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  • Mon, 02:54: Boyfriend kept getting up complaining that it's too hot to sleep. I find him with a winter doona when I finally go to bed. *facepalm*

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  • Sat, 15:20: My boyfriend can't follow simple instructions I give him. I really wonder how he gets by at work.

  • Sat, 15:31: He's on struggle street trying to find terminal 4 at Melbourne airport. Such a nub cake. But a loveable nub cake.

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On the weekend Ethan took me to a bed and breakfast in sassafras. We stayed in this little cottage room that was French themed. We drank port and at chocolate. Then went and got some food to make dinner, Ethan made vegetarian lasagne for me. We drank wine. We had a spa bath. And then I got out of the bath, got really dizzy and spewed. I spent the rest of the evening not feeling too well, oops. We just relaxed and watched the Tales of Zestria anime. XD

Yesterday ( tues 18th Oct) was my actual birthday. My siblings came around for dinner. Mum made sausage / veggie rolls, Chez made veggie burgers, Ash made brownies and there was also cake. (I was still so full this morning that I skipped breakfast!).

We played some boardgames and lost at both of them, haha. Forbidden Desert and Pandemic : Cthulu version. I like these sort of board games where you have to work together to win rather than just roll dice and get to the end first.

Mum and Dad gave me some tea, a makeup bag, cleanser, mascara. Chez and Ash gave me a $20 EB Games card. Sam and Azz got me the Pokemon Go Plus accesory watch.

Jonathan was super jelly of my Pokemon watch. It's really funny that he's way more into Pokemon Go than me and was explaining how all the stats work when you get the team leaders to appraise your Pokemon. I gotta get some more levels up!
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  • Mon, 13:07: My boyfriend is such a nubcake. Has photoshop, indesign and revit open... blames bad internet connection for Overwatch running like shit

  • Mon, 13:08: I tell him to close all the programs and hey look at that, the game runs better! #facepalm #videogames

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Been catching up with Chez for some anime sessions the last two weeks. I've been home alone and have thursdays free at the moment. I've actually been missing Chez heaps since she moved out. So it's good just to hang out like we used to and talk about anime/games and marathon through something.

We started on Yowamushi Pedal yesterday and got through 12 episodes. Also watched the mermaid episode of Kono Danshi and that was super cute. It's always good to have a yaoi buddy to squee with over cute boys. XD

Last weekend it was Ethan's birthday. We went out to Fridays for lunch with friends. The food there is still overpriced and the burgers are better at Grill'd...but Ethan loves that place so yeah. Anyways, in the evening we went to the Peninsula Hot Springs and relaxed there. Ethan had invited other people but I think everyone was more keen for lunch and the springs are kinda pricey, however Jess (Duffy) and her boyfriend did catch up with at the springs, so that was cool. They came there last time we were there and staying in Rosebud but had to leave early because Andrew(?) was feeling sick with a bad headache/cold. So was good to have more of a chat with them this time.
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I had a busy weekend!

On friday I went to the Edinborough Tattoo military concert with Ethan as he got free tickets and and then we went to Beta Bar to meet up with some friends for Nato's birthday. I played a card game and some Smash there. Also had a nice cocktail called "Skull Kid" which was made from malibu, midori and pineapple juice.

On Saturday is was my sister Samantha's birthday. I went over to her house for some board games and BBQ lunch....and KITTENS! She has two kittens now, Bilbo and Leila, they are so precious! Later in the evening we went to see the Deadpool movie and it was pretty awesome.

Sunday was Valentines Day, so I met up with Ethan at Crown after he finished work in the afternoon. Played a little bit of roulette at Crown and then we went for a walk to find some food. Ended up at the Lindt Cafe on Southbank, got a nice salted caramel milkshake and a quiche. Then we headed back to Crown and played games at Galactic Circus. Ethan found an arcade version of Crossy Road and since he's pretty good at the game, got a whole bunch of prize tickets from it. Then we headed over to Elizabeth Murdoch Hall to see the Final Fantasy : A New World orchestral concert. Which was all sorts of excellent, was the best part of the day! We grabbed some quick food from TGI Fridays before they closed and then went back to Crown to play some more games at Galactic Circus, which resulted in more prize tickets and claiming and Deadpool bobble head figure.


Yesterday I had work at Tamarket, and while on my mail run I witnessed a fight on Bourke Street. Two men were kinda having words with fists up and people on the street were kinda hanging back. As I was getting closer to the Post Office I slowed down as well, wondering if it was safe to go past. A girl from the travel agent called out that she called the police. I hurried into the Post Office and as I was going in I heard shouting, so I hurried around to the window and saw the two men on the ground trying to strangle / punch each other. Crazily enough, a young woman jumped in and broke them up. It was amazing, she was so brave! One guy was bleeding from the mouth and the other guy's suit was all ripped. The guy who looked like he started it was still trying to go after the man in the suit and the girl was holding him back telling him to stop and it's not worth it. Eventually the not so well dressed man walked off and the girl and the man in the suit hung around until the police came.

I tried to take video but it's not very clear what is happening during the fight as there are too many people in the way. But I do have their faces clearly on camera after it broke up. But it's probably not such a serious matter that I need to do anything with it. But at the time I was thinking someone was gonna get choked to death on the street in broad daylight. It was so amazing that one girl jumps in while all these other men were standing around watching it happen. Ok so I'm not much better running inside and hiding by the window, but we all know I'm physically weak.

And just to top off the weekday weirdness, today while in Boronia getting petrol ~

Guy at the petrol station "ah the very hot chick with the very hot car!"
Me *laughs because I have no other response to that because I'm too socially awkward*

Seriously dude.... I'm sure you're just trying to give a compliment...but it does make a person feel a little uncomfortable when you don't know them to say it in that way.

After that he asked about what my numberplate meant. I said it means rabbit in Japanese of course. He then asks if I like rabbits..... "yeah they are cute"
Couldn't be bothered explaining the whole Sailor Moon thing XD
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Last saturday Ethan and I had a formal dinner to go to. Unfortunaley my friends were having a Halloween party on the same night and I would have rathered gone to that. But Ethan already bought the tickets for this formal ages ago and they were kinda expensive.

I went out and bought a new formal dress for $119 at Knox because well... I wanted a new one. I did recently buy a new dress for Chezzies wedding but I feel like you can't wear the same thing to events that are close together. XD

The food was alright, there was vegetarian stuff already pre-ordered for me. The drinks were free but they didn't have any muscato wine! I was driving home anyways, so I only had 2 drinks with dinner. There was a tonne of chocolates/lollies for dessert and I pinched the leftovers to take home.

I pinched some of the preview images from the photographers site. We did order a big print of the full body image.So I will scan that when we get it.

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Yesterday I went to Olinda Falls with Neil and Ethan. It was forecasted to rain but luckily the weather held out all afternoon and didn't rain until evening!


I wanted to try out some nature photography and Neil is always up for some photo hangouts and suggested we go to the falls in a recent discussion. So Ethan and I headed up to Neil's house on saturday afternoon, picked him up and then we all went to Olinda from there.

It's just a short walk from the car park to the falls but the path is a bit steep. Neil and I happily took photos while Ethan climbed around the rocks.

I tried out some 1 second exposures to get a fluffy water effect. I've been wanting to try out long exposures on water for a while.

On the way back to Neils house we briefly stopped off at the National Rhododendron Garden. They were closing up so we couldn't spend much time there. But since it's spring, the colors of the flowers were quite amazing to take a peek at!

We hung out at Neils house for some time afterwards and discussed some ideas for another photoshoot. Planning on doing some light painting in the future. Now that the weather is much nicer I feel more inspired to go outside!
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Even in my dreams I'm being haunted by this forboding sense of loneliness. I dreamt that I went to a shopping centre hoping I'd run into random people I knew.

Really looking forward to my holiday in Japan so I can relax, have fun and spend time with Ethan. It's hard to find time to see Ethan when we are both busy with work and he has university on top of that. Even on the weekends when we hang out, we're not really doing anything because half the time Ethan is trying to plow through an assignment. I like that we can at least just sit quietly together like that.

I feel like I need to start a sewing project but because I'm saving for Japan I can't really do any new cosplays that require purchases. I do remember buying some polar fleece ages ago that I wanted to make a hoody with. I should actually do that sometime. Hurrr.

Have a convention to work this weekend. Hope it does well, as Animaga is a new convention that just started last year. Since Manifest died it left a hole in the Melbourne anime con scene. So yeah, lots of stock packing to do tonight at work.
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Ethan got back today from America. (yay I missed him hehe)

We went to Knox for a late lunch and came back here to watch anime.

But he is so jetlagged, he fell asleep at 6pm. It's really funny when he's mega tired because he wakes up so confused about where he is and what time it is.

He got me all these presents!! There's 2 things that I forgot to put in the photo (manga).

2 Blankets with Star Wars M&M's and Las Vegas M&M's
Cat t-shirt
Free! singlet with Makoto
Free! tshirt with Rin, Makoto, Haru and Nagisa,
Jeans with a cool fluer-de-lis pattern on the pockets
Sailor Moon wallet
Sailor Moon trading cards
A necklace with a dreamcatcher
Sailor Moon manga volume 11 & 12

He said he felt bad that I couldn't come along so kept getting me something at every place. I feel spoiled but at the same time totally love it. <3

I would have loved to have gone but it's a bit too close to convention time, so I'd feel terrible leaving work unfinished to be rushed at the last minute. My job may only be casual but I do feel a responsibility to prioritise work around conventions. We have a new girl who's just started and this will be her first con with us, so I can't exactly leave everything to her yet.
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Went to see Mad Max Fury Road yesterday afternoon with Chez, Ash, Ash2 and Tim. It was really good! Lots of action and explosions, plus the girls were holding their own! Very refreshing to see girls taking part in the action and not just falling over and breaking an ankle.



Afterwards we went back to Chez's and watched some episodes of the X-files. I haven't seen that since it used to air on TV. It was one of those shows I watched randomly. Usually I was too scared to watch it all the time. But yeah, I have a curiosity for weird shit despite being a chicken. It's probably less scary now being dated. Apparently there is a new series coming and I'm interested to see that.

Although I have this problem with sticking to live action tv shows. I watch them for a few seasons, then they take the off peak break and I lose interest. Despite my love of superheroes I still haven't even watched Agents of Shield or the other shows that have popped up. I can't even be bothered to watch the new season of Game of Thrones because I'm sick of everyone dying. Although sometimes I read the spoilers people post.

My whole life I've been obsessed with animation to the point that real people shows are just filthy 3D's that can't hold my interest. Heheh I'm kidding... a little bit.

Anyways. On another topic. Ethan is flying to America tonight. So I'm going to be a bit lonely for the next week and a half. He's going with his family to see his Great Grandma for a few days, then do some touristy stuff in Las Vegas. He wanted me to come but I can't afford it. He offered to pay for the flights but the fact remains that if I don't go to work, I don't get paid. So I can't afford to take time off. Plus we are busy at work with Supanova Sydney packing, so the timing is bad too. Ohwell, there's still Japan.
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  • Sat, 12:16: Today I'm going to help my boyfriend do his uni homework. I love art history! :D (tbh I miss going to university and learning new things)

  • Sat, 12:22: Really loving @DanielJohnsHQ new album "Talk"!! So good hearing Daniel's awesome lyrics & voice again. <3

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We went to this laser tag event for Ethan's birthday where you shoot zombies. It was fun but a little disappointing in proportion to the price. Afterwards we went to dinner at TGI Fridays in the city at Melbourne Central. His friends decided to head home after dinner but we went to Crown for a little bit.
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I think this mobile phone stand is only being sold at the theatre in Japan when Code Geass - Akito the Exiled part 3 airs. *paws wistfully at screen* ;_;
It has been forever since any ‪‎Code Geass‬ merch came out. Probably good for my wallet at least.


I went to the movies last night with Ethan's family and ran into some friends there as well. We were seeing Avengers : Age of Ultron. Which was actually the second time I've seen it because I got to see it with work as well for our after-con treat! It's a good movie, although I find it weird that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver's origin has been changed. Instead of being mutants (and Magneto's children), they are twins who volunteered for an experiment and their powers were gained that way. Scarlet Witch seemed a bit nerfed compared to her comic counterpart, but early days I suppose....and we'll hopefully see her dish out more power in future Avengers movies.

I've barely seen Ethan lately because I've been working at conventions and now this week he has a tonne of university work to finish. I won't even get to see him on his birthday because he'll be in Geelong madly finishing an assignment that's due on friday. It sucks!! Although on the weekend we're going to play that Apocalypse laser tag game where you shoot zombies for his birthday and then going to have dinner at Fridays afterwards.
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Finally got to see Ethan today after months of him being away for work. We went out for lunch to Lobster Cave. It's this restaurant that Ethan loves but I'd never been there, it was ok but I didn't think it was anything amazing. I drank a bit too much wine and felt a little sick, so I couldn't finish my dessert. Suddenly I couldn't handle anything with a lot of flavour in it. I think it was a bit too hot inside the restaurant because once I was in the car with the aircon for a while I didn't feel so sick...or maybe I just needed some time to let everything settle.

After lunch we went back to Ethans and he pretty much had to go straight to the airport. Unfortunately Ethan has to go back to Darwin for another 2 weeks but then the job is done and we can hang out again like normal. It was a little sucky only getting to see him for like half a day because I was in Brisbane for the weekend to work at Supanova.

Supanova was good, we sold lots of stuff. Got to see 2 movies while I was up there, Hunger Games Mockinjay Part 1 and Interstallar. Also got to eat the amazingest creme brulee again. Last year at the casino we went into a place called Fat Noodle and had Jasmine Tea Creme Brulee and it was so delicious we ordered seconds. This year, they had Coconut Creme Brulee and it did no disappoint! Yummmm.

On the day we arrived in Brisbane there was this freak hail storm. At the time we were inside the mall and could hear the rain on the roof and heard thunder. We walked to the entrance and could see the crazy rain and hail. The roof started leaking in the supermarket and many other stores were flooded out.  The walkway outside was a massive puddle of ice slush. The hailstones were huge and knocked off a lot of the christmas baubles, which were floating down the walkway turned river.

Flooding on the bridge.

Some massive hailstones.

After setting up at the convention, we went to another Supermarket and they had a blackout. We had to shop in the dark, one of the store people led us around with a torch. We also used our torch phone apps to see.

The Treasury Casino is where Fat Noodle and Kitchen are. We usually end up here for food when we get out of the convention late because nothing else is open.
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Ethan will finally be back in the country next week. He's coming home to Melbourne for a weekend because he was supposed to get a free flight home for a break at some point in this deployment.....But he's been stuck on a boat for 2 months and now the whole thing is nearly over. But he still wants to claim that free flight and bring some of his stuff home so he doesn't have to do it all in one trip.

But guess what... the weekend he's back.... I'll be in Brisbane with work. Fuck! >_>
I'll get to see him a little bit on Tuesday I hope, as I get back on the Monday night. But he's flying back Tuesday night I think. So blaaahhhhhh.

Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire for 3DS come out today but I just spent like $1000 on cars this week so it will have to wait. Had my car serviced and got a new battery and also paid for new tyres on Dads Xtrail because I owed him monies from ages ago. Maybe I can scam Pokemon for Christmas or people will give me gift cards.

Not like I have any shortage of videogames to play though. I've been playing World of Warcraft - Warlords of Draenor mostly this week. I like the Garrison system, it kinda feels like the old Warcraft games where you'd build your base up. I seem to have not gotten many followers yet for the missions, so I might have to do some specific quest lines to find them. I'm only level 92 so I'm just plodding along. I'm never really the type to race to max level and burn myself out on the game.

Ethan and I are going to plan a holiday for January when he gets back. He seems kinda fixated on Dubai because apparently some friends sister can get cheap flight tickets but I don't think it will work out that way. But we'll see. I don't have much money saved up so I really just want to go to Queensland and sit on a beach drinking cocktails.

I might get to go to Japan again around May for another work trip. I've been trying to cut down on my figure pre-orders, so going to Japan next time should be quite bountiful next time. Of course there's a few things I can't resist ordering. I just recently got Haru and Mako from Free! and they are HOT! There's a few more things coming this month and maybe one more next month.... and I think that's it for this years orders. I do have some Sailor Moon lockets ordered for next year and a Homura nendo... ok maybe I'm not that good at breaking my habit of spending all my money on little plastic things.

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  • Mon, 09:52: Blog Update: Seven Deadly Sins - Shirtless Meliodas and Ban: Episodes 4 and 5 of Nanatsu no Taizai have a bit ... http://t.co/CTw762bIzm

  • Mon, 11:57: I'm so anxious. I haven't heard from my boyfriend in a few days. He's at sea and I have no other way of contacting him :(

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  • Fri, 15:29: Ethan injured his hand yesterday and now I can't stop worrying. I'd feel better if I could just see him. Ughhh long distance sucks!

  • Sat, 02:05: Really warm night, it's hard to sleep when it still feels like day. Should pass out from exhaustion soon enough I hope!

  • Sat, 10:45: There was a big drama llama issue on facebook yesterday afternoon that I didn't really get involved in, yet I've been deleted anyways.

  • Sat, 10:46: Feel kinda disappointed that people won't just stop crucifying each other over stupid little things.

  • Sat, 10:55: RT @2tohei: ホビーストックさんブースにてfigma橘真琴&七瀬遙展示中です! 是非実物をみにきてください! #AGF #TV_Free http://t.co/yBg2bPd9rL

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Anniversary's are kind of uneventful when you're separated by an ocean. However, Ethan was able to call me a few times today because the boat has landed in Singapore. Yay we actually get to speak in real time!

Aaaand on the last call, he tells me that today he cut his hand on a piece of metal garbage and had to get 10 stitches. Can somebody please wrap that boy in bubble wrap and post him back to me please?

He may get flown straight back to Darwin from Singapore instead of being on the boat again for weeks. Because he hurt his right hand, he's all bandaged up and can't do anything. Seriously, he's so accident prone I knew he'd hurt himself somehow on this thing.


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