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Pump no.7 at Woolworths petrol in Ferntree Gully made me burst out laughing. #petrolhead #vindiesel #diesel #fastandfurious

I went to the supermarket and to get petrol today and while staring around as my car filled up, I noticed a sticker on one of the pumps. "Is that.. Vin Diesel?" I thought to myself. Upon realizing that it had been stuck on the diesel pump I laughed out loud. Could not resist taking a photo. Priceless.

The con plague has taken a few days to seep in... I've been feeling exhausted all week and now I've got the sniffles and a sore throat finally. Between my mum being sick, working a convention and my boss coming down sick, I don't think I had any chance of escaping this time around. I don't think I've had a cold since the start of winter, so I've done ok this year considering I've worked so many conventions.

I have my sisters Hens night on saturday, Hopefully I don't feel too bad. But at least it's here at my house so I can crash to bed easily if I need to. >_>
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This cracked up me up. There's just something hilarious about spelling errors being read out loud. XD

I'll have a white Playstation 4 in less than a week, so Destiny will be my first game on PS4. I'm also planning to subscribe to Playstation Plus for a while so I can get some download games and of course play Destiny online.
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~30 Days of Anime~
Day 4 - Anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed?

I'm seriously not ashamed to admit when I like something that everyone else likes to bash. Is what I originally said on Facebook earlier today and I posted a link to MyAnimeList So yeah, this sort of question is a lost cause on me.

[livejournal.com profile] ianiceboy gave me a decent prompt to rethink it.
"Then, to rephrase, of which of those are you least proud?"

And so my answer to that becomes: I saw 3 episodes of Chuu Bra and that was 3 episodes too many!

No seriously, that anime is terrible. It was all a bit too pedo loli shit. And what is it doing in on 'on hold' list, that should be in the dropped list. Mehhh, I'll fix it later when I'm not capped.

While were on the subject of no shame and facebook )
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As a business owner I get all sorts of random people sending me resumes. I never respond to them. Nor do I have advertised positions. I'm a sole trader just doing my own thing.

This one email I got I find particularly funny because they claim to be proof reader and copywriter, yet they didn't even take the time to snoop around my business website to find out my name and simply addressed it to "Ninja" instead. Either they are completely stupid or this is some sort of spambot for the website in the email.

Dear Ninja
I am writing to offer your company website copywriting, editing and proofreading services on a freelance basis.
For the last 20 years I have worked on corporate, government and academic projects, attention to detail and adherence to deadlines being priorities.
I hold a PhD in language and literature, am a freelance writer for metropolitan newspapers and a regular contributor to the Education section of
The Age.
Please find attached a c.v. for your information or visit my website inksling.com.au

Am happy to discuss with you any aspects of the above.
Regards, Jo Stubbings
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ahahahaha I just thought this song sounded like it was saying "I'm about to break some pocky off"

Small prize

Feb. 5th, 2010 10:15 am
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I won something again! Not too exciting, just a coffee thermos from Wild Bean Cafe. I can get a free coffee from the place too but all the stores in Victoria are too far away.

There's this ad in my hotmail that made me think a guy was wearing a Konoha headband.... and that's the Australian flag around his shoulders for those who don't know ^_^;
Rugby advertisement - is that a Naruto headband?

And apparently my LJ - Twitter link up is working again. I didn't do anything to break it and didn't do anything to fix it. Wacky! I'm not really using twitter and facebook so often anymore, like I said I would do. I still seem to get sucked into dicking around on the internet but after about 2 hours I usually tell myself "fuck this shit! go play a game!"... either that or I watch a movie or anime.

I finished reading the Eureka Seven manga that I bought ages ago. I never caught all the anime episodes when I was watching it randomly on tv so I didn't know how it ended... and yeah it left me feeling a bit melancholy. D:


Dec. 4th, 2009 06:19 pm
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In a conversation about never growing up:

Pointy Cat says (6:15 PM):
You'll be an old lady and squealing over Mecha-Gaara figures from the latest series of Naruto Super Future Hyper Turbo Time Travel Adventures
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Go look at these tins
Two of them have Naruto and Kakashi ON THE TOILET!  WTF LOL!

pic under here for when link goes dead )
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*a clip taken from an episode of Naruto Abridged*

I haven't played DDR for a while, need to exercise! We've got Love Love Shine on our Xbox version of DDR... it's so hard and totally kills you.

I went to see Stardust lastnight. It was pretty cool, has a kinda 'fairytale' feel to it. I like the kind of movies where you know everything is gonna be happy in the end. There was a Unicorn in it! weee! The part with the airship totally reminded me of Skies of Arcadia... although I can't see Captain Dracma acting like Captain Shakespear, Tristan and Evaine totally had a Vyse and Fina aura to them.

I need to complete Skies too.. I was thinking about it earlier this week

Since I've been sick I haven't been eating much. I don't feel sick in the stomach but I'm just not hungry a lot of the time and I forget to have lunch or something.

I bought 2 doujinshi on ebay.. they have Gaara in them :D Slowly building up a little collection.

More lulz for Narutards

Naruto Shippuden: The Abridged Series - Episode 04

"The Ring" / Naruto parody comic strip (shit look at the +fave count!)
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oh man trying not to wet myself laughing here at work (JAS)


The weapon Gaara holds up totally looks like a buttplug now.. ahahaha *dies in fangirl fits*
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Nothing much interesting to write about... so here.. have a link to a cracky Naruto parody video.  I found it hilarious.. I must install some mods to leech vids from dailymotion.


feel yuk

Aug. 14th, 2007 04:14 pm
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I woke up feeling sick today. Blerghhh, not pleasant. Have taken some tablets and not eaten much.

Been playing around on the new computer today.. it's warmer downstairs. I have put dreamweaver and photoshop on it so I can do work stuff. Just plugged my tablet in and it worked right away.. vista seems alright so far. I disabled that "cancel or allow" thing that the mac ads bitch about in a few days of using it too :P I keep getting lost looking for 'my documents' because now its just called 'documents' haha.

Lastnight I helped one of Jons friends put together an invitation for his 21st. Using a collage of photos like the invitation we did for Jons 21st, which will actually get printed out like a photo at a kodak station or something. It's funny when people watch me use Photoshop and are suprised how quickly I can do things *ego trips*

I put the newest OpenCanvas (4.5) on this too.. yet to have a play with it.. but the interface seems to be different again compared with the other ones I've used (4.0 and 1.1)

I put 'yaoi t shirt' into google and this comes up )
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Another one of my videos has hit 10,000 views :D  This one should hopefully survive because I used background music from the Naruto anime.. so it's not a commercial song... and the screeners at youtube are probably too dumb to figure out what the music is unless they are Naruto fans. I started a game in the third neighbourhood on Sims2 lastnight... I wanted to see if theres new things for teens to do with Nightlife. Gaara can go driving in a car, hee hee :D

My shelves are falling apart... the planks seem to have shrunk and don't sit properly over the little studs without being unstable.  A few weeks ago one of them collapsed in the night and I had to get outta bed and rescue my comics before the fallen shelf crushed the ones on the shelf below.  I just noticed today that another of the shelves was on the verge of falling and I took the boxes of comics off that too before they fell. However the otherside where my DVD's are seems to be just fine at the moment. Heh! I need a new computer desk, shelves and so on.  All my stuff sucks... so I'll have to keep an eye out for cheap furniture that doesn't look like shit and is practical. But chances are that I'll hate everything and deem it not worthy of spending money on.. because lets face it.. I'd rather spend my money on anime and video games :P

Sam got me some gel pens from her work, w00t!

And now heres a link to some panties crack with various icons from the [livejournal.com profile] crackalicious set.

Neji, are these your panties?
Click for totally random Naruto crack!


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