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  • Fri, 12:06: I keep having nostalgia trip dreams about PSO .. probably because I keep listening to the soundtrack while I sleep. #videogames

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  • Tue, 10:37: So I had this weird dream about ghosts coming out of vaginas. It was creepy at the time but now it just sounds lewd. #wtf

  • Tue, 16:45: Why can't I work a normal work day? I spend the last few hours working like a snail because my attention span is gooooone.

  • Tue, 16:48: Yet when the start work in the afternoon I can power on till late at night.

  • Tue, 17:26: Omg finally got Pikachu! Was totally worth stopping at the park on the way home! #pokemonhttps://t.co/TTwkpd8hnz

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I had this dream where all this spooky shit was happening. It's like I was in this place where you know strange encounters are going to happen. I recall seeing something like a ghost and in another part trying to escape a burning building. But the most interesting thing was when a dinosaur was chasing me I had the thought.. "I don't want to run, I want to ride it!" and then I was riding the dinosaur. And I didn't wake up, I kept dreaming. I don't think I was fully aware I was dreaming but I had this sense that I could control what I didn't like.

I have a feeling this kind of dream came about because I've been watching Mayoiga this anime season, which is a mystery / spooky kind of show where the characters see their trauma's in the form of monsters while they are seemingly trapped in a lost village. The name of the show means Lost Village btw.
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Just before I woke up this morning at fuck-off-o'clock, I dreamt I came to some groups secret hideout and just beyond lay the ruins of a Mayan / Aztec looking city. The sky was covered in a purple haze, like a miasma. I wanted to go explore but the people I was with warned me that the place was haunted and dangerous. But still I wanted to go see it so badly, I woke up as I was entering the area with a group of people and one of my party became posessed.

And then, I couldn't really get back to sleep. So I was awake around 7am on a saturday morning... fucking great :/
Tried to go back to sleep until like 8.45 and finally got up annoyed.

Now my anxiety is playing up so I'm probably going to take my meds.
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Even in my dreams I'm being haunted by this forboding sense of loneliness. I dreamt that I went to a shopping centre hoping I'd run into random people I knew.

Really looking forward to my holiday in Japan so I can relax, have fun and spend time with Ethan. It's hard to find time to see Ethan when we are both busy with work and he has university on top of that. Even on the weekends when we hang out, we're not really doing anything because half the time Ethan is trying to plow through an assignment. I like that we can at least just sit quietly together like that.

I feel like I need to start a sewing project but because I'm saving for Japan I can't really do any new cosplays that require purchases. I do remember buying some polar fleece ages ago that I wanted to make a hoody with. I should actually do that sometime. Hurrr.

Have a convention to work this weekend. Hope it does well, as Animaga is a new convention that just started last year. Since Manifest died it left a hole in the Melbourne anime con scene. So yeah, lots of stock packing to do tonight at work.
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  • Mon, 10:44: Went from dreaming about kittens to being chased by zombie cowboys. O_o


Dec. 30th, 2009 09:13 am
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Yesterday I had one of those weird dreams where I thought I woke up but was actually still dreaming. Ranma was banging on my door and I "wake up" and look outside my window. It's sunny but a giant black cloud is drifting passed and I think "here comes the thunderstorm!" and then walk out of my room, I expected to see Ranma sitting outside the door but he wasn't there, I walk into the lounge room and look out the windows to the balcony and the sky is becoming all covered with the dark clouds. It wasn't until Ranma banged on the door again and I woke up for real to the sound. It was strange to feel like I was just awake and standing in the loungeroom and then suddenly I'm in my bed.

Then lastnight I had a dream where was kinda blanked out and sleepy in my dream. It was like I'd actually had a nap while I was dreaming. If I can sleep within a dream, can I dream within a dream?
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I was dreaming about cosplay and Manifest.  I dreamt I was there on the friday night (which I've never been to) and wasn't in cosplay.  But me and Chez were planning on going as Gaara and Naruto the next day.  Although in reality we aren't wearing those costumes this year, lol.  I guess I just dream about that costume because I've worn it so much and love it to death.  Anyways on my return to the car park the dream took a weird turn and there was all these thugs blocking the car park saying you needed some sort of ID card to enter, even though you didn't when we parked there earlier.  Something happened and we ran inside with them chasing us and then I decided I had mutant powers and could stop time, so I froze the mofos and we got into the car and hooned away... and then I can't really remember what happened but I think we were still being chased and finding somewhere to hide before I woke up. It wasn't quite lucid dreaming but deciding I suddenly had powers to stop time was close.  Usually in dreams I have flight or telekinisis.

I played lots of World of Warcraft over the weekend, it was fun.  I went from level 38 to 41 which made some good progress.  Although I'm still miles behind everyone else with their level 80's.  It will take me a longgggg time to get that far.

Yesterday afternoon we went to Aunty Cheryl's & Uncle Hans' for afternoon tea to celebrate a few birthdays.  I ate so much sweet stuff, it was awesome.  Eden and Maliah had pink tutus on that they got for christmas, it was really cute.
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I dreamt that we had a little grey kitten that wouldn't grow.  It had gotten hurt and we used a healing spell (lol I don't play too many video games!) and after that it stayed kitten size!  I also dreamt that I was staying over at someones house and had Ranma with me.... if I did that for real he would freak out!

I slept till 10am this morning (after going to bed around 12.30am).  I must still be catching up on sleep from the weekend.  I woke up for a little bit when Mum and Chez were leaving as Mum came to ask me if I could get Chez from school this afternoon, then I crashed right back to sleep. 

I found a program for generating drop down menus for websites yesterday.  I'll be messing about with it more today, hopefully it can do everything I want and integrate nicely with whatever I design.
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Another dream entry.  I dreamt I was at a shop that had heaps of Naruto clothing.  I had all this stuff with Gaara on it of course, even Gaara underwear!  I had one Gaara sock in my hand and was searching through the display for the other one when a guy next to me tried to steal it off me coz he had the other one... but I won :3  But its all moot because it's not real ;_;  I also dreamt I was on a boat that got ship wrecked and it had no life jackets and I was freaking out trying to radio for help.. and somehow the boat belonged to one of the Princes of England and he was there.. but I don't remember if it was William or Harry.  Then I dreamt that my house was in some other location and someone had broken into my room and trashed it, I was looking out the window at some of my stuff thrown out there and saw Lee (a friend from TAFE) and told him about it and that he should go check on his house and make sure his girlfriend and their kids are ok.

And now that I'm in the real world,  I better dash off to work!
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I'm getting close to lucid dreaming.  Sometimes I know I'm in a dream and can start to control things but its often before I'm about to wake up so it doesn't last long.

I was having a nightmare last night, I realised it was only a dream and forced myself to wake up.  I can't remember what was happening but it was hard to get to sleep again for a little while because I didn't want to go back into that bad dream. 

So I was like 'ok focus on something good' and started thinking about Gaara & Naruto getting married.  I fell back to sleep and had this cracky dream that didn't turn out the way I was trying to manipulate.  It was like I was watching Naruto fillers... baaaad fillers.  There was some filler chick chasing Gaara around because apparently they had been engaged/betrothed/whatever as kids but she had fucked off when he went psycho!Gaara but now coz he is an adorable kind Kazekage she was trying to crack onto him.  And yeah filler characters suck... and I like yaoi.  I think Naruto may have been jealous.. but since I thought I was watching TV, prolly no real yaoi was gonna happen.

I must perfect manipulating what I'm going to dream of :D
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Jeebus, I just got the biggest fright! My light globe just shorted out and rained down sparks almost right on top of me ;_;  Now my room smells like burning and I've got anxiety.

I've been playing Wii Fit every day since I got it.  When I don't have much time I just do the body test but most days I do the training for 15-20 mins.  I played for 25 mins tonight and I feel puffed out now!  My weight keeps going up and down all the time but it's never gone over the original weight from the first day, so I hope thats a good sign.

Indiana Jones 4 lastnight was a fun movie.  I love all the scenery of ancient ruins, even if it is just fake in a movie it sparks my curiosity. 

Consequently I dreamt lastnight about some sort of ruins on an island.. the ruins had water running all through them, there was a throne that was like a fountain, it was cool but you kinda need my imagination to appreciate it I suppose.

I bought Eternal Sonata for Xbox 360 off ebay lastnight because it was cheap.  Today I bought some wigs for cosplay off ebay.  And thats my splurge for the fortnight done.
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LOL I'm such a retard - I just posted this to a community instead of my own journal because the program I use (Deepest Sender) remembers the last journal I posted to.  I have done that before too... I really should have remembered to switch it back to my journal.. doh.


I woke up this morning with my nose dripping snot... and it's been that way all day! Eww! But it was bound to happen with the temperatures dropping lower and winter approaching fast. Seasonal shifts = I get a cold.

I slowly got through my work today but everything is sorted for now. I was slacking off here and there looking at stuff on the internet. But now that its out of the way I can relax and stop stressing!

Looks like I'll need to rest a bit this weekend having caught a cold and all.

I remembered a dream - cut for sexual stuff )
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Another hot one today.. and I spent it working :(

It rained a bit this afternoon and its cooled down now... hopefully I can get enough sleep tonight because today I was totally buggered.

I was dreaming about kittens lastnight... pink, green and blue kittens... not full on colors... but white with those tinges!  I can see colors in my dreams... but I've heard that lots of people can only see black and white?  What do you guys see?!
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I slept in till 10am.

I was having some epic dream about saving the world and trying to break into some building and find/stop something.  And it seems I overcame my enemies by seducing them.  But I think I was partly lucid dreaming because it started to become like I was practicing a performance with other actors. lolz

Anyways, today I've been playing Uzumaki Chronicles and I completed the game. Now you can select Gaara as a support character, weeee :D  Not that I'm gonna play through the whole game again... but I played far enough to get a mission where I can select support characters just so I could go "weeee I'm Gaara!" :D

The 2nd last boss fight against Kabuto & big fat guy was harder than the last boss fight against Orochimaru.  Oro just teleports around a lot and is annoying to catch but I beat him first shot.

I wonder if I replay the whole game through.. what happens when I get to the parts where I had to fight Gaara?  I had to fight him only twice, but the 2nd time was during the final mission. hmmmm.

It's a pretty short game, I had about 13 hours clocked on the save file.
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I was dreaming that Gaara was organising Naruto's underwear drawer.

I think that must have come about because lastnight I was re-reading a few chapters of fanfic called Triptych by mahoganyrose, where Gaara is a clean freak and proceeds to clean up Naruto's apartment.


Yesterday I went to see Tash about costume stuffs.  Then went and set up Granpas new computer - were bogpond decided to crap out right when I wanted to install the modem it seemed.  After numerous attempts it installed and the internet worked for a whole of 2 minutes before it crapped out again.  Dear Telstra Bigbond, you suck.  At home later, watched some more Tsubasa Chronicle with Chez, bummed around on the net and watched various cartoons on Adult Swim.

I have the inhaler for my cough now and I feel so nerdy.
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hmmmm it seems I need way more glue in my paper mache mix, it finally dried today while I was out but it seems to be all flaking off instead of staying down.  The mix I made was wayyyyy too watery to be 50/50 (i just guessed the amount of glue I'd put in and after seeing how much is left in the bottle it totally wasn't enough).  It could probably do with more paper to hold together better too.

I keep having Naruto dreams.  The other day I dreamt that Naruto, Sakura and Gaara were fighting Orochimaru.

Lastnight I dreamt that Gaara crushed some random ninja to death with sand in my kitchen <3


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