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Copic Drawing Pen and Watercolour Pencils
Black outlines bled a little, the pen is only meant for copics.

Watercolour Pencils
Practicing blending colours. I think the "watercolour paper" I have is not good for the pencil variety. You've really got to layer the pencils on thick to blend them and get it working like paint, they smudge better on thinner paper.

Ballpoint Pen and Watercolour Pencils.
A regular pen doesn't bleed when wet, good to know. More blending practice, still think this thick "watercolour" paper is kinda crap.

All three are on a Reno Art Watercolour Pad 280 GSM. The paper tends to buckle after being wet.... which I thought it would be more resisant to. But this was a cheap sketchbook. Might try some stuff on regular sketchbook paper, which I know will buckle, but the colour blending might be better.

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KK blush

Jan. 24th, 2012 01:54 am
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Kaoru blushing by ~unikorn on deviantART

Final version of the drawing I've been working on. I dislike my coloring abilities but ohwell at least I'm slowly getting back into art XD
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So I thought I would compare my versions of the same to see how they look as I'm working on it. Often when I do the clean lineart on the computer, I lose some of my original detail and screw up the facial expressions. Sometimes I make changes to fix things and make them worse. This was really quite interesting. Because flicking layers on and off doesn't quite have the same effect as seeing them all layed out like this.

The third one isn't quite the finished version just yet. I still need to do some more work on the colors. I want it to look a bit more cel-shaded now. I have spent 2 whole saturday nights on this. Lastnight I was up until 5am because I was engrossed in this. It's funny how my attention span works when I'm inspired/interested but the rest of the time it's non-existent.
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Just to update on the art thief issue, the deviation in question has now been deleted. I had reported it but I think a few others might have as well. So it's most likely that DA themselves deleted it rather than the user herself. As she seemed pretty determined to cover up the fact that she traced my artwork by hiding various comments made on the piece.

For reference purposes I'm going to keep the offenders username link so I can keep an eye and make sure nothing gets re-uploaded. http://souleevee99.deviantart.com/

And so for now that concludes my first case of known art thievery. It was an odd experience.

Much thanks goes to Kosmonauttihai, who let me know about the stolen art.
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Celebrating GaaNaru fanday for the 3rd year in a row. Ahhhhh I love my OTP <3

So I finally got around to finishing a drawing I'd been planning for ages! I fussed over it so much, constantly changing the lineart even as I was coloring it. I guess it looks ok now..

Title: NaruGaa Magnet
Rating: PG
Notes: This is a parody of the Vocaloid images for the song "Magnet"

NaruGaa Magnet

bigger picture and links to deviantart & y-gallery here )
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Spent ages on this DA art meme and stayed up kinda late lastnight. Tinkered with it more today and now it's 2pm and I'm still in my PJ's, lol. I'm going to use it in my journal assignment in Digital Studio, since we're asked to think about how we could have improved on past projects.

UniKoRn 2003 - 2009 meme
by ~unikorn on deviantART

Sometimes when I look back on old art I feel like I haven't come that far but seeing everything side by side really does show the differences. I still wish I would improve much faster though.

Or view it here - big image - uncensored )


Mar. 16th, 2010 10:48 pm
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I had work today and got a free lunch of chips, bread rolls and some salad. *score* Two staff members are leaving soon, so it was kind of a goodbye thing. I also ate some easter eggs. Goddamit chocolate tastes so amazing ;_;

I still love my Visual Narrative class the best. It's my first class of the week on monday mornings. Yesterday we got given a sheet with a bunch of ink blots on it and we had to turn them into pictures. I just finished off mine after work today. Was just telling Stef on the phone about them and she said I should scan them.. sooooo..inkblot pics )
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Jack the Pumpkin King by *unikorn on deviantART

I gave this painting I did to Sam along with her birthday presents. She loooooves Jack!
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Oh wow. A guy I met at The Circus film shoot gave me a 3 month premium membership on deviantart. I think there was recently a buy 1 get 1 free deal going on :D  Score!

I guess I should use my DA some more. It's been a bit neglected this year.


In other news, Jonathans HDD has completely died. Was just swapping plugs and cables trying to get it to detect and nothing. Crap! He's gonna have to buy a new one and we'll have to install everything from scratch.
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Here's a set of 3 posters I did for university. We had to choose a different art movement for each one and try to emulate the style. I chose Art Nouveau, Dada and Postmodernism.

Dada was the hardest one for me because I just had to let go and not think about what I was doing so much. You may remember me bitching about it in here last week. ^_^;

I'd have liked to put more into the Art Nouveau one but it was due today so I had to wrap it up as is... it really needs more work on the colors. I drove up to Deakin around 5pm to drop it off. Which is about the time my other class finished, so I was all freaked I was gonna run into my teacher and she'd be all like "busted!" ... but as I ninja'd my way through Deakin I stealthily avoided detection.

Truism Posters )
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I look back on some of my old artwork on deviantart and go "lol this is so crap". I might move them to the scraps gallery one day. But I don't want to delete them, I want them to be around so I can compare my progress.

It's kind of funny to me when people still favourite some of those old crappy pictures. I kind of forget about them, then when I see someone fav it I'll go and look at it again. I lol at myself remembering that at the time I submitted it, I thought it was awesome XD  haha nah I don't always think that, I'm usually aware of various mistakes but I see more when I go back years later.

Has anyone used Corel Painter for their digital art? How does it compare to Photoshop? I got some Corel Painter magazines from Sam and I want to try it out.
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Oh and here is the band poster artwork I did for my assignment I handed in today! This version has all the text taken out =)

metalliferous by ~unikorn on deviantART

2 assignments down, now I have a website presentation to chuck together and an essay on internet art to finish.

Then a whole weekend of Manifest fun <3
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I'm sick of how art sites are so anal these days. You can't do this and you can't do that. It's become some political and bureaucratic that I wonder if it's about art anymore.

Of course I agree the plagiarism and copyright are issues that people should be aware of.  But there are fine lines on some subjects where things should be perhaps just left alone. So what if I make a desktop background or icon using a screenshot? Who the hell is that hurting? I'm not selling it!

Creativity is not something you can lock into a square room with rules plastered on every wall.

There are so many famous artworks that don't give credit to their sources. Then there are random objects that can be shoved in an art gallery by a person that didn't create them.

I've become confused about what I'm allowed to do and what I can't when I'm being told all different things in various classes at University from what Copyright laws I've got a little knowledge about.

Nothing is entirely original, we are unconsciously inspired by the world around us. We learn by copying in a sense. If you can't copy something for practice without someone breathing down your neck.. how are you meant to feel comfortable about even trying to learn?

Feel free to add your 2 cents :)
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Bookmarks for sale

Since I'm planning a holiday to Japan, I've decided to sell a few little things to help save money!  Starting off with bookmarks.

Prices for Australia
$2 AUD per Bookmark
$0.50 AUD Postage

Australians can pay with money order, cheque, direct deposit or Paypal.

Prices for Overseas
$2 USD per Bookmark
$1 USD Postage

Overseas orders must pay with Paypal.  I don't know any other way you can pay me :(

Let me know if you want to buy some

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