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  • Tue, 13:12: If you poop at the same time as your cat you can blame the smell on what's in the kitty littler. :P

  • Tue, 14:33: RT @soukatsu_: NEW YOI CAFE COLLAB OMG. KOALAS!!!! PILLOW FIGHT. https://t.co/8TPwdNGKek

  • Tue, 14:50: RT @anipla_akiba: TVアニメ「ユーリ!!! on ICE」とのコラボカフェ開催決定!公式描き下ろしイラストやアニメプラザ限定イラストのグッズが多数♪本日より予約も開始します!詳しくはHPで!→https://t.co/hXBTPJSc3V #yurionic

  • Tue, 14:59: If I lived in Japan I'd be so poor. I'd get suckered into these limited anime cafe merch things. #YOI #YuriOnIce https://t.co/cAWK0cxgb7

  • Wed, 10:07: I make a post on failbook about being stressed because I'm moving house. Then I have my cousin message me being a cunt.

  • Wed, 10:09: "oh you don't know how good you've had it, you're such a joke" pretty much. Well fuck you. I know who I can't trust.

  • Wed, 10:10: Actually what does it feel like to trust anyone completely? Because I have no idea.

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Really sick of all my stuff being moved around. Only just swapped bedrooms and now I have to move house. I feel so unsettled and stressed all the time because my personal space to relax is non existent right now.

Apparently Mum/Dad knew for weeks (maybe even a couple months?) that Sam/Azz were planning to move. So I'm actually quite pissed that they didn't tell me. This whole moving house thing was really dropped on me. I hate being blindsided.

While yes I do wanna move out because then I'll have more space.... it's just that I've been happily setting up all my figures downstairs when I could have just packed them straight into boxes.

I came home tonight to find that Dad had moved all my remaining figures from upstairs and put them in cardboard boxes (albeit carefully with newspaper) they were all shoved together which made me freak out and I quietly cried while I pulled them all out again and put them in their own boxes.

So that ruined my evening plans.
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  • Sun, 17:07: I just explained bukakke to my mum, haha. Thanks to Cards Against Humanity XD

Playing CAH with your family can be a dangerous game. Luckily I've got no shame.
My siblings all refused to explain it. I was like "ok I'll do it!"
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On the weekend Ethan took me to a bed and breakfast in sassafras. We stayed in this little cottage room that was French themed. We drank port and at chocolate. Then went and got some food to make dinner, Ethan made vegetarian lasagne for me. We drank wine. We had a spa bath. And then I got out of the bath, got really dizzy and spewed. I spent the rest of the evening not feeling too well, oops. We just relaxed and watched the Tales of Zestria anime. XD

Yesterday ( tues 18th Oct) was my actual birthday. My siblings came around for dinner. Mum made sausage / veggie rolls, Chez made veggie burgers, Ash made brownies and there was also cake. (I was still so full this morning that I skipped breakfast!).

We played some boardgames and lost at both of them, haha. Forbidden Desert and Pandemic : Cthulu version. I like these sort of board games where you have to work together to win rather than just roll dice and get to the end first.

Mum and Dad gave me some tea, a makeup bag, cleanser, mascara. Chez and Ash gave me a $20 EB Games card. Sam and Azz got me the Pokemon Go Plus accesory watch.

Jonathan was super jelly of my Pokemon watch. It's really funny that he's way more into Pokemon Go than me and was explaining how all the stats work when you get the team leaders to appraise your Pokemon. I gotta get some more levels up!
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Dad was supposed to have surgery on his knees today. But the surgeon had a bike accident last week and so he was referred to another surgeon. However the 2nd person didn't think this type of surgery was going to help and cancelled it. Now they are recommending some other treatments like quarterzone or plasma injections as the pain is more likely arthritis based. But he still may need a knee reconstruction surgery in a few years (which is different from what he was having done today).

I've been home today because I was going to help out Dad after surgery. But since that wasn't needed, I've just done a few other chores.
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  • Sat, 20:15: How to have your Saturday completely ruined: have family coming over on Sunday and your mother psychotically cleaning and cooking.

  • Sat, 21:59: My mum has been vacuuming the same room for about 3 hours

  • Sat, 22:15: Trying to play a PC game : spend an hour trying to get it to work or downloading updates, spend less than 30 mins playing it. #videogames

  • Sat, 22:17: My mouse is borked, it was to double click everything. At least I have a spare wireless one that I use for my PS4.

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So on Christmas Day we had lunch at our house with Mums side of the family. But it was a smaller gathering than usual as a few people are elsewhere.

For Christmas I got ~
Lindt Chocolates, Moogle plushie and Ranka keychain from work
Ferrero Rochers from Nana & Grandad
$50 Chadstone voucher from Jon & Kat
$15 Nintendo eshop voucher and Legend of Zelda phonehanger from Chez & Ash
Chocolate gingerbread biscuits, marzipan chocolate and Nepean Country Club membership from Mum / Dad
As a share present with my siblings we got a Ping Pong set for the pool.

I also went over to Ethan's house and his family got me some presents too!
Makeup cases
Mini evening purse/bag
Panda travel pillow
Game of Thrones colouring book

I came back home with Ethan and then we played some board games with Chez and Dad. Forbidden Island and then Forbidden Desert. We managed to win both games! The last time I played the Desert one at Chez's house we lost XD

It's boxing day now and we've been relaxing and playing games. Going to buy a Wii U sometime this week. Quite possibly tonight or tomorrow.
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It's Christmas Day and for once I had a glorious sleep in until 11.45am. Being the last "kid" at home is a bit lonely at times but this morning I did not miss being dragged from the comfort of my bed at fuckoff o'clock. I got up and fed Ranma around 9am and then went back to catch up on sleep. Was great.

I don't really care too much for Christmas these days. It's rather lackluster as an adult when you can no longer convince your parents to buy you videogames XD
But it's nice to catch up with everyone and eat good food.

Ethan and I already exchanged gifts yesterday evening before we headed over to Aunty and Uncles for Christmas Eve. I got Ethan a really nice Saber figure, the "last episode" version. Ethan got me the Sailor Moon megahouse chibi figure I've been wanting for a while, it's a lot like a Nendoroid just a different brand.

Got a $30 gift card from Kris Kringle last night, so that will probably go towards a game. Ethan and I also got a stack of movie tickets from Sam & Aaron.
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  • Sat, 17:13: At a wedding. My siblings can't come coz their road is blocked due to an asbestos fire. And now one of the bridesmaids has fainted.

  • Sat, 17:45: Oh my mistake the lady who fainted was a guest not in the bridal party. Ambulance is taking her to hospital now.

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Backdated this post since I haven't had time to write about it yet!

The wedding was heaps of fun because they really made it theirs. Chez walked down the aisle to a track from Berserk and their wedding cake was Red & Blue themed from Team Fortress 2. Any traditions they thought were dumb they didn't do (throwing bouquet, throwing garter, first dance). Everyone was able to move around freely and chat at the reception and they had finger food instead of a stuffy sit down meal.

Chezzies dress was so puffy she pretty much took up the back seat of the Xtrail, haha. Ethan drove with me and Chez. I had to keep talking to her because she was pretty nervous, I hope it helped a little at least. Jonathan and Kathryn took the rest of the girls in their cars.

It was super freezing up at Sky High and there was rain coming. But luckily it didn't hit until everyone was cozy inside the reception room. Just a pity that we couldn't enjoy the view because it was so foggy/cloudy.

Starting to get photos uploaded here ~ https://unikorn.smugmug.com/Events/Chez-and-Ashs-Wedding/

Still have some more to process. They didn't hire a professional photographer because of money. I wanted to get heaps more shots but it was very constraining being part of the wedding party, trying to talk to friends and family who want to say hi and get photos at the same time. The rest of the gardens were filled with kids because it's school holidays so we couldn't go to other locations.... and of course it was freezing outside and people were pretty eager to get inside. But there was plenty of other people with camera's there, so hopefully with everyones photos combined, they have a nice amount to cover everything. But I do regret no being able to whisk them away from the other guests to the rest of the gardens for a quieter photoshoot. Because it's also hard to get the shots you want when there's 20 other people in the way with their phones out taking pictures.

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Chez had a minor meltdown after a gem fell out of her tiara headpiece. Poor thing came over and cried her eyes out, but she came to me because she knew I would fix it. Of course I had glue just perfect for the job laying around. I felt relieved that I could sort it out for her and she felt better.

Sometimes I wonder why people dream about getting married when it all seems like such a pain in the ass to organise. And it costs so much money. Uwah.

Since Ethan and I have almost been together 3 years, a few people are giving us the *nudge nudge, wink wink* routine. It's not like I don't want to be with Ethan for a long time to come. But neither of us are particularly keen on the idea of marriage right now.
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  • Wed, 12:58: Even in my dreams I'm being haunted by this forboding sense of loneliness. I dreamt that I went to a shopping http://t.co/S9LZ9qAuKu

  • Wed, 16:33: My mum keeps reuploading the same photos to Facebook over and over and tagging me every week. Argh.

  • Thu, 02:20: Didn't need painkillers yesterday but needed them now after work today, I think I overdid it. I also threw up at work. Too busy to die.

  • Thu, 11:16: Dear people that use power tools in the morning after I got home at 2am from work. Fuck you. Love Unikorn.

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I've gone through twice the amount of petrol this week than I normally do. Another weekly budget blown. What are savings?

Aside from going to work, I also drove to the city on 3 other occasions with Ethan. His car is still getting fixed, so I drove a bunch of other places or had to pick him up. On saturday we went to the NGV (Melbourne's art gallery) and looked at various exhibitions, as Ethan had to review stuff for university. We mostly looked around the free areas but also went in the Chinese exhibiton that is on at the moment, which you have to pay for. Ethan was kinda bored but I love going to galleries XD

On Mothers Day I had to drive to Wonthaggi for lunch with family. Which pretty much ate half a tank of petrol. Ughh. At least my brother paid for my lunch as thanks for being driver for that trip.

Also, that lunch was shiiiiiiit. I stick by my hatred for pub food. It was one of those all you can eat kinda things. But it was so bland, I didn't want more. At least the dessert was ok. But yeahhhh, I think I've become a food snob. I eat in the city a lot and even the cheap food in the city is better than what I had at this pub. >_>

Nana and Grandad wanted us to come back to their house for a bit after lunch but Jon needed to get a university assignment done. Nana looked kinda disappointed that we couldn't stay but I was kinda relieved I had an exit excuse because I was feeling really exhausted.

Sometimes I just can't stand to be around people anymore and just want to go home and do my own thing. It probably seems rude to some. But this is what it means to be an introvert. You burn out any form of human interaction and become very agitated when forced to continue with it.
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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
(My dad as Santa)

Photos! http://unikorn.smugmug.com/Events/Christmas-2014/

Christmas Eve was spent at our house with Dads side of the family as per our usual German tradition there was lots of food and presents and the wrapping paper fight afterwards lol. Ethan came along too <3

On Christmas Day I spent with Ethans family at the Melbourne Zoo and we had a picnic style lunch then looked around at the animals. There was heaps of people at the zoo, I didn't know it was even open on Christmas Day until Ethan said his family were planning to go there. It was a little weird because it didn't really feel like actual Christmas Day because it was so out of tradition for me. But it was a really nice day and the weather was great. I took a few photos of the animals, which you can find in the link above. The meerkats are my favourite.

In the evening we went to Chezzies house and had dinner there and saw Tim, Lauren and Ash 2 and gave them some gifts. And briefly saw Ashroy who had to work at the Bakery the night before and see his family during the day, so he promptly went to bed after returning home!

Boxing Day was also more Christmas stuff with Mums side of the family. Since we didn't get to see my Aunts/Uncles and Grandparents on Christmas Day this year because we were all so busy it was easier to do it on Boxing Day rather than try to fit everything into the one day. I think this worked out well. We don't really do gifts with that side of the family so pushing it to Boxing Day doesn't make it seem out of place.

Three whole days of food! And then on saturday 27th me and Ethan went to see The Hobbit (third one) in Gold Class at the Cinemas and had even more food.

The fridge at home still has cake in it. Yummm :D

On sunday me and Ethan went to the beach with his Dad and took the jet ski out for a ride. Although the key was playing up and the thing kept cutting out and wouldn't restart right away and I thought me and Ethan were going to get stranded out on the bay and I got a bit freaked out. >_>

Stuff I got for Christmas <3
$100 from Mum/Dad for my trip to Hamilton Island
Neck massager from Mum/Dad
Chocolates from Mum/Dad
$25 JB Hi Fi Voucher from Jon/Kat ($50 total as it was for both me and Ethan)
$20 JB Hi Fi Voucher from Chez/Ash
2x Gold Class vouchers from Sam/Aaron
Cookie in a cute blue kitty tin from Sam/Aaron
$20 Eb Games voucher from Kris Kringle (Minnie)
Chocolate Fondu set from Kris Kringle (Minnie)
Pokemon Sapphire from Ethan
Sailor Moon t-shirt from Ethan's parents (Cathy/Richard)
Rocky road from Ethans aunty (Melinda)
Make-up bag with nail polish & perfume from Ethans grandparents
Hello Kitty face mask from Tim/Lauren
Sailor Moon keychain from Tim/Lauren
FFXIV 60 timecard from work (Adrian)
Kaito t-shirt from work (Trishe)

I think that's everything. Hopefully I didn't forget anyone. Thanks all! :D


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