my Doctor. You know, the last time I had an ear infection.... I puked on her. Ok so I was like 10 years old or so... and I have a needle phobia. She said she needed to "syringe my ear" and went to get some stuff. Mum was trying to explain to me that it just means your ear gets washed out. But I pretty much had an anxiety attack and threw up when the doctor returned. That's my earliest memory of having anxiety.


Jan. 9th, 2010 12:23 pm
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I can't remember if I whinged about the price of Kaito figurines on LJ or not. But a couple months ago they were $100+ due to rarity. Which was pissing me off because I really wanted one! I think they've been re-released and now the price is normal and you can get one under $30 (inc shipping). Soooo I bought one <3

Now my Miku nendoroid will have a friend :D Ahhhh I love his blue hair, it makes me wanna cosplay him!

Kaito Nendoroid figure

I also lost my mind and bought overpriced GaaNaru doujinshi on ebay too. Yeah yeah it's cheaper to do stuff with sites like Celga... but it's so much more bloody hassle and in the end you don't end up saving much when you have to pay for shipping twice and a commission to the website. And I just want to click "buy" and know it's coming nowwwwwwww. And OMG one of them was a doujin by Hundred... Gaara had kitty ears. KITTY EARS I TELL YOU!

Anime Club resumed lastnight afer a few weeks breaks due to the holidays. I had missed it and so it was nice to be back! Pandora Hearts so makes me squeeeeeee.. if I had of been watching that on my own at home I would have plowed through it in no time. It is just laced with yaoi all over the place and Raven is so freaking hot. Could be something to do with his colour theme being blue and black! <3


Dec. 4th, 2009 06:19 pm
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In a conversation about never growing up:

Pointy Cat says (6:15 PM):
You'll be an old lady and squealing over Mecha-Gaara figures from the latest series of Naruto Super Future Hyper Turbo Time Travel Adventures

Naruto 464

Sep. 18th, 2009 01:05 pm
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GAARA! *fangirls like crazy*


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There's a plushie of Kyuubi out! It looks kinda scary with its big mofo grin!

Kyuubi plushie

I was trying to watch Naruto last night on Crunchyroll but it was running crap, seems to do that on the first day it is up. So I didn't watch it, will have to wait till this afternoon when hopefully I'll have some time after meeting a client this morning.

There are heaps of cool Gaara bags on ebay. I want! Most of them are pretty cheap, so I may cave and get one.

I do have some really big bills for car registration and insurance coming up though *pout*
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Finally got around to watching the second Naruto Shippuden movie. It was pretty good. There was some really funny moments. But then I'm a fangirl and like everything with Naruto stamped on it.. almost :3 Just remember that Rasengan fixes everything!

So after I watched that I went looking around for movie 3 trailers because I couldn't remember if I'd seen any yet. I found a few and made a loud exclamation of "YES!" when I saw a quick pan of Gaara!

*dances around*

The only downside is that I'll have to wait till next year until the third movie is released on DVD and the subbers get to it :O
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If being in Japan wasn't enough of a high for me... the Naruto manga for this week made me go fangirl stupid XD I am so happy right now! *SQUEAL*

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Nov. 28th, 2008 12:53 am
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I hate how my cheeks are all hollow and the way my face scrunches up when I nervously smile.  It's partly why I avoid smiling in photos.


At least as Gaara I have an excuse not to smile :P

But yeah anyways I've been messing around with Adobe Lightroom on my photos. I don't really know exactly what I'm doing yet. I just play with the sliders until I think something looks cool (which prolly just looks like a mess of n00b).

I took photos today of the rain and hail. Haven't loaded them up on my computer yet.

I love how the battery on my new camera lasts! I think because it doesn't use the screen as the viewfinder? My old camera did that and I relied on it too much and plowed through batteries.


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