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~30 Days of Anime~
Day 8 - Most Epic Scene
Day 9 Saddest Anime Scene

Ok there are tonnes of epic/sad scenes,I'll rant on forever...
Careful! There's mention of character death and other spoilers. )
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~30 Days of Anime~
Day 7 - Favorite anime couple

I can't decide on one. I never can. Lets go with my favourite het couple and favourite yaoi couple.

Princess Serenity/Prince Endymion (Sailor Moon)
In the anime version, 1000 years ago, Serenity and Endymion die together while the Moon Kingdom is being attacked by Queen Beryl. In the manga version, Princess Serenity actually commits suicide out of grief when Prince Endymion dies in battle. It's pretty epic, I liked the manga version because it was so much more tragic (yep, theres my morbid romance fetish at work). Selenity, the queen of the moon uses the ginzoushou (silver crystal) to seal the evil queen Beryl and send her daughter Serenity, her guardians and the prince to the future for a chance at a second life, at the cost of her own. Reincarnated, Usagi and Mamoru are still drawn to each other in their normal lives and as their alter ego's Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. It's a beautiful story of fated lovers. Time and time again, their feelings for each other help them overcome the obstacles thrown at them. And there's some pretty horrible bad guys out there trying to break them up or kill them. Actually I always love how when it comes down to the boss fight at the end of a series/movie, Mamoru is the one that needs saving or is dying. Gender roles need to be shaken up like this more often :)

I'll go on about this until I'm blue in the face, it's canon. Gaara has a crush on Naruto. Just about everytime that boy opens his mouth or has some internal monologue, he mentions Naruto. Naruto also feels something for Gaara, when they first fought, Naruto took pity on Gaara and held no grudge and goes to great length to save Gaara from the Akatsuki 2-3 years later. As a fellow jinchuuriki, Naruto understood Gaara's pain and knew how important it was for him to reach out to Gaara and be there for him. When Naruto thought he had failed and that Gaara was dead, the poor boy bawled his eyes out. Then used his in chakra to revive Gaara, with the adorable little mind link scene of Naruto running to find Gaara. There is so much bromance going on here, do not deny it. (oh, I think my morbid romance fetish has surfaced again). Also I love the bit where Gaara goes to get up after being revived, Matsuri tries to help him but he shoves her away, then Naruto goes to help him and lets him. If Gaara was female, people would be all over it like they other het love interests for Naruto. Even some of the SasuNaru shippers are starting to admit they see GaaNaru coming through. So yeahhhh! GaaNaru, it's so damn cute and also feels like a fated romance with their jinchuuriki bond and dreams of leading their villages. <3

Chapter 512

Oct. 7th, 2010 06:25 pm
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Read this weeks Naruto here: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/18743083/1

spoilers and nonsensical fangirl babble )
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Celebrating GaaNaru fanday for the 3rd year in a row. Ahhhhh I love my OTP <3

So I finally got around to finishing a drawing I'd been planning for ages! I fussed over it so much, constantly changing the lineart even as I was coloring it. I guess it looks ok now..

Title: NaruGaa Magnet
Rating: PG
Notes: This is a parody of the Vocaloid images for the song "Magnet"

NaruGaa Magnet

bigger picture and links to deviantart & y-gallery here )
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PrincessUniKoRn @ Twitter

  • 23:29 Windows7 makes all my programs crash, it sucks! #
  • 05:40 It only took a few days and I've already sent my body clock in reverse. Stayed up all night playing games at a LAN hehe #
  • 13:08 Hotel and flights are booked for #Avcon... but I dunno how to actually pre-buy tix for the con! :O #
  • 14:41 eugh... sometimes my parents put on some really horrible old timey music. *Turns up own music to try and drown it out* #
  • 15:36 ahahaha people still freak out over my #GaaNaru Sims2 mpreg videos. I hadn't read the comments made in the last year until now. #
  • 15:40 @nakey Gaara knocked up Naruto - GaaNaru Sims2 mpreg youtu.be/8HEbDf_4P1c #
  • 15:42 @nakey and this one too: GaaNaru makin' babies - Sims2 mpreg youtu.be/APB2NZmQSYY #
  • 15:48 @eviltom03 haha actually both Naruto and Gaara got their turn at being pregnant in my game. #
  • 15:50 @eviltom03 Someone on the #GaaNaru LJ community told me about the mod. So I did it for the lulz! #
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gaanaru yaoi rocks :P

.....were you expecting something profound?
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PrincessUniKoRn @ Twitter

  • 10:38 @Diablo twitpic.com/1nrdj9 - I wish I worked at Blizzard, lol XD #
  • 10:55 Customized my twitter background.. finally. Just used an old #GaaNaru drawing of mine and added some typography &lt;3 Now homework time.. #
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nuuuuuuu I don't think there is any Naruto manga this week ;_; I think it may be Golden Week in Japan. Which also means there is no Reborn manga because they are both published in the same weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

There was still anime though and that was pretty amazing. maybe spoilerish - mentions of the outcome coz I've read the manga )

Right now I'm procrastinating and watching GaaNaru AMV's. I have a tonne of university work to do... but I think I'll go mad without some yaoi. I am so happy to be a fangirl living in the age of the internet. Fuck, what would I do without it? I'm also downloading all the videos, since a lot of them don't last long on youtube due to copyright blah blah. I've been using a site called KeepVid and it works great, since you can download in MP4 instead of FLV. The previous youtube hacks I had mostly downloaded in FLV, which isn't so great for playback on my Xbox360 and stuff. Funnily enough it was one of my university teachers that mentioned the website. Hurhur.

Perhaps I'll just convince myself that GaaNaru is my muse for everything and I need it before I can get down to work. Kuufufufufu
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[info]gaanaru has a questionaire about why people ship the pairing. So I wrote almost 1500 words like the obsessed yaoi fangirl I am.

UniKoRn's ship! All aboard! )


Jan. 9th, 2010 12:23 pm
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I can't remember if I whinged about the price of Kaito figurines on LJ or not. But a couple months ago they were $100+ due to rarity. Which was pissing me off because I really wanted one! I think they've been re-released and now the price is normal and you can get one under $30 (inc shipping). Soooo I bought one <3

Now my Miku nendoroid will have a friend :D Ahhhh I love his blue hair, it makes me wanna cosplay him!

Kaito Nendoroid figure

I also lost my mind and bought overpriced GaaNaru doujinshi on ebay too. Yeah yeah it's cheaper to do stuff with sites like Celga... but it's so much more bloody hassle and in the end you don't end up saving much when you have to pay for shipping twice and a commission to the website. And I just want to click "buy" and know it's coming nowwwwwwww. And OMG one of them was a doujin by Hundred... Gaara had kitty ears. KITTY EARS I TELL YOU!

Anime Club resumed lastnight afer a few weeks breaks due to the holidays. I had missed it and so it was nice to be back! Pandora Hearts so makes me squeeeeeee.. if I had of been watching that on my own at home I would have plowed through it in no time. It is just laced with yaoi all over the place and Raven is so freaking hot. Could be something to do with his colour theme being blue and black! <3
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OMG Naruto manga #474 I love you sooooooo much!

Gaara appeared and I screamed out "YESSS!!" and scared Ranma ^_^;
Then mum called out wondering what was going on, I reply

Me: I'm reading the manga!
Mum: Oh, I thought you got a message from a hot guy or something.
Me: Noooo. Gaara appeared, he's way better than any real man!

I continued reading and it got even better! *drowns in fangirl drool*

GaaNaru is so very canon now. There's pics and it did happen :P

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Woooo its Sims 3 picture time. I have "Naruto" and "Gaara" as best as I can make with the base content. Even though there is no modded custom content out, I did manage to find a no-censor mod to get rid of those annoying pixels when they get nude.

Congratulations on buying your new house Naruto, you don't mind a bit of flooding do you?

more pics! )
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Finally some sunshine this weekend! I did a lot of washing yesterday and today, I had so much piled up :O

Yesterday Mum and Dad went shopping. Dad saw this toy christmas train and had to have it. Is it any wonder why I like toys still? :3

Dad set up the train and I proceeded to pile the train carriage with toys once it was working. Tim was over because we were trying to get Phantasy Star Zero ROMs working but he had bought around his Murloc (World of Warcraft) plush to show me. The Murloc fitted onto the train carriage so well, lol.

and Mudkip too

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I started this piece of colored artwork aaaages ago. I've ummed over the composition a lot, as in whether to leave it just Gaara or mirror the image to add Naruto. I ended up adding Naruto. My main goal with this piece was to practice soft shade. I think my shadowing skills of the human body are still pretty crap but it was fun to get really painty with the wings.

Full piece here. May not be entirely work safe but it's only mild nudity - as in no bits are showing! )
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I'm selling 2 GaaNaru doujinshi (I ended up with doubles). First is a fairly rare one by Hundred and Tayu, second is just by Hundred.  Both are lovely!


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Naruto mentioned Gaara in this weeks Naruto episode, I had a little fangirl moment over that!

The filler has gone in a direction I wasn't quite expecting.  Filler boy Sora seems to have the power of the Kyuubi.  How is that possible?  Well apparently you can gather chakra and fuse it to someones DNA... uhhh ok?  But I guess that similar ideas have already been mentioned in canon.  For example we have Yamato who has the DNA of the first Hokage due to experiments done by Orochimaru.

The 2nd Naruto Shippuden movie looks like its going to be a massive SasuNaru fagfest :P
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You may remember me posting the line art for this piece. Now its all colored! I'm so glad I got it finished. I was about halfway through coloring and thought it was going to turn out completely terrible but I soldiered on and am now pretty pleased with it. I was hoping to get some sketches/oekaki done today too but it's now almost midnight, ohwell. CG takes me wayyyyyy too long.

NaruGaa Fan Day - Kiss

... and I didn't get around to writing about the restaurant we went to lastnight either. I am uploading the photos now, so they will be good to go next time I write in my journal!
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That flash video of mine that someone stole still hasn't been removed even after I reported it. *edit* (It's now six months later and I've finally discovered it has now been removed)

So I uploaded my own after finding a SWF to Video converter. The program is kind of crude, the quality came out awful. I was able to quickly mix in some sound though.


I got news this morning from Chris that his sister Sally had her baby!!! It's a boy! I really hope she names him "Rocky" like she wanted for a boy! I told her she could make it "Rocky Lee" and she loved it. I did explain that it was similar to a character from Naruto, since she doesn't know much anime. She wasn't due to have the baby until Saturday but yesterday afternoon she was getting some pains, so there we go!

*UPDATE* YESSSSS she named the baby ROCKY LEE :D
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Lastnight I was playing around with the laminator I bought a few weeks ago.  I made some bookmarks!  Some of the edges are a bit wonky, I kept stuffing up while using the cutting thingy because I swear you need 3 hands to operate one.

I got more doujinshi this week, as I got my stuff from Celga shipped.  I now have some double ups because one of the auctions I got with them had 3 doujinshi by Hundred really cheap.  I didn't have one of them and it was worth it just for the one I didn't have.  So now I have 2 that I'll probably sell.  I also got another Bananaskin doujin from that package too. Ahhhh so much GaaNaru goodness in my doujinshi collection now.

I spent about 3 hours at Knox today spending my money :P  I went to Kmart and got 2 pairs of black jeans, a white shirt, and a tie with one of those loops. 

The white shirt was actually from the guys section because the girls ones weren't the right style.  Girls shirts all have slut collars on them now.  What's a slut collar you ask? A shirt without buttons at the top :P

Then I went to Lincraft and bought some crafty things.  A glue gun, a wooden model (for drawing ref), a foam head (for wigs), some colored felt and a dress pattern that should be helpful for the FOmarl dress I want to make.

When I got home I started styling a wig I bought a few weeks ago.  It probably needs a little more fixing up on the bottom for more definite spikes.

Anyways I did a cosplay test for Tsuna.  Looks alright to me!  The only thing I don't have is the red converse style shoes that Tsuna wears - I couldn't find any cheap knock offs :P

I might try and make the mittens or X-gloves one day...

Cosplay test: Sawada Tsunayoshi (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) )


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