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I almost forgot that the FFXIV stuff is live in PSO2 at the moment. So I logged on and had play of the level with Odin as the final boss the other day.

It was pretty fun. I wish there was PSO2 stuff in FFXIV as well though.

Also here's one of the lobby NPC's in Miqote clothing.
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Got home around 2am lastnight after driving home from airport/office. Didn't go to sleep until around 4am. Was having a chat with Tim on Line while he sorted stuff for moving house.

Woke up this morning around 9, fed Ranma and then went back to sleep until 11am. So good to be in my own bed.

When I got up I spent the afternoon being mad at my computer. I'd upgraded it to Windows 10 last week and at first it seemed ok but I was noticing that whenever i left my computer idle for a while, it would be crashed when I came back. Because I was so busy last week, I had only used my computer in short bursts and it seemed to be working fine aside from the crashes in sleep mode. But today after trying to do my usual things, it started crashing. Rebooting everytime took ages too. It was pissing me off to no end, so I rolled back to Windows 8.1. Busting my balls all weekend as Brisnova has me in short fuse mode. I honestly can't be bothered to suffer through until they fix the issues with Windows 10.... or I fix them myself via reading forum after forum. Yeah nah, can't be fucked when I had a perfectly stable OS in 8.1. Once I got my computer back in working order, I spent the evening playing FFXIV.

I haven't seen Ethan for like 2 weeks because he was away with army shit and I was in Brisbane when he got home on sunday, it will be 3 weeks by the time I see him on thursday evening. It's not like I'm upset, it's just hard to have a relationship when you've got no time or energy. And sometimes I wonder if I should be upset? But being upset won't change the fact that we have to go to work I suppose.
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Laptop charging up now. Back to surfing the internet the proper way.

I was playing FFXIV the other day on my PS4, but because I haven't bought the PS4 version of the expansion, I couldn't access any of the Heavensward content, including getting any EXP past level 50. So I was working on some lowbie jobs. I love playing on the TV because it looks great on a bigger screen, but I find the controls still kinda awkward, since I sit on my bed it isn't an ideal way to use a mouse. And I haven't quite got the hang of switching between the keyboard and controller. Anyways can play on my laptop again now.

Also I had to watch anime via Crunchyroll on the PS4 while my laptop was down. It was a little cumbersome because the app sometimes crashes when it goes to an ad break. Also the ad breaks on Crunchyroll are like the same commercial repeated over 3 times, for 3 break spots. So you see the same ad like 9 times in one episode. And if the app crashes, and you want to fast forward back to where you were up to, you are forced to stop and watch the ads at the ad slots and can't skip through them. The ad wasn't even for anything anime related, was for some shit show on netflix. Occasionally I got an ad for anime on Crunchyroll but that was too few. Ad breaks really just signify that its time to pull out your phone and check facebook :3 Occasionally the app does remember where you were up to in an episode. So yeah, it seems their tactic to get people to buy a paid account these days is to just drive them bonkers.

I am slowly recovering from the con plague I came down with last week. I feel a bit lethargic and keep eating sugary things to feel like I have energy. Have slight sniffles/cough still. Dad is down with the cold this week, Mum was down with a cold the week before me. So yeah, we've all been sick here at home. At least we should all be feeling a lot better by next monday, which is my sisters wedding.
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Plodding along in FFXIV and did the Alexander raids on normal tonight. This story line is interesting, the Au'ra girl is searching for a codex containing schematics for various inventions and the Illumunati goblins want it as well.

Now that my ilevel is at 179, I can probably go do Bismark on Extreme soon.

I glammed my armor with the swimsuit stuff. It's funny how random players like to interact with me when I'm running around scantily clad.

This lalafel starting doing a bunch of negative emotes at me and I did a bunch of positve ones back and we ending dancing together.

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Been uploading some videos of myself completing FFXIV quests, they seem to be getting some hits so hopefully they are helping out other people to complete them!
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Siami and Andrew had their characters in FFXIV married :)

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Had a little bit of work left to do for Mandy and she said she needed it by 12 noon Monday... and sent me this info on Sunday. So I stayed up late to work on it a bit then finished it off in the morning by 11am. *phew* Was a bit exhausting to not get a good nights sleep after being sick all weekend.

I missed out on Oz Comic Con because I was sick and know I needed to rest. I would have liked to have gone so kinda bummed I got sick. But on the other hand, I got to level 56 in FFXIV Heavensward. So the weekend wasn't a total lost cause! Smashing out the story quests and having fun exploring the new areas.

I was feeling kinda lonely though because Ethan went to the con on saturday and then out with friends afterwards. It feels kinda shit when you know a bunch of friends are all having fun and you're at home feeling like a snot machine. There's this part of me that wants to be babied and looked after when I'm sick.... and it doesn't happen because I'm an adult and no one gives a shit about sick adults.

Went to work (Tamarket) this afternoon for just a few hours. Only a little bit of work this week in the wake of the con. The figure shelves are looking somewhat empty with all the stock sent off to Supanova. However I did take the opportunity to unearth some hidden products from the back that were not on the website and get them cataloged. 
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Ya know what sucks? Having early access to Heavansward but not being able to play more than an hour because you were away all weekend with work. And then when you come home and have a day off... Still can't play that much because you have freelance work to do.

*flips table*

Ok so I have played around a few hours but I'm not even level 51 yet.

I haven't unpacked my suitcase or done any washing and my room is a mess. So there's the trade off for game time.

Spent the afternoon and evening working on some design stuff for Mandy. (My old boss from Jas Creative). Still got a bit to do in the morning before I go to work (Tamarket).

Everyone is gonna be way ahead of me in the game. I always get left behind :(
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Yeahhhhhh! Been farming Thornmarch (hard) boss for the last week trying to the get the White Mage wand from the mofo. Need a better shield with a higher ilevel to go with it though.Pity I can't glam it over my 2 handed weapon.

In boring news. I applied to centrelink today. Hopefully it all gets approved and I'll have some extra money to actually afford things. I'm just scraping by and at least if I'm signed up with centrelink I'll be prompted to look for a 2nd job more reguarlarly. 
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Seriously go click that link to the Free! mook and read that delicious canon MakoHaru lovu lovu story :D

Atmas suck

May. 27th, 2015 12:00 pm
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