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Code Geass gets Lelouch & Suzaku "The Kiss" rings. SuzaLulu confirmed canon.

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I went and bought a new motherboard from MSY the other day and started putting everything together last night. I finished off the rest of it this morning and after being afraid to boot it up for a little while, I pressed the power button and was relieved to see that everything was working. Installed windows 10 and then had to head off for work.

Tonight when I got home I installed a few drivers and then copied Overwatch over. OMG IT'S SO MUCH BETTER! You notice all these tiny little details that just aren't there on low settings. Plus it's way easier for me to move around and aim at people now.

I still have a few non-essential parts to buy and add to it. Monitor, speakers, extra HDD, mechanical keyboard.
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I started building my computer today and made a horrible mistake. I broke the pins for the cpu on the motherboard. I got a piece of cloth a bit to close to it when wiping up some thermal paste and it caught on them. I wasn't thinking properly because I was just worried the thermal paste was gonna goop all over the place. One pin got pulled up a bit and some where out of whack, I tried pushing them all back in line but nothing is working. Visually it looks ok but I've probably fucked some connections. It seems like everything else on the computer is powered up, fans are spinning, but there's nothing coming up on the monitor.

I'm pretty upset because that's money totally down the drain. I really just want to cry but I'm trying to brush it off. I'll have to wait and buy another motherboard. Probably a cheaper one that what I had originally.

It seems to be a pretty common problem when people build their own computers. But I still feel ten tonnes of shame.

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  • Thu, 00:51: Motherboard arrived today. I will start building my computer tomorrow!

  • Thu, 01:26: Why are Lazy Town memes back? I feel like I've gone back in time, haha

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I go back to work tomorrow. Slightly groaning but I need money, buying stuff is good. XD

Over the last week it has been pretty warm and I went in the pool a lot. Perfect way to spend a chilled out summer break from work. Had friends over on sunday and we played board games. We lost at both Ghost Stories and Pandemic Cthulu, haha. I forget the name of the game we played first, but we managed to beat that one.

Been buying up computer parts and got a power supply from Tim for Christmas. Last part I need for the box is the mobo, which I ordered online from Shoppingexpress because MSY didn't have it. It was $50+ more at most other stores. ShoppingExpress had it around the same price as MSY, they have a 50/50 reputation but I'll try them out to save some money. I paid with paypal so I can always file a claim if things go to shit.

Once the motherboard arrives then I should be able to piece everything together and install windows, temp using my old 4:3 monitor until I can buy a widescreen. New monitor shouldn't be too far off once work money starts coming in again.

I bought Undertale the other week in the steam sales. I've had this craving for old style RPG's. I played it a tiny bit yesterday for the first time and it's pretty cute and quirky. I don't really know what I'm doing, it doesn't spoon feed you much information on how to battle and I'm just learning as I go along.
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  • Mon, 13:07: My boyfriend is such a nubcake. Has photoshop, indesign and revit open... blames bad internet connection for Overwatch running like shit

  • Mon, 13:08: I tell him to close all the programs and hey look at that, the game runs better! #facepalm #videogames

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I teamed up with Chez & Tim in Overwatch last night and they taught me a few things. We had quite a few close matches, which were fun. Here's a pic of Tim claiming victory by standing on the car XD

To run the game effeciently I have to put it on low settings. And even then I see my framerate dipping pretty low (number in top right, from my video capture program). My Sony Vaio is a few years old now, so I'm hitting upgrade time.

I really prefer laptops over towers because they take up less space. A decent gaming laptop will cost me around $2000 ... but I guess if I was building a whole new tower it would cost me the same because I need *everything* (case, monitor, keyboard and all the internal parts like RAM, CPU, Videocard). But I'll have to do some calculations. If the difference is only a few hundred dollars, I'd rather a laptop for convenience of portability.

I'm always writing about wanting to buy expensive things.... haha. I still want a tablet but I might put that on hold and go for a new computer first.
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So looks like I'm going to be moving my room back downstairs, or to 2 rooms more precisely. Probably going to stick my bed in the small purple room and put my computer / tv and figure collection into the larger room (which was orignally my room when we first moved here.) I'll have more storage space and it will be warmer for winter / cooler in summer in those rooms.

The main reason is that Mum / Dad wanted to use one of the bedrooms as another entertainment room for the pool table or a car/train track set and it makes more sense to use the uptairs bedroom which is right next to the big loungeroom and bar area. So yeah, Dad just needs to finish painting the room downstairs and I've gotta sort out all the old toys in the cupboards.

Today we had to make sure the ethernet port still worked, coz dad had changed the wall plate, so we had to thread the wire back in and stuff. Tested it with a laptop and crossover cable and it's all good (I initially tried a regular straight cable but that didn't work - I can't remember how me and Jon wired up that cable / wallplate originally). Might need to put some sort of switch down there though for my game consoles. I'm rusty on my networking ( I was originally thinking I needed a hub but after reading up, remembered that switch is the better one). Might get something that will also extend the wifi signal downstairs better. I will have to do some more research. But lately our wifi signal has been getting really shit but anything connected with ethernet is fine.

Mum was all antsy about whether to sell this house but now the prospect of setting up rooms differently has her settled here again. lol.

And yeah yeah as much as I'd like to move out, it's just so expensive. So I'll stay here for some time more.....
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  • Sat, 20:15: How to have your Saturday completely ruined: have family coming over on Sunday and your mother psychotically cleaning and cooking.

  • Sat, 21:59: My mum has been vacuuming the same room for about 3 hours

  • Sat, 22:15: Trying to play a PC game : spend an hour trying to get it to work or downloading updates, spend less than 30 mins playing it. #videogames

  • Sat, 22:17: My mouse is borked, it was to double click everything. At least I have a spare wireless one that I use for my PS4.

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Got home around 2am lastnight after driving home from airport/office. Didn't go to sleep until around 4am. Was having a chat with Tim on Line while he sorted stuff for moving house.

Woke up this morning around 9, fed Ranma and then went back to sleep until 11am. So good to be in my own bed.

When I got up I spent the afternoon being mad at my computer. I'd upgraded it to Windows 10 last week and at first it seemed ok but I was noticing that whenever i left my computer idle for a while, it would be crashed when I came back. Because I was so busy last week, I had only used my computer in short bursts and it seemed to be working fine aside from the crashes in sleep mode. But today after trying to do my usual things, it started crashing. Rebooting everytime took ages too. It was pissing me off to no end, so I rolled back to Windows 8.1. Busting my balls all weekend as Brisnova has me in short fuse mode. I honestly can't be bothered to suffer through until they fix the issues with Windows 10.... or I fix them myself via reading forum after forum. Yeah nah, can't be fucked when I had a perfectly stable OS in 8.1. Once I got my computer back in working order, I spent the evening playing FFXIV.

I haven't seen Ethan for like 2 weeks because he was away with army shit and I was in Brisbane when he got home on sunday, it will be 3 weeks by the time I see him on thursday evening. It's not like I'm upset, it's just hard to have a relationship when you've got no time or energy. And sometimes I wonder if I should be upset? But being upset won't change the fact that we have to go to work I suppose.
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Laptop charging up now. Back to surfing the internet the proper way.

I was playing FFXIV the other day on my PS4, but because I haven't bought the PS4 version of the expansion, I couldn't access any of the Heavensward content, including getting any EXP past level 50. So I was working on some lowbie jobs. I love playing on the TV because it looks great on a bigger screen, but I find the controls still kinda awkward, since I sit on my bed it isn't an ideal way to use a mouse. And I haven't quite got the hang of switching between the keyboard and controller. Anyways can play on my laptop again now.

Also I had to watch anime via Crunchyroll on the PS4 while my laptop was down. It was a little cumbersome because the app sometimes crashes when it goes to an ad break. Also the ad breaks on Crunchyroll are like the same commercial repeated over 3 times, for 3 break spots. So you see the same ad like 9 times in one episode. And if the app crashes, and you want to fast forward back to where you were up to, you are forced to stop and watch the ads at the ad slots and can't skip through them. The ad wasn't even for anything anime related, was for some shit show on netflix. Occasionally I got an ad for anime on Crunchyroll but that was too few. Ad breaks really just signify that its time to pull out your phone and check facebook :3 Occasionally the app does remember where you were up to in an episode. So yeah, it seems their tactic to get people to buy a paid account these days is to just drive them bonkers.

I am slowly recovering from the con plague I came down with last week. I feel a bit lethargic and keep eating sugary things to feel like I have energy. Have slight sniffles/cough still. Dad is down with the cold this week, Mum was down with a cold the week before me. So yeah, we've all been sick here at home. At least we should all be feeling a lot better by next monday, which is my sisters wedding.
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Chez had a minor meltdown after a gem fell out of her tiara headpiece. Poor thing came over and cried her eyes out, but she came to me because she knew I would fix it. Of course I had glue just perfect for the job laying around. I felt relieved that I could sort it out for her and she felt better.

Sometimes I wonder why people dream about getting married when it all seems like such a pain in the ass to organise. And it costs so much money. Uwah.

Since Ethan and I have almost been together 3 years, a few people are giving us the *nudge nudge, wink wink* routine. It's not like I don't want to be with Ethan for a long time to come. But neither of us are particularly keen on the idea of marriage right now.
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Almost had a mental meltdown because I thought my laptop was dead. After some tinkering it looks like my charger cable is dying, internal wiring must be loose. Got it working for now but should probably check where I can buy a Sony Vaio charger. The official Sony website doesn't seem to actually have them in stock, so looks like ebay is my option. They are probably 3rd party there, but whatever, as long as my laptop turns on.

I really can't have my laptop out of commission right now, I can't afford a new one. I'll need it to edit photos from Chez & Ash's wedding and do freelance work.

May have a website job to do soon, had a potential customer call up today and ask some questions. He said he wanted to call around and get a few more quotes but he said I was the most informative person he'd talked to. Actually wondering where he got my number because I haven't listed in the local yellow pages for a while or been promoting anywhere else. My own website is in major need of an overhaul too.

My parents are helping me with a large chunk of my medical bills and I'll have to pay them back later. But that did ease a lot of my financial stress.

I feel like such a failure when I can't afford things. I still don't really believe in the idea of health insurance though. I feel like it's just a way to swindle people out of their money over paranoia. It's really only worth it if you have an ongoing illness.

I find it incredibly typical that something went wrong right before I'm about ot go on holiday next month. I swear everytime I have a savings goal, something unexpected comes up and eats all my money. Whenever I've tried to save for other holidays, new computer, tv, camera or game stuff... things usually go to shit with my car, I get some ridiculous fine or had other unexpected expenses come out of nowhere. Seriously I always allow for my usual bills and budget that out. It's just the unforseen that seems to know when I have some money tucked away and rise up to devour my hopes and dreams. Fuck you murphys law.

I'm still going to Japan, everything is booked. Just my spending money is looking worse off than I had hoped. 
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No really. Someone bought one of my items on ebay and the shipping address was for Rockstar Games in the USA. (Name and address withheld for privacy of course). That was a little surreal.

The weekend was fairly uneventful. Ethans laptop died and we spent all of saturday trying to get it running properly again. But I think the graphics card is stuffed. Whenever we installed the drivers it either crashed or device manager said it wasn't recognized properly.

On Sunday he went and bought a new one, so Sunday afternoon was spent installing shit as well.

Although I did get to play Final Fantasy V demo and Final Fantasy Type-0 on PS4.

Last friday I recieved my Sailor Moon Star Locket that I pre-ordered a while ago. It's so cute. It doesn't need batteries because it's like a wind up music box. The original 90's version of that locket is worth around $1000, so I was pretty happy to get the 20th Anniversary version for around a 10th of the that price!

I have a photoshoot coming up this week for my Usagi costume, so I'll be able to bring this along to use as a prop. Also the stuff I ordered with my $100 voucher from econtactlenses arrived. Which is also useful for my photoshoot because I needed new blue lenses!
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I'm going about the arduous task of retagging everything marked as "twitter" into proper categories and giving the entries titles. The "twitter" tag has really skewed my tag cloud and it annoys me. It's not like anyone reads livejournal anymore but I have this streak of OCD that wants it to be organised a little better.

Today is my day off and it has just totally disappeared. I spent about an hour trying to get my Xbox 360 controller working again after I realised an update to Windows 8.1 yesterday had screwed up the drivers. Ends up it was an easy fix and all I had to do was uninstall it and reinstall it from the Program menu.

I also updated my iPhone to the latest IOS version. Now I have a useless Apple Watch app. Seriously that watch is going to be the biggest piece of junk.

And then I watched a few episodes of One Piece and an episode of Psycho Pass 2 and the day has disappeared. I really need to plow through Psycho Pass because Ethan already finished it off. We pre-ordered the Proplica Dominator guns the other week to use for a cosplay at some point...and they are just super cool.

Earlier this week I applied for a couple crappy retail jobs. As much as I like having free time, I should probably find some extra work so I can save up for Japan.


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