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  • Tue, 16:33: I have a butt cramp from sitting at work coding HTML

  • Tue, 21:17: Ordered my PAX Australia weekend pass! It's a while away but looking forward to the games!

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  • Mon, 11:37: Madfest Perth is over and I'm enjoying being lazy today. It's a public holiday so we can't courier our stuff back till tomorrow.

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Been pretty busy the last few weeks. Had two conventions to work. Supanova Sydney and Supanova Perth.

In Sydney we stayed at the Pullman hotel which is just a quick walk away from the convention and we got to eat a proper breakfast each morning. It seemed a bit quieter this year at Sydney, I think they are spoiled for choice with conventions at the moment, plus the vendors hall was quite massive which spreads the sales out. But we still did alright.

On the monday after the con, we went to visit Lindsay, who has been quite sick all this year as he's recieving treatment for luekemia. He's near the end of the kemo treatment, so hopefully he will get an all clear soon. He's hoping he'll be able to come to Smash! in a few months. But yeah, was good to actually see him after worrying from afar.

The weekend after was Perth Supanova, which was actually quite busy for us. I had a look around the con and there wasn't many other anime traders. I usually don't buy anything from the cons these days unless other stalls have Sailor Moon stuff I don't have. The stall next to us had some gashapon machines with the diecast charms, so I got some of those but got doubles. I got Uranus' transformation wand which is now on my laptop bag. I'll probably give the double to Chez, since she likes Uranus too.

I stayed a few extra days in Perth since it was cheaper for work to fly me home later in the week and we weren't paying for accomodation, since we were staying at Adrian's sisters house. We hung out with Steve and Aki and saw movies mostly. I got along really well with Steve's wife Kylie because I discovered she likes Scarling and Jack Off Jill! :D

I bought a PS4 game called Talos Principle from EB. I've never seen it in stores before, it's a puzzle game and looked interesting.

Flew home on thursday night. Went out for brunch with Ethan on Friday before work. And now he will be away 2 weeks with work. lol.

I bought Overwatch for PC yesterday while I was out getting dinner last night....and a blue case decoration for my PS4. There's lots more games I want but I should probably play the lot I have for now. Been playing my alt a lot on FFXIV, got him to 60.

I want to play more of Life is Strange but I have to wait for Ethan to get back. We've played through chapter 4, I think there might be one more left.

Have to go to a family thing this afternoon, uggghh kids parties, why did I agree? I really just want to see Michelle.
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I haven't been really excited for cosplay in a while because I'm not particularly obsessed with any new characters. That and the exchange rate is fucking horrible right now, so any characters I sort of like, aren't that appealing when I have to add 30% on top of the price of the costume, wigs etc. Which is just uggghhhh no.

I am trying to save money this year but I haven't really saved anything, but I have paid off a chunk of my credit card so that's a plus. So at least I'm saving money on interest fees.

I might go to OzComicCon with Ethan... will probably just wear whatever costumes in my cupboard. Not like I don't have any XD

I'll be working at Sydney Supanova and Perth Supanova in a few weeks. Already stressed. This stupid box factory stuffed our order up so now we gotta do all this extra shit to have them pick it up, fix it, then deliver it again.
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  • Tue, 23:35: Rested at home today after working all weekend. Had a big anime binge trying to catch up on all my shows!


Sep. 8th, 2015 12:00 pm
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Working a convention a week after having surgery probably wasn't the best timing in the world. But I've got so much other shit happening this month and then going to Japan next month that I really just wanted it done ASAP instead of prolonging the stress.

So yeah, while I feel like I recovered pretty well earlier in the week, once all the box movin and stall setup needed to be done I was a bit sore at the end of each day, I guess moving around a lot will flare up a wound. Supposedly it doesn't fully heal for quite a few weeks.

We got Toru Furuya a 6 pack of beer as a present for signing all our stuff, as we were told he loves beer. I always feel pretty weird and awkward whenever I go to signings.

It was absolutely freezing this weekend, so I was perfectly comfortable wearing kigurumi's at Animaga.

I felt a bit forlorn about being stuck working and not being able to take the time to enjoy con events like I used to. Mostly because the events stage was right across from us and I really just wanted to watch the cosplay comp instead of watching the stall... I really miss taking photos too. Ethan was there on saturday but I couldn't really talk to him because I had so many customers demanding attention. He was an absolute champ and bought me some hot food too.

But anyways, this is my job for now and I do love selling products that I collect myself. Although I'll keep poking around for full time work... and perhaps one day become and 9-5 robot that can actually afford things like everyone else.. either that or hit some entrepreneur gold mine of an idea. Hah.
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Even in my dreams I'm being haunted by this forboding sense of loneliness. I dreamt that I went to a shopping centre hoping I'd run into random people I knew.

Really looking forward to my holiday in Japan so I can relax, have fun and spend time with Ethan. It's hard to find time to see Ethan when we are both busy with work and he has university on top of that. Even on the weekends when we hang out, we're not really doing anything because half the time Ethan is trying to plow through an assignment. I like that we can at least just sit quietly together like that.

I feel like I need to start a sewing project but because I'm saving for Japan I can't really do any new cosplays that require purchases. I do remember buying some polar fleece ages ago that I wanted to make a hoody with. I should actually do that sometime. Hurrr.

Have a convention to work this weekend. Hope it does well, as Animaga is a new convention that just started last year. Since Manifest died it left a hole in the Melbourne anime con scene. So yeah, lots of stock packing to do tonight at work.
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Got home last night from Sydney. Smash! was good, sold lots of stuff and the customers were nice. Saturday was completely hectic having to set up everything in the morning and when the doors opened to the attendee's we still weren't completely ready. We just haphazardly pushed all our unsorted stock inside the booth. It was a bit of a mess!
The most stressful part of the weekend was dealing with the couriers to deliver and then pick up our stuff at the right time. Border Express in Sydney are so disorganized. They can't fathom that a booked time is important because we only have access to the venue at certain times. Argh! They really caused me a whole lot of unnecessary grief....and lack of sleep.
So yeahhhhh, it's not all fun and games working as a convention vendor.
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Had a little bit of work left to do for Mandy and she said she needed it by 12 noon Monday... and sent me this info on Sunday. So I stayed up late to work on it a bit then finished it off in the morning by 11am. *phew* Was a bit exhausting to not get a good nights sleep after being sick all weekend.

I missed out on Oz Comic Con because I was sick and know I needed to rest. I would have liked to have gone so kinda bummed I got sick. But on the other hand, I got to level 56 in FFXIV Heavensward. So the weekend wasn't a total lost cause! Smashing out the story quests and having fun exploring the new areas.

I was feeling kinda lonely though because Ethan went to the con on saturday and then out with friends afterwards. It feels kinda shit when you know a bunch of friends are all having fun and you're at home feeling like a snot machine. There's this part of me that wants to be babied and looked after when I'm sick.... and it doesn't happen because I'm an adult and no one gives a shit about sick adults.

Went to work (Tamarket) this afternoon for just a few hours. Only a little bit of work this week in the wake of the con. The figure shelves are looking somewhat empty with all the stock sent off to Supanova. However I did take the opportunity to unearth some hidden products from the back that were not on the website and get them cataloged. 
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I remember thinking a few weeks ago that it has been a while since I caught a cold and that I'd probably not be able to escape being sick this winter. Low and behold I have some downtime from work after Supanova Sydney and I woke up yesterday with a blocked nose. Felt progressively worse over the day and even more gross today.

I was planning to go to Oz Comic Con on the weekend just for something to do as I rarely get to go to conventions as a regular attendee anymore, but I'm going to give it a miss now. I don't want to be one of those inconsiderate people that goes to a big event while sick and get's everyone else sick as well. Sooo it's a weekend inside for me.

Guess I'll just have to play FFXIV Heavensward!! XD

I was going to call up and book that specialist appointment but it's 5pm already. oops. Really should get on that next week.

Ethan and I spent a lot of time yesterday researching hotels for Japan. So far we're planning to stay in Osaka for the first 4 days, so we'll just get a connecting flight when we arrive. Then we'll head to Tokyo for the rest of the trip. The flight from Narita to Osaka is booked. Still haven't booked the hotels because we were having trouble finding something with a good location and price. We will probably comprimise on location, since it's pretty cheap just to catch a train into the city centers. 
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  • Mon, 17:19: JB HiFi in Sydney has a hilarious solution for traded in games that are missing the cover.… https://t.co/bUAnBml4eG

  • Tue, 01:16: Home after being away for the weekend in Sydney. It seemed less busy at Sydnova this year.

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I had a customer go "Oh look it's Minecraft crossed with Sword Art Online" in reference to the puchibitto style phone straps ..... I died a little inside that someone obviously have had no knowledge of Atari, NES and Master System games (and then some). So sick of these fake gamer boys!!!

We also had some hipster customer that actually proclaimed he no longer liked a series because it got popular. Biggest facepalm goes out to those "special snowflakes". Bitch please. Either you like something or you don't, letting other people influence that makes you a gigantic tool.

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Last week at the office was a crazy last minute rush of getting stock ready for Supanova Melbourne. On the night we had to pick up the van, we accidently got locked out of the office and had to go pick up the spare keys from Trishe's place, having to wake up her poor husband at 3am, because Trishe herself was actually overseas. OTL. That night I got home at 5.30am because after getting the keys, I still had to load the van with all the boxes. I was wrecked. And of course the next day I had to set up the stall for Supanova. More wrecked. Then I worked the Saturday/Sunday at the convention all day, as well as spending Saturday evening grabbing more stock from the office to restock for Sunday and then Sunday night was spent packing down the stall. Ultra mega wrecked.

It's wednesday and I'm still feeling tired. I had monday off and spent some time with Ethan, after not seeing him all week due to work. We went out for dinner then came home and watched tv shows snuggled in bed. Watched some anime and also a bit of the new Daredevil live action series.

Yesterday I had work but it was fairly relaxed, I just had to pack stock to go on the plane to Queensland, for Gold Coast Supanova this weekend. The rest of our stuff already got couriered straight from Melb to Gold Coast. After work we went and watched Fast & Furious 7. It was pretty crazy cool bullshit action. Not heavy on story, as those kinda movies are for boneheads afterall. But knowing that the actor Paul Walker had passed away, did make the send off of his character a little bit sad. But they did it in a nice way.

Today my car is getting looked at *again* because it's being a shit and making horrible high pitched squeeling noises and all the dash lights have come on again. I have a feeling the alternator is fucked or the belt is coming loose. The weekend just gone, I didn't drive my car at all because I was worried it might break down due to these problems, so I've been swapping cars with Dad and taking the X-trail. Luckily he works for himself, so during the weekdays he'd just go get work done early and bring the car back for me to head off to work in the afternoon. I'm so grateful that my parents are so helpful when it comes to borrowing their car because I'm seriously terrified of catching the train home at night.

Flying off to Queensland on friday for Gold Coast Supanova work. I love Queensland!
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Finally got to see Ethan today after months of him being away for work. We went out for lunch to Lobster Cave. It's this restaurant that Ethan loves but I'd never been there, it was ok but I didn't think it was anything amazing. I drank a bit too much wine and felt a little sick, so I couldn't finish my dessert. Suddenly I couldn't handle anything with a lot of flavour in it. I think it was a bit too hot inside the restaurant because once I was in the car with the aircon for a while I didn't feel so sick...or maybe I just needed some time to let everything settle.

After lunch we went back to Ethans and he pretty much had to go straight to the airport. Unfortunately Ethan has to go back to Darwin for another 2 weeks but then the job is done and we can hang out again like normal. It was a little sucky only getting to see him for like half a day because I was in Brisbane for the weekend to work at Supanova.

Supanova was good, we sold lots of stuff. Got to see 2 movies while I was up there, Hunger Games Mockinjay Part 1 and Interstallar. Also got to eat the amazingest creme brulee again. Last year at the casino we went into a place called Fat Noodle and had Jasmine Tea Creme Brulee and it was so delicious we ordered seconds. This year, they had Coconut Creme Brulee and it did no disappoint! Yummmm.

On the day we arrived in Brisbane there was this freak hail storm. At the time we were inside the mall and could hear the rain on the roof and heard thunder. We walked to the entrance and could see the crazy rain and hail. The roof started leaking in the supermarket and many other stores were flooded out.  The walkway outside was a massive puddle of ice slush. The hailstones were huge and knocked off a lot of the christmas baubles, which were floating down the walkway turned river.

Flooding on the bridge.

Some massive hailstones.

After setting up at the convention, we went to another Supermarket and they had a blackout. We had to shop in the dark, one of the store people led us around with a torch. We also used our torch phone apps to see.

The Treasury Casino is where Fat Noodle and Kitchen are. We usually end up here for food when we get out of the convention late because nothing else is open.


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