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Oh and one more thing. Haru's head fits on Nendo bodies :3#myfigurecollection #freeeternalsummer #free! #nanaseharuka #toys #nendoroid
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Bath Haru is all sorts of adorbs! Got this awesome Christmas present from my friend Tim :)#toys #free! #harukananase #bathdefo #figures #myfigurecollection
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Ethan got back today from America. (yay I missed him hehe)

We went to Knox for a late lunch and came back here to watch anime.

But he is so jetlagged, he fell asleep at 6pm. It's really funny when he's mega tired because he wakes up so confused about where he is and what time it is.

He got me all these presents!! There's 2 things that I forgot to put in the photo (manga).

2 Blankets with Star Wars M&M's and Las Vegas M&M's
Cat t-shirt
Free! singlet with Makoto
Free! tshirt with Rin, Makoto, Haru and Nagisa,
Jeans with a cool fluer-de-lis pattern on the pockets
Sailor Moon wallet
Sailor Moon trading cards
A necklace with a dreamcatcher
Sailor Moon manga volume 11 & 12

He said he felt bad that I couldn't come along so kept getting me something at every place. I feel spoiled but at the same time totally love it. <3

I would have loved to have gone but it's a bit too close to convention time, so I'd feel terrible leaving work unfinished to be rushed at the last minute. My job may only be casual but I do feel a responsibility to prioritise work around conventions. We have a new girl who's just started and this will be her first con with us, so I can't exactly leave everything to her yet.
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I have been getting that night time anxiety the last week or so, where I find it hard to settle down and go to sleep. After trying to watch anime for a while, last night I got fed up with it and took my meds to knock me out. It worked.

Ethan called me around like 3.30am from an unknown number and I was soooo confused. lol. He's in America right now and he was in a comic shop and wanted to ask what manga or Sailor Moon stuff I wanted. It was so incredibly sweet that I couldn't be mad. I think he's getting a whole tonne of the Attack on Titan manga for us both to read and the Sailor Moon manga volumes 11 & 12 which I don't have. Yay manga!

I fell back to sleep pretty quickly. So all good.

Yesterday I spent hours sifting through Free! pictures to put together with the MakoHaru Mook translation. Been a while since I just totally lost myself in some fandom related endeavour.

I formatted the text neatly too, because I didn't like how it looked on tumblr. It came out pretty good.

I need to break my facebook addiction and go back to drawing fanart.
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Seriously go click that link to the Free! mook and read that delicious canon MakoHaru lovu lovu story :D
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Was about to resign myself to my shitty cooking for dinner and then Mum and Dad came home with Chinese food AND Krispey Kreme donuts. SCORE!

I have to confess that lately I've been skipping a lot of meals to try and save money. Usually breakfast or lunch. When I'm at work in the city I usually buy a big dinner that I can't finish, so I'm able to eat it all if I skip lunch. And yeah, if I don't eat at home, I don't have to buy so much at the supermarket every week. Trying to eat vegetarian, gluten free and lactose free is fucking expensive.

The MakoHaru Mook just came out in Japan recently and the translations of the story hit the net today. It is pretty much Canon Merman AU BL by KyoAni. If they don't make an OVA of this I will be quite disappointed! But yeahhhh, the story is so cute! I'm also pleased that there is more merman Haruka artwork to go with it.
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  • Tue, 12:31: RT @WhyAmISoWeirdo: An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away. Study suggests it can add up to eight years to your life.

  • Tue, 12:33: Ebay buyers always seem to ask strange questions. "Would u b interested in selling it now?" ... well duh that's why its on ebay.

  • Tue, 12:59: All up in the "rei ryugazaki" tag on tumblr and everything is utsukushii #free!

  • Wed, 01:28: 1am. I get home from work. My sisters fianc� leaves for work. Tag team!

  • Wed, 01:29: So tired I kinda ran a red light too. Ugh >_>

  • Wed, 11:33: Not really sold on 2015 Soundwave. Some bands I like but I've seen them before. Going to wait for Sidewaves I think.

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